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Accessories and Components

Prime Race Computer Mount - 50% discount, save £10

Was £19.99, NOW £9.99

Prime Race Computer MountThis out-front computer mount is very secure and for the metal design, the price is great too - well, it’s really good value on sale now.

Fitting the hinged Prime to (31.8mm only) bars is really easy, and even some rough road sections have not budged it. Our reviewer's Garmin 520 Plus, for example, fits securely with no rattling or displacement on the move.

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Beelite Chamois Cream - 50% discount, save £10.01

Was £20, NOW £9.99

BeElite Chamois Cream RCCR

This is excellent chamois cream for long rides, as long as you don't mind that menthol tingle. It is a thick, almost solid cream that needs a bit of effort to get it moving to spread over your shorts liner – it helps to store it somewhere warm to make it easier to spread – but once in place it stays there. The practical upshot is that it's nicely slippery and stays that way for ages, whether you're out on the road all day or doing a long turbo session.

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Altura Thunderstorm City 20 Pannier - 37% discount, save £30

Was £79.99, NOW £49.99

Altura Thunderstorm City 20 PannierDelivering fully waterproof load-carrying capability in a smart and durable 20-litre package, this pannier bag option also has good commuter-focused features. A roll-top closure keeps out the rain, reflective accents all over maximise visibility, a padded laptop sleeve is built into the structure inside, plus a zipped interior pocket, sleeve pocket and key loop.

Designed to fit pretty much any gauge of rack tubing, it's simply a case of adjusting the hooks of the robust and high-quality R&K Klickfix mechanism at the top. One thing that we really loved is the push-button removal which makes it a superfast job to fit and remove the bag, once all the initial fitting has been set up.

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SKS Chromoplastics Mudguard Set 65mm 28 - 29% discount, save £13

Was £44.99, NOW £31.99

SKS Chromoplastics Mudguard Set 65mm 28 RCCR 1

These super-wide mudguards perform faultlessly, significantly reducing the amount of muck and road spatter that would otherwise end up on both you and your bike. They’re tough, high-quality and offer great protection, with a five-year guarantee and widely available spares adding to the package.

The front mudguard has a rear flap for even greater protection and comes with SKS's Secu-Clip 'break-away fittings, a safety feature designed to release the mudguard if something gets jammed between it and the tyre, while the rear is shaped to keep it away from your chain or chainguard.

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Lezyne Super Drive 1600XXL - 29% discount, save £35.01

Was £120, NOW £84.99

Lezyne Super Drive 1600XXLPacked with some impressive illumination power in a high-quality package that can be switched easily between bikes—for going high speed on unlit lanes or venturing off-road—this is a great illumination powerhouse.

The new Smart Connect feature allows for pairing with compatible Lezyne rear lights as well as for programming up to four personalised modes for your riding. The three LEDs use what Lezyne calls Tri-Focus optics to create an 'ideal beam pattern for high speed', which is comfortable at high road speeds. It’s also squared off at the top to help prevent blinding oncoming drivers.

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End to End by Paul Jones - 26% discount, save £4.37

Was £16.99, NOW £12.62

End to End by Paul Jones RCCR-1

Full of fascinating insight into the UK's signature long-distance challenge, detailing the record's origins, and interviews with past and present record holders, but it's not just that: part travelogue and part confessional, Paul Jones' book is both about him and not about him, about cycling and not about cycling; the disparate main threads intertwine brilliantly into a coherent, delicate narrative.

At its heart, this is a book not specifically about cycling but about people. It's a particular mindset that thinks riding non-stop for two days (and often more) is a good idea. As a result, there's a commonality in the sort of person the record attracts, and what kind of experience it is.

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Science in Sport Beta Fuel Gel (6 pack) - 25% discount, save £3 

Was £12, NOW £9

Science In Sport Beta Fuel Gel RCCR

This packs loads of carbs into an easy-to-consume product; it contains roughly 40-50 per cent more carbohydrate and calories than other similarly sized gels, and that means you can carry a hell of a lot less.

To get the body to absorb this many carbs is the job of the fructose. SiS says that upping the fructose to carb ratio allows more carbs to be ingested. This ratio of carbs to fructose is kind on the stomach and the flavours (Orange or Strawberry and Lime) are great; perfect for gobbling in the heat of a race or when pocket space is low.

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Peaty’s Max Grip Carbon Assembly Paste - 20% discount, save £2

Was £9.99, NOW £7.99


Gripper paste is an important purchase as it increases the traction when clamping onto a carbon surface and if you want your handlebar, seatpost or stem to stay put, then traction is what we want.

Peaty's carbon paste is really thick, easy to apply, biodegradable and it also comes in a tube that is made from recycled materials; it just works brilliantly.

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Giant Recon HL 350 - 15% discount, save £5.25

Was £34.99, NOW £29.74

Giant Recon HL 350This is a brilliant front light for commuters, delivering a decent level of brightness, good run times and fast USB charging in a compact lightweight package. A rather speedy 2.5 hour recharge time and you've got a light that is ideal for office commutes.

