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"This is not who we are": locals scrubbed 'Covidiot' graffiti off Somerset road; New London Bike Show dates; Italy + Spain lifting exercise restrictions; 'LaserTour' Zwift precursor cost $20k; New La Passione jerseys + more on the live blog

Welcome to Monday's live blog. Jack Sexty is your blogger-in-chief today, with Simon MacMichael taking over later this evening. ...
27 April 2020, 16:19
'Keyworker's corridor' created in Leicester to help commuters ride safely

The temporary infra has already received high praise on social media - let's hope it gets made permanent and it inspires other UK cities. 

27 April 2020, 15:33
Cycling UK appoint former London Sport CEO Pete Fitzboydon as interim Chief Executive
readers choice 2018 - cycling uk logo.jpg

Fitzboydon takes over from Paul Tuohy - who is stepping down after a six-year tenure in the role - and will serve as interim Chief Executive until a permanent replacement for Tuohy is appointed in Autumn. 

Fitzboydon said: “I am delighted to take on the challenge of leading Cycling UK at a time when it has never been more important to get more people active.


“I have long been an admirer of Cycling UK’s work and I am looking forward to getting  started and exploring how we can encourage more people onto their bikes, while working with governments on how they can play their part too.”

27 April 2020, 15:19
London Bike Show's new 10th anniversary dates are 5th-7th March 2021

A statement from organisers said: "Since making the initial announcement on 12th March that the shows would be delayed until July 2020, the UK has undergone a huge change.  Due to large restrictions placed on life in general, and the impact these are having on business the revised July date is no longer an option.

"Following discussions with the venue (which is currently in use as NHS Nightingale) we are pleased to announce that the show will now take place from 5-7 March 2021.  By delaying until then, we feel that this will give businesses involved in the show (both exhibitors and our contractors) a much better chance to make a full recovery from this difficult period."

Those who bought tickets for 2020 will have them automatically transferred to the new 2021 dates. 

27 April 2020, 15:06
Bike thief gets six months' prison for latest bike theft

46-year-old Danny McKeon was caught stealing a bike in Covent Garden reported to be worth £350 (though we suspect he'd have commanded much less when attempting to sell it on) and for his troubles McKeon was landed with a six month jail term. 

Court News report that McKeon was handed a 12 week prison sentence suspended for two years for another bike theft in October 2019, but after his latest crime District Judge Angus Hamilton doubled the suspended jail term and activated it. McKeon claimed that he had been rehabilitated, but the judge concluded that by stealing another bicycle on 23rd April, this was not the case. 

27 April 2020, 15:00
"Dreadful": Jeremy Vine on 'Covidiot' paint

The broadcaster was not impressed by the news of the rogue graffiti, since removed by residents of Litten in the Mendip Hills. 

27 April 2020, 14:43
This one goes beyond the NMOTD description, as the cyclist was knocked off due to a driver pulling out of a side road suddenly
27 April 2020, 12:25
"This is not who we are" Chew Valley graffiti was scrubbed off road by locals last night

It's just been brought to our attention that the 'Covidiot' graffiti in the Chew Valley was removed by locals late last night. Neil Seymour succinctly said on Twitter: 

"This is not who we are. Once we knew this had been done outside our village a small workforce turned up to scrub this off the road. The irony being that in targeting cyclists doing nothing wrong you made a bunch of us have to get together to scrub this hate off the road."

27 April 2020, 12:05
'Covidiot' graffiti: your thoughts and opinions

Further down the page you'll find that the words 'Covidiot cyclists stay at home protect the NHS' were painted on a road in North Somerset over the weekend, with the chairman of Chew Valley Cycling Club telling that locals were making efforts to remove it. As you'll see above some have spotted a certain irony in a person/people leaving their home to paint a road with graffiti that berates people for leaving their homes. 

chew valley comment 1.PNG

Others are more positive, with James Harrison claiming that the graffiti has already been removed, and most locals in the area are generally friendly and welcoming. 

27 April 2020, 11:45
La Passione release two new jersey designs
La Passione Duo Jersey

The new Duo and Vibes jerseys are designed to “bring colour to your rides, with the new effervescent palette created by La Passione Cycling Couture” helping you to “make every mile a work of art”. How very Italian.

La Passione has expended its range of clothing since we last reviewed their stuff back in 2016 and they’ve just released another two jerseys, the Vibes and the Duo to complement the ranges of accessories that both lines already have.

La Passione Vibes Jersey

The new designs extend the number of prints available on a jersey template that La Passione seems to be pretty happy with. Both feature a close-fitting ‘pro cut’ with laser cut sleeves and collar, a full-length zip with a cam-lock puller, and a dropped collar that point to a race focus.

The jerseys are made in Italy, using four different Italian fabrics. The front panel is stretchy to help with the close fit, while a perforated fabric is used for the back. Mesh side panels are used for breathability.

Both designs cost £80 and come in a range of colours. We'll hopefully have some in for a proper look soon.

27 April 2020, 13:07
A colourful description of "anyone using the term #covidiot"

We wonn't comment but there it is. 

27 April 2020, 11:21
Man completes 2.6 challenge... by riding 26km on rollers, on a Raleigh Chopper

Matt Richardson got involved in the challenge - which saw many runners and cyclists take on endurance feats ranging from 2.6 miles and upwards on what would have been London Marathon day - by completing 26.7km on rollers aboard his Mk1 Chopper. If you watch some of the video above you'll see that it certainly wasn't all plain sailing/rolling, with Mr Richardson telling 

"I used the Tacx software mountain bike settings with the actual Chopper wheel measurement. The rollers were on the shortest setting but the wheel base of the Chopper is so short, balance was a nightmare and I fell off a couple of times!"

