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TECH NEWS Recommends updated with 14 awesome cycling products from Van Rysel, Suunto, Lazer, Muc-Off, Argon 18 + more

We had another bumper crop of high scorers bagging coveted Recommends awards in June

Forgive us for being late with our Recommends selections for June, only we were buried in all things Tour de France and Eurobike last week! Everything from race bikes, to nifty tools, to clothing and luggage made the Recommends grade this time around, a grand total of 14 products. 

As always here's your quick list of everything that was selected, and we've also pulled out six to explain a little more about why they made the cut. You can also head over to Recommends to see everything we've given the Recommends badge in one place. 

> Muc-Off Luxury Chamois Cream Pour Femme 
> Chamois Butt’r Her 
> Suunto Wing bone conduction headphones
> Topeak JoeBlow Roadie EX
> Pedla SuperFit 2.0 Bib Shorts
> Northwave Extreme Air Sock
> Lazer Z1 KinetiCore Helmet
> Argon 18 Sum Shimano Ultegra Di2 - Atten 2024
> Chrome Industries Hawes 26L Pack 
> Bioracer Icon Coldblack Women’s Jersey Olive
> Peaty’s Holeshot Biofibre Tubeless Tyre Sealant
> Milkit Hassle'off
> SportJock Super Sports Bra
> Van Rysel NCR CF Apex 2024

Argon 18 Sum Shimano Ultegra Di2 (£5,500) 

2024 Argon 18 SUM Shimano Ultegra Di2 - front.jpg

This race road bike has an impressive specification, and the geometry is ideal if you're after something as comfortable as it is fast. 

Stiff, agile and fairly light at 7.5kg, it's got everything you'd want at this price point with more comfort than your standard road racer. Our reviewer described it as stiff without being buzzy, and very balanced without some areas being stiffer or more compliant than others in isolation. 

Deep-section carbon rims and Shimano Ultegra Di2 shifting is arguably pretty good value, giving you a whole package that is ready to race at a high level with no major upgrades needed. 

Read our full review of the Argon 18 Sum Ultegra Di2

Milkit Hassle'off (£94.50)

2024 Milkit Hassle’off - on bike open 2.jpg

Despite its high price, this innovative tool from Milkit blew our reviewer away for its compactness, functionality and convenience. 

An all-in-one roadside repair solution that fits to your bottle cage mounts, it combines a multi-tool with a chain breaker and puncture repair kit, and also includes holders for a tube and pump. The whole thing weighs just 150g, you get all the hex bits you will likely need for quick tightening jobs and the chain breaker is really good. 

As the price would suggest the construction is of very high quality, crafted from high quality stainless steel.  

Read our full review of the Mikit Hassle'off

Van Rysel NCR CF Apex 2024 (£2,099.99)

2024 Van Rysel NCR CF Apex - riding 3.jpg

Van Rysel has impressed us numerous times in recent years, and the NCR CF hits a price point while not compromising too much in quality compared to bikes that cost far more. 

It's not often you see electronic shifting at the £2k mark, but you're getting SRAM Apex XPLR here which is a real bonus. It's 1x but the gearing range is more than adequate for most of us, while providing single chainring simplicity. 

A full bike weight of 8.66kg is around about what you'd expect at this price point, and while the wheels are a bit on the lumpy side you can always upgrade at a later date. 35mm tyre clearance also makes the NCR super versatile and more than capable of taking off-road briefly. 

Read our full review of the Van Rysel NCR CF Apex

Suunto Wing bone conduction headphones (£169.00) 

Suunto Wing bone conduction headphones

Suunto is perhaps best known for its multisport GPS watches, but these innovative bone conduction headphones with innovative hands-free controls are also a huge hit with us. 

With titanium alloy construction inside and soft silicone on the outside for comfort, the Wing headphones are built to last. While they have the same issues as any bone conduction headphones when it comes to the trade-off between sound quality and hearing your surroundings, the performance was pretty good and your tunes are only fully drowned out in heavy winds or at high speeds. 

You can control them with head movements so you needn't take your hands off the bars, a really impressive feature that is far from just a gimmick as it works brilliantly. 

Read our full review of the Suunto Wing bone conduction headphones

Lazer Z1 KinetiCore Helmet (£229.99) 

2024 Lazer Z1 KinetiCore Helmet - front.jpg

The updated Lazer Z1 takes all the good bits of the previous model and adds in Lazer's KinetiCore protection system. A MIPs alternative, KinetiCore sees EPS foam blocks built into the helmet designed to buckle on impact and redirect energy from the brain. 

While our reviewer thankfully didn't get to try this out (it does have a maximum 5-star rating from Virginia Tech though) he did praise the fit, breathability and improved straps that have reinforced fabric material used as a divider rather than plastic to remove the chance of any irritation. It's fairly light too at 241g. 

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Northwave Extreme Air Sock (£13.49)

2023 Northwave Extreme Air Sock - 1.jpg

Picking up a 9/10 score, these summer cycling socks from Northwave are described as "comfortable, highly breathable and reasonably priced" by our reviewer. 

Keeping our guinea pig's feet cool in 28°C Spanish temperatures, the fit is described as quite compressive which does make them a tad difficult to get on and off, but you'll be rewarded with a very well-fitting sock that stays in place. The cuff length is 17cm, so one for those that like taller socks. 

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ktache | 2 days ago

The milkit tool bundle made it on, I wouldn't like to keep a £60+ tool sitting on the bike.

Especially because you've given the scrote the perfect multi tool to strip the good stuff.

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