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"I'll smash your f**king head in": bar owner's cycle lane parking threat; Car occupants 'threw coins and spat at' cyclists; Essex cops remove 'cyclists on footpaths' tweet; Indie band's cycle camera tant-strum + more on the live blog

Monday's live blog is brought to you by Jack Sexty, with some contributions from Simon MacMichael later this evening...
13 July 2020, 15:21
Colchester Police account appear to remove 'cyclists on footpaths' tweet... as accompanying photo shows a police car parked on the path

The Essex Police in Colchester account has since tweeted a similar message with no images, as it was picked up on that the screenshotted post above appears to show a police car parked up on the footpath in question. 

Some have accused the force of avoiding the greater issues in 'educating' cyclists against pavement cycling. 

13 July 2020, 14:46
Florida cyclist’s bizarre crash after an iguana gets stuck in his front tyre

The 62-year-old cyclist reported that the iguana shot out from a grassy area and got lodged in his tyre, causing his bike to lock up and sending him over the handlebars. A County Sheriff's Office deputy attended, and found the cyclist with cuts to his right leg, arms, and head. 

NBC Miami report that the cyclist was in a stable condition, but the iguana "unfortunately, did not make it"... 

13 July 2020, 13:57
Join us at 7pm tonight on Zwift!

There's another chance to win socks on Zwift tonight (7pm BST) and get some indoor miles banked in the process. Tonight's ride is a C category, so a bit quicker, and it ends with the Volcano KOM to open up the lungs a bit! Hope to see you in Watopia later.

13 July 2020, 13:10
Indie band's cycle camera reporting tant-strum

The Jackobins (me neither) have waded into a minefield by taking issue with YouTuber CycleGaz, who regularly uploads footage of bad/dangerous driving to the police. Recently he announced that over £20,000 in fines have been dished out from his reporting alone. 

Whoever is in charge of the band's account accuses him of being a "busy bastard" by catching drivers with a camera, claiming that he has "a plastic police badge in his pocket." 

It appears quite a few people don't agree, including Superintendent Andy Cox who thanked CycleGaz for "his incredible public service" at the weekend. 

The Jackobins Twitter account admin persisted, saying they "don’t condone people taking the law into their own hands to intentionally film drivers"; although some have reminded them that witnessing a crime and reporting it to the police is kind of the opposite...

13 July 2020, 12:39
Glasgow cycle lane row: anonymous person claiming to know restaurant owner accuses cyclist of "gaslighting"

The anonymous Twitter account has disputed Thomas Cornwallis' version of events, claiming that the owner of Bar Vini is "kind and giving" and is being targeted unfairly. 

The account holder says: "Look at the picture in the paper, and though it's clear his wheels are on the kerb, he's barely touching the cycle lane. You, on the other hand, have parked your bike in the middle of it while you pull your camera out to make a scene, and project your agenda on to this person...

 "and set out to ruin his business by getting your followers (who have never been to the restaurant) to post one star reviews on google. It's despicable, and it's no wonder that people like you give cyclists and progressives a bad name. It's cyber-bullying, and it's in bad taste.

"Anybody here with half a brain might understand that most people don't just wake up in the morning and decide to be violent, without some sort of provocation. It's pretty clear from your videos that this is what's happening."

Denying that he was trying to provoke Bar Vini's owner, Mr Cornwallis claims Matteoni told him he can't cycle there again or he would "get it", and "didn't look for anything that day."

13 July 2020, 11:49
"I'll smash your f**king head in": Glasgow restaurant owner threatens cyclist over cycle lane parking

A cyclist has shared footage of a Glasgow restaurant owner threatening to 'smash his head in' in a dispute over his parking in a cycle lane. 

Thomas Cornwallis said "why is there so much hatred in our society towards the humble bicycle?", along with a Twitter thread and accompanying clips of the exchange, that he claims started off cordially before Bar Vini's owner Adriano Matteoni became aggressive.

Mr Cornwallis continued: "He (Matteoni) pulled in, onto cycleway and decided to have a civil conversation. It was a bit ludicrous as basically he accepted he was doing wrong... I started to film when got closer to me.

"When above video ends, I move off, at this point nothing has seriously happened. I stop quickly to photography all cars there, to use as evidence for requesting support from council. He bounces back in, and starts to get aggressive.

"I am still sitting on my bike, and quickly approach’s me whispering “not today”... which when the following (the incident in the  video above) occurred:

"You can see at end video I prepare to cycle off. I stopped filming as I just wanted to leave. He attempted to grab me and ran down pavement shouting more abuse and threats. The threats where to do with his basement, assault and never showing my face again."

Mr Matteoni has defended his actions and claimed that his business is actually 'cyclist-friendly', telling the Glasgow Times: "Many of our valued customers are cyclists. We have bike racks outside the shop. We welcome any cyclists to come by on their morning or evening commute.

"Any business owner will understand that during deliveries and loading times, we need to cross the footpath and cycle lane to deliver goods to serve our customers. 

"The double lines are new, and we'd love to engage the council to put in a loading zone for all businesses on the strip - rather than to make things for more difficult for business during these times."

13 July 2020, 12:23
Another modal filter before and after

Another example of how humble planters are transforming streets (apart from those occasions where drivers ignore them), this time in Salford. 

