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Pesky cyclists not using cycle lanes! Oh...that's Wiggo!; Colombian kid keeps up with Tom Dumoulin and Rigoberto Urán; Heavily-criticised NFT Bike Club takes "feedback"; Cav watch; Cycling MP crashes; Bad infra; Muddy misery + more on the live blog

Happy middle of the week! Dan Alexander is back on live blog duty for Wednesday before Ryan returns for the rest of the week
09 February 2022, 08:42
*Pinned post* Pesky cyclists not using cycle lane! Oh..wait...that's Wiggo!

Picture the're pootling along the river, enjoying a midweek spin when a rather bling-looking Sir Brad in full national champ's kit effortlessly rolls past aboard a Factor (Froomey must have had a word), drafting a camera bike, followed by the Bike Club's Matt Stephens...

> Cycling and NFTs - what's the point? Matt Stephens joins the NFT craze… and Cycling Twitter isn’t happy

We suspect their might be a new episode of The Cafe Ride dropping soon, especially considering this encounter happened just over the bridge from Sigma Sports' London HQ, and incidentally on the same stretch of road where Wiggo won Olympic time trial gold in 2012.

If we're being honest, when you ride at the speed of Sir Brad you can probably ride wherever you want without hearing an unwanted impatient blast of the horn...also it's not much of a cycle lane they're dodging...

The impromptu encounter reminds us of the time one punter was in the middle of cursing a rider rolling through London in full Quick-Step kit, Specialized bike and all... only to quickly realise that full kit w***** is in fact 34-time Tour de France stage winner, Mark Cavendish...yeah, I think he might beat you away from the lights, mate...

09 February 2022, 16:57
Local Colombian kid keeps up with Tom Dumoulin and Rigoberto Urán

Why is it always Jumbo-Visma involved in these heart-warming stories about the next generation getting an opportunity to ride with their heroes? You probably remember Xander Graham stealing the show at the Tour of Britain, attacking the breakaway on the pavement, before getting a bottle for his troubles from Pascal Eenkhoorn.

Well, this kid went one better and got to ride in the bunch alongside Rigoberto Urán and Eenkhoorn's teammate Tom Dumoulin, who is out in Colombia preparing for the 2022 season. The 2017 Giro d'Italia winner didn't fancy pulling a turn, mind...let the young lad wear himself out...

Impressive climbing, impressive cadence...even earning a 'Venga!" from Tom D...

Maybe this is the sequel to Urán's daddy day care? That went viral, within the cycling sphere, when a clip of the EF pro training with his baby strapped to his chest turned up on social media. Don't they grow up so fast...

He's no stranger to training with keen locals...back in 2020 amusing footage of a backpack-wearing local drafting Urán while in full work get-up had us all questioning the point of all that smart pro kit...

09 February 2022, 16:08
A painfully familiar video...
09 February 2022, 15:34
Have you ever been forced to go through a red light?
red light CitizenM_Glasgow_Hotel_02

Red light jumping is a hot topic at the minute, mainly due to multiple police forces sharing prominent social media posts pointing out they have been cracking down on cyclists who don't wait for green...

> Questions asked after another police force keen to highlight crackdown on cyclists jumping red lights

But have you ever had no choice but to run a red? A reader got in touch about a light-controlled traffic island at the end of Uttoxeter New Road in Derby which appears to fail to detect people on bikes, meaning the reader waited multiple rounds of light changes before realising they had no choice but to proceed with care...

Anybody had this problem elsewhere? Is it simply a case of using common sense and being careful?

09 February 2022, 15:03
I shouldn't laugh...but...

Full picture for your [insert reaction here]: amusement/ horror/ entertainment/ despair... 

National cycle route (Crank Handle/Twitter)
09 February 2022, 14:51
"Immediate" action required to make Battersea bridge safe, amid fears that a lack of action will cause more deaths and injuries
Battersea Bridge (CC licensed by Michael O'Donnabhain on Flickr)

Five residents' groups have highlighted concerns after a cyclist in her 30s suffered life-changing injuries in an HGV crash on Battersea bridge last month. The incident happened on the first anniversary of the death of Jack Ryan, 29, who was hit by a driver as he tried to run across the bridge.

Ross Lydall reports for the Evening Standard that Transport for London now understands a comprehensive redesign of the area is needed to take into account the 4,500 cyclists who use the junction on weekdays, and 6,000 at weekends.

However, it is not certain a consultation will begin later this year. Any work is dependent on TfL securing long-term funding from government.

