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Vingegaard and Van Aert to ride Tour de France as Visma-Lease a Bike reveal super squad (+ special “Renaissance” jersey); Did we really need another blue kit in the peloton?; Police slammed for collision reporting; Candyman bike + more on the live blog

It’s your Thursday round-up of all the news, reaction and more from the cycling world today, Adwitiya is in the hot seat for your daily dose of the live blog action


20 June 2024, 12:39
Jonas Vingegaard and Wout Van Aert in new Visma jersey
Let's address the elephant in the room: Visma-Lease a Bike's "The Renaissance" jersey (yes, it is BLUE)

We knew about it, we were all expecting it, and now it's finally here. After Wout van Aert was spotted riding a blue Cervélo two weeks ago, it was all but confirmed that Visma-Lease a Bike's Tour de France special kit was going to be, yes, you guessed it, blue. Because why not, as if there aren't enough blue kits in the peloton anyway.

So now that the kit's finally out of the bag (ha!), here it is in all of its glory, a special "Resnaissance" design takes over the bright honeybee yellow and black of the Dutch team to mark the Grand Boucle's Grand Départ in Florence this year.

> Wout van Aert spotted on BLUE Cervélo amid Visma-Lease a Bike "leaked" Tour kit rumours

The team's website reads: "The 111th edition of the Tour de France makes its way from Florence to Nice, from the birthplace of the Renaissance to the land where it bloomed like never before. The Grand Départ takes place in the city of creative thinkers, revolutionary innovators, and versatile artists such as Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Donatello. These figures are emblematic of this unique period when the worldview shifted, placing humanity at the center and prioritising knowledge and progress."

Richard Plugge, CEO of Team Visma | Lease a Bike, said: "With this beautiful cycling jersey, we not only honour this historic period and beautiful city and region, but it also symbolises our dedication to innovation and renewal. This commitment extends both within our team and in our collaboration with partners.

Visma-Lease a Bike Tour de France kit

Now if you ask me, that is a magnificent jersey. I'm a sucker for intricate patterns and the hues of blue and gold woven together looks amazing, in your live blogger's opinion. And it's leagues better than the horrendous jersey that got leaked a couple of weeks ago anyway.

However, the question still stands, did the peloton really need another blue kit? I think Visma's jersey parallels Bahrain Victorious' jersey situation last time around — a great kit, but just happens to be blue when there are so many other shades to choose from.

So let's put Visma's jersey to the ultimate test: the live blog poll!

Poll Maker

20 June 2024, 11:24
Jonas Vingegaard, 2022 Tour de France stage 20 ITT (Zac Williams/
Visma-Lease a Bike finally announce Tour de France squad and yes — Vingegaard and Van Aert will ride the Tour!

Jonas Vingegaard, Sepp Kuss, Matteo Jorgenson, Wilco Kelderman, Christophe Laporte, Tiesj Benoot, Wout van Aert, and Jan Tratnik.

Wow, that's strong, strong team. You know what, I can't wait for the next Saturday! Team Emirates vs Visma, Pogačar vs Vingegaard — let the fireworks go off!

And that does prove that our tinfoil hat theory that Jorgenson's picture in the French Alps was indeed a soft launch of the Visma team, with only Kelderman and Kuss missing from the team's altitude training camp.

Jonas Vingegaard, the defending champion, who'll be looking to add a third maillot jaune to his wardrobe, said: "I am excited to start the Tour. The last few months have not always been easy, but I thank my family and Team Visma | Lease a Bike for their unwavering support. We have worked together to get to this moment, and of course, I am very excited to see where I stand. I feel good and very motivated." 

Visma-Lease a Bike's Sporting Director Merijn Zeeman said: "I am very proud of Jonas and the coaching team. He is coming back from a serious injury. In the last few weeks, he has shown what a champion he is, both mentally and physically. Of course, we don't know how far he can go yet. We are being cautious because he has not been able to race, and his preparation has been less than ideal, to say the least. But he will be there, healthy and motivated."

The news that Vingegaard will be riding the Tour de France would come as a massive relief for many fans, after several doubts lingering over the Danish rider's ability to recover from the horror crash at the Itzulia Basque Tour and get fit in time.

