Anger over suspended sentence for unlicensed driver; Pendleton hears "rapid crunching gears" when overtaking men; Cllr's child threatened by 4x4 driver; José Mourinho cycles around training pitch; Froome "can’t wait for August" + more on the live blog

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01 June 2020, 16:16
Froome "can't wait for August"

With the Tour de France supposedly beginning at the end of August, is this a warning shot fired towards his GC-contending teammates Egan Bernal and Geraint Thomas, or are we reading too much into things? It was reported Froome could be mulling a mid-season transfer in time for this year's postponed Tour, but so far nothing has come of the rumours.

01 June 2020, 16:14
Uber allegedly scraps up to 20,000 Jump e-bikes
Jump bikes scrapped - via Cris Moffitt on twitter.PNG

Head over to eBikeTips to read all about the curious tale of Uber's sale of their Jump e-bike operation to Lime, which they insist had to involve the scrapping (or 'responsible recycling') of up to 20,000 perfectly rideable e-bikes.

01 June 2020, 13:02
Anger over sentencing of unlicensed Leicester driver who left cyclist with serious injuries
leicester crash fb comments 1 june.PNG readers have reacted with anger to the sentencing of Aaron Baxter (covered further down this page) who despite having no license or insurance, and driving in a vehicle he had taken without permission, avoided a custodial sentence. The judge took the unusual step of taking into account an incident that happened after the offence, when Baxter was stabbed and needed a life-saving operation to survive the injuries. The just said his circumstances were "powerful mitigation", and also heard from Baxter's defence that he was "extremely remorseful" over his actions.

Some are calling for an appeal against the sentence, which the prosecution can do if they feel it was unduly lenient.

01 June 2020, 14:13
Brazilian footballer to complete his return to former club by riding 600km to get there

36 year-old Fred - who has 39 caps for the national team - is returning to Fluminese, where he played between 2009-2016... and he has revealed that he will get there by embarking on the Tour de Fred, cycling 600km from Belo Horizonte to Rio to raise funds for those in need during the pandemic. Fred will donate a basket of essentials to families in need for every kilometre travelled and will also direct any extra fees generated through partnerships to charity, according to Explica

Fred also said that he will not be revealing his route or locations during the journey due to the need for people to stay at home during the pandemic.

01 June 2020, 13:47
Cyclist trampled on by boys racing horses

The terrifying incident on a shared use path in the Irish city of Limerick occurred last Thursday, when Kate Twohig was trampled on by horses being raced by youths.

She wrote on social media: 

"I was cycling along the bank and I had one of my biggest scares. Three boys on horses were racing down the path. They narrowly missed hitting a girl around three-years-old but the father managed to grab her in time.

"They collided straight into me. I was knocked from my bike and trampled.

"I was unlucky to have met them, but extremely lucky to come away with just the injuries I have.

"My knee was split open. I was very lucky as if it was half an inch higher or lower my tendons and ligaments would have been in trouble. I’m a keen marathon runner and cyclist. I was just coming back from a knee injury before this."

01 June 2020, 13:23
José Mourinho needs a bike to get around the training ground due to social distancing

The football manager - currently boss at Tottenham Hotspur - revealed that the reason he was spotted on a vintage bike at the club's training ground in Enfield was because the players are so spread out due to social distancing regulations.

He told Sky Sports: "There was a period where we were starting 9am in the morning and finishing 5pm because by having players training individually, we had to organise lots of different slots, and the boys were coming at different times.

"We were really tired for a certain period. You can find a funny picture of me on a bike because we covered a huge distance and without the bike, I couldn’t control all of the sessions at the same time!"

Forced to work 9 till 5? Barbaric eh José!

01 June 2020, 12:19
Everesting news: Buchmann's attempt deemed invalid, and a 'base camp' everesting while doing a wheelie

The feat of 'everesting' - which is cycling or running up the same hill continuously until you've rode the equivalent of Mount Everest's 8,848m of vertical ascent - is so popular it's almost worthy of its own newsfeed nowadays, as official everesting record keepers Hells 500 revealed last night that they've now got 7,000 successful attempts on record. The rules are that riders must use the same hill from start to finish, and the finish time is the total time taken to complete the elevation with breaks included... meaning that Bora-Hansgrohe's Emanuel Buchmann failed in his attempt at the weekend, which was celebrated as an 'unofficial world record' when it was claimed he finished in 7 hours 28 minutes.

Hells 500 said: "An amazing ride, no doubt, but it isn't a new Everesting record:
1) Unfortunately the first climb was on the other side of the mountain, which means these were not repeats of the same climb
2) The quoted time of 07:28 is moving, not elapsed time
3) Putting aside the 'Everesting' component of it, for interests sake the moment the 8848m/29029ft was hit was actually 07:51:42"

That means the record set by pro mountain biker Keegan Swenson less than two weeks ago still stands, at 7 hours 40 mins.

Also over the weekend just gone, Simone Temperato completed a 'base camp' ride (4,424m) while doing a wheelie. It took him over nine hours in total, and you can find the stats on his Strava profile.