The area saw a total of 72 people, 31 of which were cyclists, injured in the five years to December 2020, according to independent research commissioned by the residents' groups.

"Local residents are therefore deeply concerned that fatalities and serious injuries will continue to occur at the Junction in the absence of adequate interventions.

"The junction performs extremely poorly with an average of over 12 injury collisions recorded each year of which on average two are killed or seriously injured (KSI) collisions."

09 February 2022, 14:14
British Cycling announces riders selected for UCI Cycling Esports World Championships
uci esports championships promo pic - august 2020.PNG

Esports, eh. Without giving my age away, I'm probably bang in the target market for this new form of 'sport'...but I can't say the prospect of settling down to watch a virtual race is doing much for me. In a sign of the times, earlier today the Commonwealth Games Federation announced it would be piloting esports events at next year's Birmingham games...

I've been distracted by a topical tangent...the point I was making is that esports is becoming more prominent...which leads me on to today's other news...British Cycling has announced its team for the second edition of the UCI Cycling Esports World Championships, including 2019 British National Hill Climb champion Ed Laverack, Zwift specialist Mary Wilkinson and Team CAMS-Basso rider Illi Gardner of Everesting fame.

British Cycling Esports World Championships selection

"I'm over the moon to be included in the squad," power to weight ratio king Ed Laverack said. "To get the chance to represent British Cycling in the upcoming world championships. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it's going to be an amazing experience to be able to share the experience with a great group of riders. Hopefully we can produce a result and do everyone proud."

In both the men's and women's elite races the winning rider will take home 8,000 euros and earn the right to wear the official UCI Cycling Esports world champion’s jersey in real life, with a digital version created for their avatar on the Zwift platform.

This year's race takes place on Zwift’s New York “Knickerbocker” route in a short and intense scratch race format. The 54.9km track is based on a future vision of Central Park and features a total of 944m in elevation, barely containing a flat section. Over two laps of rolling terrain, featuring gradients of up to 14%...hmmm, now I kind of want to see who wins...

09 February 2022, 12:21
Wahoo extends partnership with EF Education
Wahoo x EF Education (press release)

Wahoo and EF Pro Cycling will continue to work together in 2022 and beyond...(that went all Buzz Lightyear for a second)...

In a press release, Wahoo dubbed themselves and EF as "two of the most innovative and disruptive entities in cycling" this an episode of The Apprentice or a legit press release? Anyway, I'll look past that particular point as Wahoo is committing to supporting the WorldTour outfit, EF Education–EasyPost and Women’s WorldTour squad EF Education–TIBCO–SVB as their official training partner on a multi-year deal.

The partnership will give all team athletes access to the complete Wahoo ecosystem for indoor and outdoor training, including the Wahoo SYSTM training app, KICKR smart power trainers, ELEMNT GPS bike computers, TICKR heart rate monitors, race-winning SPEEDPLAY pedals, and the ELEMNT RIVAL multisport watch. It's a hard life being a pro racer...

If anyone from Wahoo is reading this, I may be willing to take back what I said earlier about you sounding like a cocksure Apprentice hotshot for certain 'individual arrangements'...

09 February 2022, 11:56
Tadej Pogačar returns to training following Covid positive
Tadej Pogacar, Stage 19 of 2021 (picture credit Tour de France A.S.O./Pauline Ballet)

I'm sure Baha Men's question was rhetorical...but if we're asking who let the Pog(s) out? Then the answer is the end of the mandatory isolation period...

The two-time Tour de France champion contracted Covid last week but only suffered mild symptoms. Pogačar shared a picture on his Instagram of him back riding outside, before UAE Team Emirates then confirmed their rider's situation.

Dr Adrian Rotunno, the team medical director, said: "Tadej tested positive for the virus and had mild symptoms. As per guidelines, and in the interest of his health, and the greater community, he underwent the mandatory isolation and recovery period, before resuming light training.

"He is still due to undergo some final medical clearance testing, but should be on track to resume his preparation for his first race of the season, the UAE Tour."

The first WorldTour race of the season will be the Slovenian's first major goal of 2022, as he looks to defend his title at his team's home race. As per UCI protocols, Pogačar will have to pass a series of tests on his heart and lungs before being cleared to race.

09 February 2022, 11:48
MP Alex Chalk fractures arm while cycling to Parliament

Cheltenham MP Alex Chalk has fractured his arm in a fall, while cycling to Parliament (not from Gloucestershire, we should add)...

The Tory MP crashed at around 10:00 GMT on Monday on Birdcage Walk, while commuting from Paddington Station.