13 July 2020, 11:33
It's been a year since De Gendt's epic 200km breakaway

In a pandemic-free parallel universe we'd be in the thick of Tour de France action right now, and this time last year Thomas de Gendt pulled off a stunning victory after riding out on his own for 200km. In the end Julian Alaphilippe was just 6 seconds behind as he crossed the line in second place to take the yellow jersey. 

13 July 2020, 10:11
Cyclist recounts horrific assault, with car occupants spitting and throwing coins before pushing her partner off his bike

Tekkerz CC club cyclist Honor Elliott claims the assault took place just 30 minutes into a ride with her partner Theo, with his injuries show in the photo above after a car passenger pushed him off his bike. Ms Elliott continued: 

"We hadn’t said a word the entire time. they initially shouted something at us while overtaking (presumably for being 2 abreast). Theo did a polite wave. They stopped ahead on a jct waiting for us to come past but we turned off before their car to ignore. they turned & followed,

"...started throwing coins & spitting. When they continued to get no response from us whatsoever, passenger leaned out & pushed Theo, who thankfully has enough bike tekkerz to unclip & not end up under the car, went into the wall instead. Then they got out the car & threatened to take theo aside for a fight lol, but thankfully an oncoming car appeared, they started filming & said they’d be witnesses. The two guys then abruptly changed tune and decided to leave it at that, hah. Absolute man babies.

"I’ve always firmly believed a cyclist’s retaliation to hostility/violence from motorists is completely irrelevant anyway (stop expecting people to react rationally to potential threats to life), but shit like this really proves my point. these people are crazy regardless."

Ms Elliott has said she will report the assault. 

13 July 2020, 08:35
UK Sport release statement defending Ketone Ester project that involved British cyclists at 2012 Olympics
London 2012 Olympic Stadium (copyright Simon MacMichael)

UK Sport have released a statement defending the use of a ketone energy drink at the London 2012 Olympics, after a Daily Mail investigation accused them of using athletes as "guinea pigs" to test the substance for the US Special Forces. 

It was given to a reported 91 athletes - including British Cycling team members - in the form of an energy drink called DeltaG, and included a synthetic version of ketones, which is a naturally occurring body acid. Similar products have since been made available commercially (including HVMN Ketone as reviewed by but the Daily Mail's report found that UK Sport made athletes sign a non-disclosure agreement banning them from talking about the trial, and there were a number of adverse side effects. The report also claims that there were "no guarantees" the experiment wouldn't breach anti-doping laws; although ketone products are not on WADA's banned list. 

UK Sport's statement denies that athletes were used as "guinea pigs" or that the Ketone Ester was anything to do with testing for Special Forces, claiming it "received independent ethical approval from the Research Advisory Group in January 2012". They also got confirmation from UK Anti-Doping, following clarification from the World Anti-Doping Agency, that the substance athletes ingested wasn't banned. 

The statement continues: "Decisions which lie at the heart of the high performance system need to be made with absolute transparency, are respectful and the impact of these decisions understood and carefully managed. UK Sport is fully committed to developing a high performance culture that is truly inspirational and one that will set us apart from our global competitors – but UK Sport will never seek to win medals at any cost. 

"UK Sport resolutely refutes any accusation that Olympians were used as ‘guinea pigs’, and finds this allegation both misleading and offensive. For the purposes of clarification and transparency, we are publishing greater detail on this project, provided by Professor Kieran Clarke, Professor of Physiological Biochemistry, University of Oxford:

"The ketone ester was being researched to see if, and how, it could improve exercise performance and recovery in athletes, by helping prevent muscle breakdown and supporting recovery of muscle glycogen. 

"Many human studies, including safety studies, had been run before the 2012 Olympics in a $10 million project funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which started in 2003. The DARPA project had nothing to do with US Special Forces.

"By 2010, the ketone ester had been through all the safety studies required to sell it as a food in the US and it had been registered with the US FDA as Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS). The ketone ester was 100% pure and, therefore, contained no banned substances and is exactly the same as the ketones produced in the body from fat and used for energy during exercise. For clarity, the ketone ester is not a “drug”, but a food, containing as many calories as glucose and has been verified by the US FDA, the UK MHRA and WADA. Professor Kieran Clarke states any experienced “side effects” of ketone ester have been mild and short-lived (i.e. lasting minutes).

"The studies themselves, all of which had ethical approvals, had nothing to do with seeking to break or push the boundaries of anti-doping laws. WADA could see no reason why ketones, normally found in the body, could not be used in competition. The athletes were given information on the biochemistry of ketones to aid understanding and provided informed consent when taking part.Professor Clarke was aware of this research with high performance athletes without knowing their specific identities.

"We will continue to report the facts of this research."

13 July 2020, 09:47
Have you experienced snobbery out on the road? Cyclist says group 'criticised bike' and riding ability

A tweet from a female cyclist is going viral after she claimed a group of eight male cyclists all took it upon themselves to criticise her bike and riding ability... as she rode past them. While our sport does have something of a reputation for attracting some folk who have more money than sense, how commonplace is this kind of snobbery? Do let us know your experiences in the comments...

13 July 2020, 09:09
Build it and they will come: Manchester's A56

It would have been unthinkable to see so many cyclists safely pedalling along one of the busiest roads in Manchester just a few months ago... but this pop-up has made the scene above possible. 

13 July 2020, 11:40

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