The full-power beam is sufficient even on dark roads, but it really comes into its own in towns and suburbs. The beam is nicely average – neither narrow nor wide – giving good visibility to a decent distance. The flashing modes are ideal for daylight, too.

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Ravemen PR2400 USB Rechargeable DuaLens Front Light with Remote - 16% discount, save £31.04

Was £199.99, NOW £168.95

Ravemen PR2400 USB RCCR

This powerful front light works well on and off-road, making it a versatile option. It uses one diffuse LED in road mode, putting out 900 lumens, and we found the beam shape to be excellent, lighting all but the fastest and most technical road descents perfectly. In that full-power road mode, you'll be getting around 3-4 hours which is perfect for longer mid-week post-work rides and if you plan on using this for daytime visibility, the 500-lumen flashing mode lasts for 5.5 hours.

Switching to the off-road mode, the max power 2400-lumen mode uses all five LEDs, throwing light high, wide and long to give you a clear view of the trail; the run time in this mode is a respectable 1.5 hours.

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Wolf Tooth WT-1 All Conditions Chain Lube - 10% discount, save £1.90 

Was £19, NOW £17.10

Wolf Tooth WT-1 All Conditions Chain Lube WT-1 ticks all the boxes for chain lube: it's easy to use, long-lasting, weather-resistant and – perhaps best of all – makes your transmission really easy to keep clean.

Wolf Tooth suggests you reapply once every 400 miles. After around 120 miles of ‘ride and wipe’, we found the amount of dirt coming off was much reduced. What's really impressive is that the black dirt comes off so easily; no solvents involved, just a cloth. It wipes just as easily from chainring and sprocket teeth as it does from the chain.

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Hammerhead Karoo 2 - 9% discount, save £35.01

Was £359, NOW £323.99

Hammerhead Karoo 2 RCCR-1

Unusually Hammerhead’s very impressive Karoo 2 is on a deal! It has an improved, compact design with a large enough 3.2inch screen for viewing lots of data fields as well as its beautiful map in detail. The device is packed with great features, it's super responsive and has excellent navigational capabilities for both planned routes and out-in-the-wild spontaneous ones.

The Karoo 2 comes with increased storage, from 16Gb to an impressive 32Gb, added dual Bluetooth Smart chipsets and an upgraded quad-core processor with 2Gb of RAM, for a faster and responsive device that's also capable of handling the regular software updates that Hammerhead installs to continuously improve and introduce new features with. 

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dhb blok bib shorts - 50% to 60% discount, save up to £39.01

Was £65, NOW from £25.99 to £32.49

dhb Blok bib short RCCR-2

These are great value for money bibs for short to medium distance rides, made with eco-friendly Bluesign approved fabrics - this means that harmful substances are removed from the beginning of the manufacturing process and standards for environmentally friendly production are controlled.

The shoulder straps are wide enough not to irritate, and the rear upper panel is made from a mesh fabric to aid breathability.

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Rapha Men’s and Women’s Classic Jersey II - 50% discount, save £55

Was £110, NOW £55

Rapha Men’s Classic Jersey IIFlaunting some new eco-credentials, thanks to the inclusion of recycled polyester in the merino blend, in no way has this affected the excellent breathability, fit or comfort its predecessor offered.

The Classic II is a close-fitting road jersey, but there is room to move and breathe. The cut is tailored to your body in a riding position, offers plenty of coverage at the rear, and the shoulders and arms fit close to prevent any flapping at speed.

If you like listening to tunes or podcasts while on the move, the right pocket also has a cable port, and there are a couple of loops inside the jersey to keep cables tidy. The middle pocket also has a stretchy loop for a mini-pump and the outer two pockets are slightly angled, for easy access.

Read our full review of the men’s version here and the full women’s review over here
Snap up the men’s jersey deal here and the women’s jersey deal here

Santini Redux Stamina Women’s Gilet - 45% discount, save £63

Was £140, NOW £77

Santini Redux Stamina Women’s GiletThis gilet is impressively warm for its pack size and weight, while also being breathable. The slightly relaxed fit means that you can use it for both pacy evening group rides as well as layering it in the winter.

Made in Italy from Ghisallo stretch-woven fabric, it has a Polartec Deltacheckered lining, which is very effective at keeping you warm on chilly starts. The collar is cut high and feels wonderfully cosy thanks to the thermal lining.

A light windproof fabric has also been added to the chest area, across the shoulders and the top of the back. It's well-placed to provide defence against brisk winds, while also supporting excellent breathability across the lower back and belly for an all-round comfortable riding experience.

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Castelli Premio Black Bib Shorts - 37% discount, save £81

Was £220, NOW £139

Castelli Premio Black Bib ShortsThe Premio Black bib shorts work impressively well in a wider range of temperatures than most: the thinner material wicks very effectively, but the tight weave means you can also stay comfortable in lower temperatures than you would in most shorts designed for wearing above 25°C.

Despite the leg and seat area being made up of only three panels, each of the same material, within each panel that same material has different qualities and thicknesses… Down at the bottom of the leg, for example, Castelli has essentially sewn elastication into the material in a lot of little dots that stretch for the first 9cm from the bottom of the leg - it’s a comfy and effective solution.