Wout van Aerts wins Benidorm round of the 2023/24 UCI Cyclocross World Cup (Zubiko/

Wout van Aerts wins Benidorm round of the 2023/24 UCI Cyclocross World Cup (Zubiko/

> “He has to be the old Jonas again”: Visma-Lease a Bike DS says Vingegaard will decide for himself whether or not he’ll go to Tour de France

And the cherry on the top is that Wout van Aert, the phenomenal puncheur and essentially a true all-rounder, who not only has the ability to win races himself but also crucially for the team, can determine the stage outcomes with his attacks, is also fit to race after his own crash at Dwars door Vlaanderen where he broke his collarbone and a couple of ribs.

Van Aert said: "I am really looking forward to the Tour de France. Of course, this was not the plan initially, but after my development in the last weeks, I really wanted it, and the team agreed. Our main goal is, of course, to ride a top classification with Jonas. I want to contribute to that with an excellent team." 

Zeeman added: "Just like Jonas, Wout has had to deal with a considerable physical and mental blow. But once again, Wout has shown himself to be a rock-solid champion. His class as an athlete and leadership qualities add value to our team. We are happy to have Jonas and Wout at the start, together with an excellent team. And also in this unique Renaissance jersey that was unveiled today."

Alongside, Laporte, fresh off the back of winning Paris-Nice and the Dwars door Vlaanderen and finishing second at the Critérium du Dauphine, as well as Sepp Kuss who took the win at the Vuelta last year and is arguably the best domestique in the peloton, Jan Tratnik who won the Omloop het Nieuwsblad this year and Benoot who secured a podium position at the Amstel Gold Race — I repeat, that is one strong team.

20 June 2024, 16:29
New Pinarello Dogma F: the secret’s out… so is it a secret you’d want to keep?
2025 Pinarello Dogma F - 7 (1).jpeg

Pinarello says it has dropped 108g from the weight of its Dogma F road bike but that if you’re looking for those all-important marginal gains – and Pinarello-sponsored Ineos Grenadiers always is – the 0.2% reduction in drag makes more difference to your speed out on the road. In case you’ve forgotten, this is the bike that Ineos Grenadiers really, really didn’t want us to see at the Dauphiné earlier this month.  

> New Pinarello Dogma F: the secret’s out… so is it a secret you’d want to keep?

20 June 2024, 16:20
How to beat the traffic in Germany? A few tips from the Polish football team...

Right after we saw the English team (they just went 1-0 up against Denmark by the way) on electric mountain bikes, with priceless reactions from Jude Bellingham, Jarrod Bowen, Jordan Pickford, and more, here's the Polish football team, who play Austria tomorrow, beating the rush hour traffic in Hannover.

20 June 2024, 15:56
Part 2 of guess if it's a pro peloton kit or...?

I swear I've seen similar designs at a nearby Wetherspoons... Or as reader Paul J put it:

Paul J comment (20/06/24)
20 June 2024, 15:49
“We are sorry if we have not always got it right”: Council waives penalties for cyclists fined by “cowboy” wardens for riding on pavements and town centre streets
Head Street, Colchester (Colchester Cycling Campaign)

Colchester City Council has apologised and agreed to waive all fines recently – and mistakenly – issued to cyclists for allegedly breaching the local authority’s rules on cycling in pedestrian areas and on pavements, after local campaigners complained that people on bikes were being unfairly targeted by third-party “cowboy” wardens “running amok”, discouraging people from cycling in the city.

In a statement issued in the wake of’s in-depth examination of the controversy and the backlash from Colchester’s cycling community, the council admitted that it understands the “frustrations” of the city’s “responsible” cyclists concerning the implementation of its Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) – ostensibly designed to prevent anti-social, nuisance, and dangerous behaviour in the Essex city, but which local cyclists have claimed is being used as a “money-making scheme” by a private organisation contracted to the council.

Read more: > “We are sorry if we have not always got it right”: Council waives penalties for cyclists fined by “cowboy” wardens for riding on pavements and town centre streets

20 June 2024, 14:57
Faster than a speeding bullet: Ladies and gentlemen, Josh Tarling for y'all

Imagine going so quick that the driver almost launches the team car into the air trying to keep up with you... That's Josh Tarling for you all,  Ineos Grenadiers' time trialling sensation who made it back-to-back wins at the British championships – and continued his fine preparation for the Olympics this summer – with another impressive ride on the 30km course around Catterick, North Yorkshire yesterday.

20 June 2024, 14:23
Umm, bus seats or pro peloton cycling kit?

Looks like Visma-Lease a Bike has taken a page out of Arsenal using the Piccadilly Line's seat fabric as the design inspiration for its (training) kit... *this is a joke please don't sue me Richard Plugge*

And since you asked for more kit pictures, here you go...