01 June 2020, 11:18
Victoria Pendleton says she often hears "rapid crunching gears" behind her when she overtakes men

Just another day in lockdown was asked if I had any current portrait shots....... Not really. The way I appear has changed so much in the last few years, and to be perfectly honest, I rarely get recognised. I think I am quite nondescript....which is no bad thing. It allows me to be a chameleon which I enjoy. . If I’m out about on my road bike and I overtake a man for example .... I will hear a rapid crunching gears as they try to “make amends for it” occasionally combined with a mumbling of “I must of been they need an excuse!” Usually followed with a pedal mashing (usually short lived) stomp back past me. It doesn’t bother me I think it’s funny. I’ve always been underestimated because of the way I day I want to be intimidating.....but for now this is what I look like, a self portrait. . . @leica_camera @rubytuesdayashh #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #smallerthanithought #cantseetenacity #cantseedetermination

A post shared by Victoria Pendleton C.B.E (@victorilou) on

The two-time track cycling Olympic gold medallist turned jockey has kept a lower profile as of late, and in one of her latest Instagram posts says that she rarely gets recognised nowadays: "I think I am quite nondescript....which is no bad thing. It allows me to be a chameleon which I enjoy", she says.

Pendleton also says that when out riding her bike on the road, some males don't appear to take it too well when she overtakes them:

"If I’m out about on my road bike and I overtake a man for example .... I will hear a rapid crunching gears as they try to “make amends for it” occasionally combined with a mumbling of “I must of been they need an excuse!” Usually followed with a pedal mashing (usually short lived) stomp back past me.

"It doesn’t bother me I think it’s funny. I’ve always been underestimated because of the way I day I want to be intimidating.....but for now this is what I look like, a self portrait."

In a post from yesterday, Pendleton also let her Insta followers in on her familiar-sounding lockdown routine: "I get up, drink coffee, eat porridge, train and then faff about the house, making more mess to try and make less, do gardening, admin, housework, DIY...days punctuated only by food not time. Trying to keep busy and resist snacking.....or get lured back into trying (one more time) to make a kickass sourdough!"

01 June 2020, 12:02
Now you can wear the Maglia Rosa before the actual winner of the Giro gets his hands on it

Yesterday would have been the final day of the 103rd Giro d'Italia, which hasn't yet happened for obvious reasons... and now you can now buy an exact replica of the pink jersey that the General Classification winner would have been proudly wearing on the podium. It comes in the high-end 'Race' or more wallet-friendly 'Competizione' flavours, priced at £130 and £87 respectively on Castelli's website.

All being well, the rearranged Giro will take place between 3rd-25th October.

01 June 2020, 09:34
Van driver who caused cyclist to be placed in induced coma after sending him crashing into a wall given suspended jail term
Police tape (CC licensed by freefotouk on Flickr)

Numerous people have commented on Leicestershire Live's coverage of the incident and court report that 37-year-old Aaron Baxter's sentence appeared to be extremely lenient, after he was given an eight month suspended jail term and a 12 month driving ban for aggravated vehicle taking, causing serious injury by dangerous driving and driving without a licence or insurance. Baxter had a previous conviction for driving without insurance in 2015, and didn't reapply for his licence.

Baxter hit the 22-year-old victim on 19th August last year as he attempted to overtake another vehicle, and failed to spot the cyclist indicating to turn right as he pulled back in. The cyclist was knocked off his bike and was sent into a wall on Narborough Road South in Leicester, after Baxter hit him at around 29mph. He suffered what were described as horrific injuries, including a bleed on the brain, a broken eye socket and damage to both knees. He was placed in an induced coma at the scene before being taken to hospital in Coventry, where he spent two weeks recovering. He then spent six more weeks in recovery at home, and suffered from stress and anxiety.

Father-of-six Baxter stopped at the scene but then drove off in the white transit van, saying he had to take his children 'somewhere'. He then returned - testing negative for alcohol - and it was learned that he had taken his father's van without permission for the journey.

During sentencing, Judge Dean said that the fact Baxter was the victim of an alleged knife attack that almost cost him his life in October last year - three months after his motoring offence - was "powerful mitigation", explaining: "I don't know whether the fact you were a victim of an unrelated knife attack in October has brought home to you how the cyclist must have felt as a consequence of your actions in August last year.

"There was more than momentary inattention - you didn't see him in time to avoid striking him.

"You accepted responsibility for what happened at the scene and expressed remorse.

"You've been punished by being the victim of an unrelated crime since this and are still affected by that and your life has been changed by the attack upon you as well."

01 June 2020, 08:33
Labour Councillor says 4x4 driver told her 11-year-old son: "You could have lost your life there, boy"

Earlsfield Labour Councillor Jo Rigby claimed that her son was told this by the driver of a 4x4, even though he was 'far left on the road'. She continued: "And on his own street. Which is 20 mph.  And was built in 1895.  Simply no room for these enormous vehicles."

She then says that anti-cycling narrative in the media is to blame for the driver's poor attitude.

01 June 2020, 08:43
"The vast majority of delays are caused by motorists", say Surrey's Road Policing Unit

...and they cite this footage from a motorway at the weekend (curious since the country is supposed to be in lockdown) as to why it's not cyclists or horseriders that do 99.9% of the 'holding up'. While some questioned their use of a motorway traffic jam to illustrate the point, they say that it simply served to show that "the vast majority of queues are caused by motorists and their own actions.

After cobbling together a few hundred quid during his student days off the back of a hard winter selling hats (long story), Jack bought his first road bike at the age of 20 and has been hooked ever since. He was Staff Writer at 220 Triathlon magazine for two years before joining in 2017, and reports on all things tech as well as editing the live blog. He is also the news editor of our electric-powered sister site eBikeTips. Jack's preferred events are time trials, sportives, triathlons and pogo sticking (the latter being another long story), and on Sunday afternoons he can often be found on an M5 service station indulging in his favourite post-race meal of 20 chicken nuggets, a sausage roll, caramel shortbread and a large strawberry milkshake. 

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