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Driver moans about cyclists on the road...doesn't get the reply she wanted; Biggins or Wiggins?; Rod Ellingworth: We're against one of greatest Grand Tour riders ever; Jeremy Vine has a chuckle; Bicycle mayor; A very Belgian vid + more on the live blog

It's time for your Tuesday live blog with Dan Alexander providing the updates...
19 October 2021, 16:13
$1000 Prada cycling shorts: The bargain of the century

 A quick look online found UK outlets selling £890 Prada cycle shorts. That's $1,222 across the pond...

Why? Well according to one retailer selling will "elevate your casual collection". Who doesn't pay near 900 quid for their casual wear?

But don't worry, they've got a "flattering high waist and elasticated band for an easy wear" and have the "iconic logo embroiderd to the hem". They're not bib shorts though are they? Then again, I think these are better for being taken for a ride rather than actually going for one.

19 October 2021, 15:47
New Deceuninck-Quick-Step contract for James Knox

One Briton has signed a new deal with Deceuninck-Quick-Step today, no not that one...yet. It's James Knox. The 25-year-old has signed for another two years with the Belgian team he has represented since leaving Team Wiggins at the end of 2017. Knox's best results include an 11th place at the Vuelta a España in 2019 and 14th at the 2020 Giro d'Italia.

"I am really happy to come to an agreement with Patrick and the team, and it was an easy decision to make," Knox explained. "I had a nice talk with Patrick, where things went smoothly and we took it from there – agreeing to stay did not take too much thinking. I have now been with the team for four years and it will be six by the time I have finished, which is a long time when I think about it – I will have spent half of my ‘cycling life’ so far, with the team, which is crazy to think about, but I am really happy to stay and feeling more and more comfortable."

If Cav stays there'll be three Brits on the squad next year, after 21-year-old Ethan Vernon also announced he'll be joining the team soon-to-be called Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl.

19 October 2021, 14:35
And we thought that saddle yesterday was bad...

Yesterday's live blog was something of a component failure special, including one reader's less than ideal saddle situation. We thought that was bad, then we saw this...

One reply speculated that this could be what happens if you use mayo as chamois cream...that's enough to put you off that particular condiment for life. 

19 October 2021, 12:53
Reaction to the now-deleted rant that's our main story today...Fear and Loathing bats, rational discussion on Twitter and entitled drivers
Road space picture

Time for some reaction to our top story this morning...

There was a nice picture of the tweet here, although unfortunately it has now been deleted. Boring. Anyway, the tweet did say, "the amount of cyclists on the road today should be considered a crime."

Graham Snook's got the top comment over on Facebook: "They moan about people on bikes on the road, they moan about spending money on a dedicated cycling infrastructure to get people on bikes off the road. They moan if we go too close to their cars and moan if we keep a safe distance away from them. They moan that they want us to obey the traffic laws, but also moan when we ride two abreast. What they want us to be is Schrödinger's cyclist."

It wasn't all bad though. Without out the tweet, Captain Badger and the rest of us would never have seen this...

Blog reaction
Blog reaction

eburtthebike reckons the driver's attitude is similar to many: "She's merely demonstrating the attitude of so many drivers; they've paid for the roads so cyclists shouldn't really be using them, and they get in her way.  Drivers are the legitimate users of the roads, and everyone else is there by drivers' permission and tolerance.

"Pity someone didn't try a little gentle questioning before she shut up shop, something like 'Why do you say that?' or 'Too many cyclists or too few?' or 'What's wrong with them?'  It might have brought out the reasons for her statement which could then be disproved; not that proof has every changed a driver's mind."

hirsuite replied: "Someone did ask why? No reply except for an offensive gesture. I don't think Twitter is aimed at rational discussion burt."

I think hirsuite might be onto something there...

19 October 2021, 13:11
Selle San Marco reveals new Shortfit 2.0 saddles
2021 Selle San Marco Shortfit 2.0 Supercomfort

Italy’s Selle San Marco has unveiled its Shortfit 2.0 saddles, an evolution of the original Shortfit design that has been around since 2017. We’ve reviewed several Shortfit models over the past few years, most recently the Selle San Marco ShortFit Dynamic Saddle which Stu awarded an overall score of 8. 