20 June 2024, 13:35
Katie Archibald set to miss Paris Olympics after tripping over garden step and breaking leg, ripping ligaments, and dislocating ankle in “cruel” fall
Katie Archibald breaks leg in garden step fall (Will Palmer/ Archibald, Instagram)
(Will Palmer/ Archibald, Instagram)

Double Olympic gold medallist Katie Archibald is set to miss this summer’s Olympic Games in Paris, after breaking two bones in her lower leg, ripping ligaments, and dislocating her ankle in a bizarre fall in her garden earlier this week.

In news that will leave a serious dent in the Great Britain track team’s medal hopes for Paris, Archibald – an Olympic champion in the team pursuit and Madison, and who won a rainbow jersey as part of GB’s team pursuit squad at last year’s world championships in Glasgow – confirmed in an Instagram post that she underwent surgery on Wednesday for a string of injuries, suffered after tripping over a garden step on Tuesday.

Katie Archibald set to miss Paris Olympics after tripping over garden step and breaking leg, ripping ligaments, and dislocating ankle in “cruel” fall

20 June 2024, 12:54
Candyman bike in Edinburgh? 🐝🚲

We dare you to say his name five times! You don't have to believe... just beware. Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman... Don't say again!

20 June 2024, 08:05
“It’s just a matter of time before one of us is killed”: Campaigners left bloodied and injured after getting hit by drivers while cycling to and from Chicago safer streets events

Another case of cyclists simply trying to make life a little safer for themselves and others, and even then getting injured and hit by motorists on the road.

This latest incident comes from Chicago, where three volunteers from Bike Lane Uprising, a campaign to make reporting vehicles obstructing the cycle lanes easier in the USA and Canada, were hit by drivers while riding to and from events to advocate for making streets safer for cyclists.

“No less than 3 of our volunteers have been hit in the last couple of weeks - all while coming or going to advocate for making Chicago streets safer for bicyclists. I feel like it’s just a matter of time before one of us are killed biking,” the organisation wrote on Twitter.

They added that one volunteer was hit a few weeks ago, and a second volunteer knocked unconscious while cycling back from a town hall event for the campaign. They woke up in the hospital with a bloodied face, with the doctors having to cut their Bike Lane Uprising t-shirt from their body.

And finally, the third volunteer had just helped get the first volunteer (who got injured a few weeks ago) to a train station after a presentation event, and shortly after that they were clipped by a driver who never even stopped to see if they were okay.

The white shirt pictured above belongs to the third volunteer, while the one below, which had to be cut off after the crash, belong to the second.

“It's always the same. Fight for resources. Car lobby will always fight for it when cyclists demand their cycle lanes. It's easy to use cars as weapons because laws have been made to favour car drivers even if they kill. Solution: Putting more cycling advocates in Public life,” wrote Jaswinder Singh in the replies.

And unfortunately, this sort of incident isn’t unheard of here in the UK. Last year, a recently elected councillor was riding on a designated “safe cycle path” to a road safety meeting in Oxfordshire, when a motorist cut across her and clipped her wheel. She ended up undergoing surgery after sustaining multiple injuries, including a nasty facial wound.

> Councillor cycling to road safety meeting left bloodied and bruised after being struck by alleged hit-and-run driver in bike lane

The councillor later noted that it was “ironic” that she was hit by a driver on her way to a meeting called to discuss the potential for road safety improvements in Oxfordshire.

Describing the alleged hit-and-run collision, which took place at the junction of Fern Hill Road, as the bike path briefly enters a residential area, the councillor said: “I wasn’t going fast because I am a cautious cyclist, and I was going downhill and had my hands on the brakes. I must have been going at about 10 miles per hour.

“He came right into my blind spot. I was just thinking ‘he’s not going to stop’, and within a second of thinking that, he hit my back wheel. I rolled over the wing of the car and hit the pavement with my head and my knees.

“You don’t expect it as a cyclist when you are on a safe cycle path for someone to come into the side of you.”

20 June 2024, 10:15
Kaitlin Armstrong ordered to pay murdered cyclist Moriah Wilson’s family $15 million in civil lawsuit
Kaitlin Armstrong (picture via Harris County Sheriff's Office)

A judge has ordered Kaitlin Armstrong, who was sentenced last November to 90 years in prison for the murder of Moriah Wilson, to pay the leading gravel cyclist’s family $15 million in damages.

The parents of Anna Moriah Wilson, known as Mo, filed a wrongful death civil lawsuit against Armstrong in a bid to ensure that the convicted killer never stands to profit from any potential book or film deal based on the murder, which attracted widespread media attention around the world and left the United States’ close-knit cycling community in shock.