He was driven by a colleague to St Thomas' Hospital for treatment, but said it was "business as usual" on the work front. I'll leave the jokes about what that means to you lot...

"I ride my bike from Paddington Station to Parliament every week," the MP said. "I'm not quite sure what happened but I ended up on the ground. I've carried on as normal, a bit sore and I can only type with one hand."

Chalk added he is looking forward to getting back in the saddle as soon as possible...

09 February 2022, 11:13
I spy with my little eye something beginning with 34-time Tour de France stage-winner...

Cav's back! Stage one of the Tour of Oman is tomorrow...does the road to 35 start here? 

09 February 2022, 10:59
Fancy a Peter Sagan special edition S-Works Tarmac? I guess it depends who's paying...
Tarmac SL7 Peter Sagan Race Day special edition

Only 119 of the new Peter Sagan Race Day special edition 2022 S-Works Tarmac SL7 framesets are being produced - one for each of Sagan’s professional victories. 

"With class and a bit of edge, Sagan continues to bring a new perspective to the world of racing, the same way the muscle car forever changed the automotive industry," Specialized says.

"Through a delicate balance of sophistication, personality, and a little bit of attitude, we created a frame that captures the essence of the classic muscle car era. Most importantly, we capture the spirit of Peter Sagan."

A signed image of Sagan on his Race Day LTD Tarmac SL7 by cycling photographer James Startt will be included with each. Fancy one? That’ll be £5,000. Be quick, there are only size 56s left! 

09 February 2022, 10:36
It's bad infra time! And boy is it terrible...

Following on from the painted peril Wiggo was avoiding... 

09 February 2022, 10:22
"Because we've yet to mint anything, it means we've used zero energy. We can take feedback from the weekend and really make sure we use it properly": Heavily-criticised NFT Bike Club replies to outrage
Matt Stephens NFT (via Twitter)

NFTs. Do I know what they are yet? More than last time I wrote about them. Do I get why anyone would want one? Nope...

Richard Mitchelson, otherwise known as Rich Mitch, was part of the team launching the blockchain-based Bike Club that caught a lot of heat at the start of the week. The cycling artist took to social media to address some of the criticism...

"Because we've yet to mint anything for the Bike Club, it means we've used zero energy. We can take the feedback from the weekend and really make sure we use it properly. I want to make sure that the energy we use is as green as possible [this does exist] and that gas fees are low."

You say "feedback", we say PR shitshow, but tomAHto tomAYto, I guess...

"We're looking into a lot of options before we mint [lots of other coins and chains other than ETH] to make sure this is an NFT project done properly. Properly by the people putting their money in, properly by the planet and properly by cycling.

"I know that a lot of NFTs have been run poorly, rug pulls, scams and the negative press around them even make me not like a lot of them. But I do believe in our project and it is being done differently, one of a handful right now really trying to do this sort of thing better."

09 February 2022, 10:02
Fake news: Tom Pidcock transfer speculation edition

In the undesirable world of 'football Twitter' these parody accounts announcing news is commonplace...pranksters pretend players have signed for a new club, or spread improbable news on fake accounts, snaring the gullible.

For example, they might pretend to be a news site breaking a story as unbelievable and sensational as a Premier League player kicking his pet cat...ah, right, maybe not the best example...

Anyway...BOTA-hansglohe, not to be confused with BORA-hansgrohe, is apparently where Tom Pidcock will be riding next year...they'll have to start a team first, of course...and get the all-conquering multi-disciplinarian to sign a contract...

Yesterday on the blog, Ryan took a look at some of the more serious transfer speculation surrounding young Tom...

09 February 2022, 09:55
Peloton problems: Firm axes 2,800 jobs as chief executive set to step down
Peloton bike (via YouTube)

The co-founder of Peloton, John Foley is to step down as chief executive after 10 years in the role, with the US-based brand also saying it will cut 2,800 jobs globally due to a drop in demand for its products.

Earlier in the week, rumours circled that Amazon, Nike and Apple were interested in bidding for the firm. Shares in the home exercise brand jumped by 19 per cent on the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday.

Foley's stepping down was called for by one of Peloton's top investors, Blackwells Capital, which owns nearly five per cent of the company.

Jason Aintabi, chief investment officer at Blackwells said: "Mr Foley has proven he is not suited to lead Peloton, whether as CEO or executive chair, and he should not be hand-picking directors, as he appears to have done today."

In a presentation sent to Peloton by the investors earlier this week, Blackwells said the company had been "horribly mismanaged, with unbridled enthusiasm taking the place of disciplined leadership".

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