There are six Selle San Marco Shortfit 2.0 saddles:
• Carbon FX (carbon rails) £179.99
• Racing (Xslite/Ti rails) £134.99
• Dynamic (manganese rails) £79.99
• Sport (steel carbon) £54.99
• Supercomfort (Xslite/Ti rails) £144.99
• Comfort (manganese) £89.99

The Comfort model features an extra layer of padding made of Pullfoam, a low density foam with variable thickness that is said to follow the movement of the pelvis during the pedalling motion.

The Supercomfort saddle features thick Biofoam Plus padding, a gel insert, and shock absorbers to increase comfort.

Shortfit 2.0 is 255mm long and comes in two widths: narrow (140 mm – idmatch S3) and wide (155 mm – idmatch L3), and only in Open-fit central cutout.
Selle San Marco’s UK distributor ZyroFisher will have the Shortfit 2.0 saddles but it’s unsure exactly when. We’ll keep you updated on that.

2021 Selle San Marco Shortfit 2.0


19 October 2021, 12:19
CHPT3 launches Dirt clothing range
2021 Chpt 3 Dirt action

The CHPT3 Dirt clothing that Anna told us all about when she went riding gravel with company founder David Millar in Girona a couple of weeks ago has now been officially launched.

> Baggies, gravel and laissez-faire route planning: my unconventional morning with David Millar in Girona 

“The T-shirt (£59) is designed for adventure, cut like a T-shirt and made to perform under physical effort,” says CHPT3. It is said to be made from a highly breathable next-to-skin fabric and is fast drying. 

The Dirt Tech Shorts (£119) feature two standard and low side pockets. Mesh is used inside to keep things breathable. 

The undercover shorts (£69) are designed to be worn under the Dirt Shorts (above) when riding off road. They’re made from a micro-mesh that “compresses while delivering stretch and repelling heat and moisture” and the seat pad is said to be made for comfort and distance.

2021 Chpt 3 Dirt Under Shorts


19 October 2021, 11:02
Biggins or Wiggins? How do you say hello to fellow cyclists?
bradley wiggins 18 may 21 - screenshot via twitter.PNG

Are you a Wiggo or Biggo? Surely we'd all rather be a Tour de France winner with an Olympic gold medal and job for life analysing bike races? When the alternative is being a 'public entertainment figure' now making headlines for talking to Nigel Farage on GB News and bashing cyclists on daytime radio, I think there's only one answer? Well, not according to reader Rob whose group ride has a game now known as Biggins or Wiggins...

The rules: you must predict if the approaching rider will give a cheery hello or an icy pro stare. The former being a Biggins, and the latter a Wiggins. The more extreme the reaction, the more of a Biggins or Wiggins said rider is...

What's your go to greeting? Are you a cool nod kind of cyclist? The penguins from Madagascar-inspired smile and wave (niche reference, I know)? You can't go wrong with a smile and nod, in my opinion...

19 October 2021, 10:19
Annemiek van Vleuten back on the bike two weeks after breaking shoulder and pelvis in Paris-Roubaix crash

Just two weeks after suffering a broken shoulder and double break to her pelvis at Paris-Roubaix, Annemiek van Vleuten is back on the bike. The Movistar rider has been out and about on her city bike and is still planning on taking a trip to Colombia in December for some winter miles.

Writing on her website, Van Vleuten said she still expects a fairly standard 4-6 week recovery before returning to training...obviously pootling around town on a city bike  doesn't count when you're a three-time world champ...

"I have already been out three times on my city bike. There I sit so upright and also on a very soft and wide saddle, it was actually painless. Last Tuesday I took my first ride. After 16km I was completely exhausted, but I went!"

Moral of the story: pro cyclists are tough.

19 October 2021, 10:07
"I know I shouldn't laugh at this. But it is just such desperate nonsense": Jeremy Vine ponders road positions explained (not very well)
19 October 2021, 09:28
Lotto-Soudal confirm Victor Campenaerts' return with one of the most Belgian signing videos you'll ever see...

Arguably all that was missing was a mysterious shot of him arriving by city bike...and a nice swig of one of the local favourites at the end.  