> Kaitlin Armstrong ordered to pay murdered cyclist Moriah Wilson’s family $15 million in civil lawsuit

20 June 2024, 09:49
“There’s always a cyclist but never a driver”: Police force slammed for ignoring collision reporting guidelines and writing “collision with car” after cyclist’s death

In another unfortunate piece of news, Birmingham Police said that it was investigating after a “cyclist died in a collision with a car in Birmingham yesterday” — and cyclists are giving the force stick for ignoring mentioning the driver.

“There's always a cyclist but never a driver. There's always a car but never a bike,” wrote one cyclist in the replies.

The force added: “The cyclist, a 48-year-old man, was sadly declared dead at the scene. His family has been informed and is being supported by officers.

“The driver of the black Ford Focus, a man aged 68, was not injured and remained at the scene. He is helping with our investigation.”

Det Sgt Paul Hughes, from our Serious Collision Investigation Unit, said: “We’re appealing for anyone who saw what happened, or who has dash cam or other footage, to do the right thing and get in touch.”

Meanwhile, Team GB triathlon athlete and cycling and walking campaigner from Birmingham, Sarah Chaundler said: “If you look on Crashmap’s website you’ll see in the last 10 years, there’ve been 100+ collisions within roughly a 50m radius of where he was killed. These streets just aren’t safe.”

20 June 2024, 09:43
Just over a week to go for La Grand Boucle, here's your ultimate stage-by-stage guide, from Florence to Nice
Tour de France 2024

A first-time Grand Départ in Italy, and an unprecedented finish outside Paris as the race concludes in Nice on the Côte d’Azur – whatever else happens on this year’s 111th edition of the Tour de France, those two aspects alone will make it a unique and, let’s hope, memorable one.

> Tour de France 2024, your ultimate stage-by-stage guide: From Florence to Nice, here's everything you need to know

20 June 2024, 09:00
Former French legislator arrested after speeding through cycle lane under the influence of cocaine to escape police
Joachim Son-Forget (image by UN Geneva on Flickr, licensed via CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Stop me if you've heard this before: A former member of France's National Assembly on cocaine getting chased by the police on Paris bike lanes for speeding...

> Former French legislator arrested after speeding through cycle lane under the influence of cocaine to escape police

Adwitiya joined in 2023 as a news writer after graduating with a masters in journalism from Cardiff University. His dissertation focused on active travel, which soon threw him into the deep end of covering everything related to the two-wheeled tool, and now cycling is as big a part of his life as guitars and football. He has previously covered local and national politics for Voice Wales, and also likes to writes about science, tech and the environment, if he can find the time. Living right next to the Taff trail in the Welsh capital, you can find him trying to tackle the brutal climbs in the valleys.

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ktache | 4 weeks ago

Must have been warm today, the gorse was popping as I rode through the ranges on my way home this evening.

S.E. | 4 weeks ago

"Renaissance" blue white and red jersey for Visma... Renaissance is the name of the ruling party - who just lost the 2024 European elections in France.

That name can NOT be a coincidence!

Rendel Harris | 1 month ago
1 like

JV's, sorry VLaB's, jersey leaves me feeling fairly neutral but anything which stops them wearing yellow jerseys at the Tour is to be heartily welcomed, ever since I started watching over forty years ago I've thought that teams that wear yellow or green (there's never been a team that's worn red polka dots as far as I'm aware) should have to wear a change strip for the Tour. The whole reason a jersey was first awarded, after all, was so that spectators would easily be able to pick out the leader, it would be nice for that still to be the case.

Paul J | 1 month ago

Bee swarms are fairly docile - not that nasty.  3 Find a local beekeeper forum / Facebook group and the owner should quickly find someone to take it away. Or just wait a day, they'll be gone.

stonojnr replied to Paul J | 1 month ago

The Surrey cops would probably just drive over the bike in their big pick up truck, then nuke the site from orbit, only way to be sure.

Paul J | 1 month ago

How did Visma-Rabobank manage to dig up the 60s/70s carpets from my gran's old house for their jersey? They went into a skip decades ago...

Sorry, awful looking.

chrisonabike | 1 month ago

RE: C ... bike in Edinburgh - thankfully not mine.  Also - looks like this might be a Manchester-specific frame?

Or is that just a die-hard approach to chain waxing?

mdavidford | 1 month ago

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you seem to have forgotten to count the use of the 'C' word in the item heading...

