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The Pix backpack with animated turn signals is crowdfunding on Kickstarter

Proclaimed as 'the first smart animative backpack', you can customise the animations on the Pix; and when it comes to going for a ride, it shows turn signals that are controlled through a wireless remote

Helmet? Check. Hi-vis? Check. Animated smart backpack with a widget that allows you to indicate using a wireless remote? Check, if you want to splash out $199 for the new Pix backpack, which is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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As demonstrated by the over-enthusiastic hipsters in the video above, you can choose from lots of stock images to display on your backpack when you're in da club or hanging out in gentrified New York suburbs; and you can even customise the images (some of the suggestions in the office might not go down too well with the general public). It's all controlled through a smartphone app that you can use on the go via Bluetooth, so you can change your animation from smiley to sad face emoji if your day takes a turn for the worse and you want folk to leave you alone. 


The cycling application is thanks to the Pix signalling widget. Via the supplied wireless remote that mounts to your handlebars the bag shows animated turn signals, and it also has a big red stop sign for when you're coming to a halt. 
Pix is water resistant and shock resistant, with the full colour screen built into the shell and plenty of space for gear inside. Although this might be the first backpack we've seen with customisable animations, the concept of bike indicators on clothing, accessories or anywhere else you can put them isn't new; in fact you can read a round-up of them by our own John Stevenson here

Pix say they are "excited to help people unleash their creativity" with their invention and are currently around halfway towards crowdfunding $50,000 to go into full production. Check out the Kickstarter here, and the Pix website here for more info.   

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