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Sportful Fiandre Pro Medium Jacket - 37% discount, save £70

Was £190, NOW £120

Sportful Fiandre Pro Medium Jacket RCCR-2With exceptionally good wind- and water-resistant, this jacket will keep you comfortable on rides in middling temperatures, especially when the weather can't decide what it's going to do. The jacket is cut slim, and sits close on both the body and the arms; this means there's no annoying and inefficient flapping.

The Polartec NeoShell fabric is the real star of the show, being used for everything but that back panel, the cuffs, waistband and inner collar where you get Sportful's lighter NoRain material for increased breathability and suitability for slightly warmer temperatures.

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Santini Redux Istinto Women’s Bib Shorts - 30% discount, save £60.01

Was £200, NOW £139.99

Santini Redux Istinto Women's Bib ShortsBoasting a super-clean look, body-hugging feel, high-quality finish, and Santini’s outstanding C3W chamois with gel inserts, these race-focussed bib shorts are hard to fault.

A seriously comfy ‘huggy’ feel is provided by fabric which is a mix of polyamide, nylon and elastane, and up top the straps are raw cut and neat. The legs are a compressive and robust-feeling fabric, while the grippers feature no less than two inches of honeycomb-shaped silicone, and they stick to your legs superbly.

The chamois is stand out; it feels more robust than all-foam options owing to gel pads and beyond these inserts is multi-density foam, with an impressive 1in taper which aids a smooth look once on. The result is seriously comfortable with no sit bone or soft tissue issues.

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Giro Helios Spherical Helmet - 29% discount, save £66

Was £229.99, NOW £163.99

RCCR Giro Helios Spherical helmetGiro has trickled down its MIPS Spherical tech to this comfortable lid with ample adjustability, the less race-focused Helios.

Spherical tech uses two separate foam liners and 'elastomeric anchors' in a ball and socket construction, with the outer one rotating around the inner in the event of a crash. These shells are designed to absorb harmful rotational forces to provide greater protection and, integrated as such, ventilation and sweat management has been massively improved.

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MET Manta MIPS Aero Road Helmet - 28% discount, save £62

Was £220, NOW £158

Met Manta Mips Aero Road helmetOffering a good blend of aero performance and ventilation while integrating MIPs protection nicely, this is a good all-round helmet with a strong leaning towards fast club riders and racers interested in aero performance.

The front six channels in combination with the seventh top vent provide just enough ventilation to regulate the temperature around your head on a warm British summer's day - hotspots aren’t noticeable, which is pretty for this type of helmet.

Met has also fitted its magnetic 'Fidlock' clasp under the chin that snaps together strong and it reduces the risk of skin pinching too.

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Snap up the deal here

Shimano XC5 (XC501) SPD Shoes - 25% discount, save £35

Was £139.99, NOW £104.99

Shimano XC5 (XC501) SPD ShoesIncredibly comfortable, these mid-range SPD shoes can be ridden hard and then be happy to be walked about in, they're great.

The synthetic leather upper is supple yet sturdy enough for off-road scuffles; it's essentially one piece of material, with just an added reinforced section to secure the strap across the toe, while closure is taken care of by a single Boa L6 ratchet dial.

The XC5s have a glass fibre-reinforced nylon sole that’s stiff enough for riding while being a little flexy for walking. The tread on the bottom is supplied by Michelin in what Shimano says is an exclusive high-traction, mud-shedding tread pattern outsole, and it does its job very well.

Read our full review here
Snap up the deal here

Endura FS260-Pro Cycling Bibshorts - 20% discount, save £16.99

Was £84.99, NOW £68

Endura FS260-Pro BibshortEndura’s best-selling bib shorts are super-comfortable, offer a great fit, and the seat pad’s performance is sublime. The soft, Italian-made Power Lycra and the 600 Series Pad uses varying densities of gel inserts, with the thickest where you need the most padding, beneath the sit bones, and much thinner elsewhere to reduce bulk. It provides shock absorption without entirely removing ride feel.

The bib section is created using a lightweight mesh with a full back section and wide straps, which keeps pressure to a minimum, while the legs are held in place by a band that’s wide enough to cut down on any pressure points.

Read our full review here
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Assos UMA GT Wind Jacket - 20% discount, save £22

Was £110, NOW £88

Assos UMA GT Wind JacketIt's very light, easily packable, gives zero rustle and offers exceptional breathability even as it protects you from chill winds - it ticks every box a windproof shell should.

At the front is Assos' very light Foil Ultra windproof, water-repellent and ripstop woven fabric. It's DWR treated for extra protection, while the side panels and underarms are a glossy, warp-knit, windproof textile with plenty of give, so the jacket can easily accommodate other layers. The rear panel is 'stretch-net' mesh, which contributes hugely to the breathability so many windproof jackets lack. There's no flapping, and the cuffs are sufficiently elasticated to keep out drafts without being restrictive or impossible to get over gloves.

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