Rendel Harris | 1 month ago

Four years of training and planning all torn apart by a trip in the garden, really got to feel for Katie Archibald...

ETA sorry for duplication, must've been typing mine while Mark's was posted.

mark1a | 1 month ago

Archibald in freak garden accident

OnYerBike replied to mark1a | 1 month ago
1 like

Looks like Ryan beat you to the punch on this one:

mark1a replied to OnYerBike | 1 month ago

Just minutes in it and I guess that's his job after all...

mdavidford replied to mark1a | 1 month ago

BBC language misuse again - blaming the garden, when really the fault was with a step, that just happened to be in the garden...

henryb replied to mark1a | 1 month ago

Could have been worse - e.g.  Spinal Tap's drummer, 'Stumpy'

mdavidford | 1 month ago

V-Lab decided just another blue kit wouldn't quite be anonymous enough, so they decided to add camouflage effect to it so as to hide even better.

anke2 | 1 month ago

“There’s always a cyclist but never a driver”: Police force slammed for ignoring collision reporting guidelines and writing “collision with car” after cyclist’s death"

I largely agree with the motivation for mentioning the driver and his/her responsibility instead of just referring to an inanimate object (car). But how can we expect to change this language? The driver makes up less than 10% of the total vecicle mass of the car (a cyclist  60% to 95%)? The motorist made a conscious(?) choice about driving a little house on wheels just to move him/herself about - as to never get in contact with anybody/anything else, with enough structure around herself/himself...

As a society, we don't seem able to make inconsiderate motorists take responsibility for accelerating 1 to 3 tons of metal to deadly speeds - how can we hope to change the language (that is actually far more precise as it is / has been)? Maybe we should try to pick a better fight...

Personally, I don't mind blaming the "cars" for hitting people in an accident. These contraptions are too dangerous for most people. They are dangerous machines that must be operated with care, with suitable health- and safety training - and not in the  lulling comfort of a sofa equipped with a home-entertainment system...

Finally, compare the language of "driver hitting cyclist (with a car)" to the discussion about gun-crime in the US: There, the blame seems to be on the shooter only, and lobbyists argue that its not the fault of the poor, innocent gun that should be freely available to anyone... Should we really let the motor-industry from the hook by JUST referring to an individual driver, rather than to the addictive, aggressive and dangerous products they sell for profit? After all, its this product that turns a slightly negligent, tired, stressed, ... human into a killer...


stonojnr replied to anke2 | 1 month ago

Laura Laker came up with a set of reporting guidelines that work, if the police or media could be bothered to use them.

mitsky replied to stonojnr | 1 month ago
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mitsky replied to anke2 | 1 month ago

Learning how to drive safely and passing a driving test (however inadequate it may potentially be) are requirements to obtain a driver's licence.
It is a priviledge, not a right.

With regards to guns (in the US), many people are against ANY restrictions (ie registration/training/licencing) based on the "right" to own them nor consideration of mental state/prior convictions that might be red flags.

stonojnr | 1 month ago
NotNigel replied to stonojnr | 1 month ago

Absolutely shocking.  I thought it was the car before getting in before the wagon that was the close pass.

Mad Franky replied to stonojnr | 1 month ago

'kin 'ell... hope they were wearing their AG2R shorts.

9pts though... hopefully that got them to 12.

eburtthebike replied to stonojnr | 1 month ago

9 points for almost killing someone?  Motornormativity again.  Should have been banned for a year and made to do a re-test.

Steve K | 1 month ago

Yet more cycling footballers - the whole Poland team.

mdavidford replied to Steve K | 1 month ago

I think we're at the point where we need to move beyond a team, and look at organising a tournament...

brooksby | 1 month ago

Dear Birmingham police - when someone driving a car collides with someone riding a bike, exactly how often is the person driving a car ever injured? 

Mad Franky replied to brooksby | 1 month ago

dunno... they may have burst a blood vessal with rage at the fact there was a cyclist on the road in the first place. V dangerous that for the gammon.

mitsky | 1 month ago

Fingers crossed all news media organisations follow the Road Collision Reporting Guidelines soon.

And Tom Edwards of the BBC apologies for blocking me on Twitter when I tried to explain it to him.
(I wasn't trolling/being abusive or sending many messages. He simply didn't agree that the language used is incorrect.)

Mr Anderson replied to mitsky | 1 month ago

Are these the guidelines that recommend using the phrase "road traffic collision" instead of "accident"?

mitsky replied to Mr Anderson | 1 month ago


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