He completed the challenge in 58 minutes, raising funds for Blood Cancer UK - you can donate to your chosen 2.6 Challenge charity here

27 April 2020, 11:04
Councils vs government temporary cycling space row: Cycling UK say new DfT guidance DOES make it easier for councils
Brighton street closed to motor traffic (via YouTube)

On our live blog last wednesday and again on Saturday, we reported that Hackney councillor Jon Burke furiously claimed that new Department for Transport guidance to reportedly aid the building of emergency cycling and walking space was simply a case of "gaslighting us"; however, Cycling UK's Head of Campaigns Duncan Dollimore says that the guidance does make life easier for councils. He told

“The new DfT guidance does make it easier for councils to satisfy the rules for advertising proposed traffic orders, which is sensible and we welcome, but it doesn’t give councils any other new powers.

“That doesn’t mean councils have an excuse to do nothing. As shown by Cycling UK’s guide for councils, there’s plenty they can do to create space now to make social distancing easier and relieve pressure on public transport for when lockdown is relaxed, either without any order or through an experimental traffic order made after seven days’ notice.

“Cycling UK would urge everyone who wants to see more space for social distancing, whether you’re walking, cycling or taking public transport to speak up now and get in touch with their council via our online tool.”

That online tool is here. Mr Burke retweeted our article at the weekend, suggesting he suports the idea of lobbying councils for safer streets - he also written to Grant Shapps on 24th April asking for clarification over the new powers councils have to introduce emergency road safety measures. 

27 April 2020, 08:19
Cycling club chairman in Somerset reports stream of anti-cycling abuse, including tacks left on the road and 'Covidiot cyclists' rant sprayed on the B3114

Mark Jerzak - Chairman of Chew Valley Cycling Club - originally posted a statement on his club's Facebook page on April 13th reporting 'a number of attacks' on cyclists in the area around North Somerset, including a woman suffering punctures due to pins being deliberately left on the road and numerous cyclists receiving verbal abuse from passing cars. 

covidiot chew valley - via Mark Jerzak

Yesterday Somerset Live reported that Mr Jerzak spotted the words 'Covidiot cyclists stay at home protect the NHS' scrawled across the B3114 in Litton. The phrase 'covidiot' has been adopted by some UK tabloid newspapers to shame those considered to be breaking the lockdown rules, with the person(s) responsible presumably misinterpreting the government's guidance to justify the inflammatory graffiti. 

Mr Jerzak told this morning that locals were helping to wash the graffiti off the road. 

27 April 2020, 08:49
Are cyclists taking unnecessary flak during the lockdown?

Further to the post above, the BBC have asked this question in an article published yesterday, citing coverage on of the signs in Little Bollington, Cheshire telling cyclists to stay away - the signs have since being removed, with a Parish Councillor apologising and admitting they "got it wrong".

The article quotes an intensive care consultant who says: "If you're dressed in Lycra, there's this notion that you've been out for hours and hours, but in fact I just use the bike and the Lycra to cycle to another hospital."

The consultant continues by claiming that there is no evidence of cycling having an impact on "local spread", and that walking or jogging through a village "is likely to have a far greater impact, as you're interacting with surfaces more than you would on a bike."

When staff discussed the perceived issue, our personal experiences are that anti-cycling sentiment doesn't appear to have visibly increased noticeably on the roads we ride, but those who previously expressed such views may feel that the lockdown has empowered them to be more vocal with their negative attitude towards cyclists. We've also noticed considerable numbers of those who wouldn't have previously considered themselves 'cyclists' are getting back on the bike to get their daily exercise. 

While government advice still doesn't specify a time or distance limit on permitted daily exercise, it's considered good practice to stay reasonably local. Cycling UK have advised people to consider "a circular route close to home" in case there is a "mechanical mishap you can't fix yourself" - for our advice in line with the latest government guidance, check out our dos and don'ts guide

27 April 2020, 09:08
Lockdowns are being eased in Italy and Spain, and cyclists will soon be allowed to ride outside again

While those of us in the UK have been allowed out for daily exercise, the French, Italians and Spaniards have all been in complete lockdown apart from trips to buy essential supplies for over a month; but now both countries are set to lift some restrictions.

In Spain the government are expected to allow outdoor exercise from 2nd May, while in Italy, Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte announced that Phase Two of their lockdown strategy would include the resumption of individual training for athletes, and exercise being permitted in wider areas. Nothing has been confirmed in France, but the Prime Minister will present a national exit strategy tomorrow. 

27 April 2020, 07:51
Think Peloton is expensive? Check out LaserTour, the 1982 version of Zwift that would have set you back 20,000 US dollars

Even in today's money, spending close to a grand on a smart trainer set-up and then paying a monthly subscription to link it to a super immersive training app like Zwift might seem like a considerable investment... but if you swear by indoor training through the lockdown then consider yourself lucky that it didn't all happen in 1982, because you could have ended up paying $20,000 for what looks like a pretty rudimentary spinbike with some 'pleasant panorama' blaring out of the TV. 

In what would have been the ultimate showpiece in Patrick Bateman's apartment, the LaserTour from Perceptronics cuts to the chase and does away with showing us any useful training stats; because what we really all need to pass the time on the turbo is fuzzy pictures of rollercoasters, right? We're boxing up the trainer and going to spend the morning search the darkest corners of eBay!

27 April 2020, 08:36

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