A quick afternoon edit: It's not just Victor C who's going to be at Lotto-Soudal for the foreseeable...the team has extended its partnership with Ridley for another four years, with the team riding the brand's Noah Fast Disc, Helium SLX Disc and the new Dean Fast Disc time trial bike in 2022. I wonder if that new TT machine had a say in Campenaerts' return?

19 October 2021, 09:11
Rod Ellingworth admits it's back to the drawing board for Ineos Grenadiers in search for Grand Tour victory against Tadej Pogačar
Pogacar, Vingegaard and Carapaz on 2021 Tour de France Stage 17 (picture credit A.S.O./Pauline Ballet)

Ineos Grenadiers director of racing Rod Ellingworth has reflected on the season just finished, and concluded it was "one of the best seasons we’ve ever had from an actual winning point of view, and the quality of wins." In an in depth interview with Cyclingnews, Ellingworth cited the team's Giro d'Italia win, succession of early season week-long stage race wins, as well as Olympic and World Championships success with Tom Pidcock and Filippo Ganna as evidence they are still one of the best in the business.

Ellingworth did admit it was "back to the drawing board" on their Tour de France ambitions and had plenty of praise for Tadej Pogačar..."We are against perhaps one of the greatest Grand Tour riders ever seen in Pogačar, so we don’t take it lightly. It’s not like we can just waltz in without any thought. Like most teams, we’ll go back to the drawing board and have a damn good look at it. We’re going to come back fighting next year, that’s for sure.

"It’s a big challenge but a good one. UAE and Jumbo-Visma are doing a brilliant job. We’ve already started looking at what it’s going to take to win these bike races. The racing style is changing, people are going at it earlier. Look at [Mathieu] Van der Poel and [Remco] Evenepoel. It’s phenomenal. It’s great to see these young guys racing."

19 October 2021, 09:00
Bath's first bicycle mayor appointed by Amsterdam-based social enterprise

Saskia Heijltjes has been appointed as Bath's first bicycle mayor, a role created by an Amsterdam-based social enterprise promoting cycling as a means of transforming cities around the world. Somerset Live reports Heijltjes put herself forward for the voluntary role which is independent of political groups and is part of a network of 100 bicycle mayors in 30 countries.

In her own words, the role will "accelerate the progress of cycling in Bath by highlighting and supporting the role of civil society in enacting lasting, community driven change.

"Bicycle mayors are the human face and voice of cycling advocacy in a city. My task as bicycle mayor will be to work across all parts of the community to identify the most pressing issues, and then bring people together to work on implementing practical solutions. Cycling in Bath is safe to a certain extent in certain areas, such as the canal towpath, river towpath, Two Tunnels path, Bristol-Bath railway path.

"These paths are lovely for leisure trips, but do not allow you to cycle safely for everyday trips. These paths are also not suitable for cycling in the dark for some, including many women and children. Most importantly, it is not safe for all ages and abilities to cycle in Bath at the moment. An eight-year-old child can’t cycle safely (with their parent/carer) to many places in Bath, including their own school."

19 October 2021, 07:38
Driver moans about amount of cyclists on the road...doesn't get the reply she wanted

Nothing like a social media pile on to start a grey-looking Tuesday. But hey, it's an educational pile on...

You can't expect to put something like this out there and not get anything back. The replies mainly consisted of neat pictures showing how much road space people in cars or buses take up compared to those on foot or riding a bike. Exhibit A...

Road space picture

Elsewhere in the replies the fun started...yes, the amount of cyclists should be "considered a crime"...

I'm not sure this is quite going how she intended. Anyway, if nothing else it's another addition to the amusing anti-cycling live blog genre...

At least she took it well...

I assume Surrey Roads Policing Unit's admin was up to something more important at the time, but this would have been right up their street. They made our summer with that reply to a driver complaining about "dickhead" cyclists. Mimicking her style to a T, they delivered the mic drop moment: "Dear Meg, We’ve DM’d you. Yours sincerely, The Police x" 10/10.

More recently (and more seriously) they advised cyclists to steer clear of dangerous door zone cycle lanes, saying: "The lane is yours, use as much of it as you safely need."

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