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Jeremy Vine on 5's 'dobbing in drivers' debate attracts worrying comments; Police release image of cyclist after pedestrian dies in collision; British Cycling redundancies; Cop knocks cyclist off at Portland demo; Welsh 20mph limit + more on the live blog

It's Friday! Jack Sexty is here to provide your lead live blog coverage today with other members of the team chipping in intermittently.....
17 July 2020, 15:06
Met Police release CCTV image of cyclist after pedestrian died following collision
met police appeal CCTV image - 17 july 2020.PNG

Detective Inspector Julie Trodden has appealed to anyone who recognises the man or saw him leaving the scene to call the police, and has also appealed directly to the cyclist involved. The collision occurred on Friday 3 July, and 72-year-old Peter McCombie died in hospital on Saturday 11 July from head injuries sustained in the crash. 

The cyclist didn't stop at the scene and no arrests have been made. Witnesses or anyone with dashcam footage have been asked to call police on 0208 597 4874 or 101 quoting CAD 5779/03JUL. 

17 July 2020, 14:32
British Cycling announcement: all 2020 events will now be 'non-ranking'
Odd Down Masters round 1 - 8 (© Gemma Stephenson)

If you have a British Cycling race licence, then any races you do manage to take part in will not be point-scoring. British Cycling say: "Following internal and external consultation, British Cycling can also confirm today that events across all disciplines will be designated as non-ranking for the remainder of 2020, or until further notice.

"Given that riders will not be able to claim ranking points, no rider will be moved down a licence category at the end of the year, while those who collected sufficient points to move up a category prior to the suspension of racing in March will be able to retain that higher category. It is hoped that the opportunity to race new formats across a variety of disciplines will encourage many new riders to come and get involved."

17 July 2020, 14:13
British Cycling announce up to 31 redundancies in latest COVID-19 impact update
British Cycling Logo

A 'collective consultation process' has began at British Cycling to make 38 roles redundant, which will affect 31 staff as seven of those roles are already vacant.

CEO Julie Harrington, commented: “This is a decision we would rather not have to make but one we are taking in a measured way and with due care for the well-being of our employees.

“Since March we have furloughed over two-thirds of the workforce under the government’s job retention scheme – a huge team effort which means that many jobs which would have been lost, have been saved.

“Had we not taken those steps then, our situation now would be more severe. However, with income still limited and the likelihood that our sport will continue to be affected into the winter months, we have no other option than to cut costs.

“As a not-for-profit organisation, all revenues we make are invested in cycling and these steps are necessary so that we can continue to deliver on our three strategic priorities – a healthy domestic sport, growing participation, and supporting our most talented riders to achieve their best."

The announcement also says that British Cycling has submitted their action plan to the government, which lays out a 'phased return' process for racing to restart. This would mean that all events other than road racing would start to pick up from 1st August as part of Stage Four of its six-stage plan to resume all cycling activities. There is no set date for progression to Stage Five yet, which would permit a return of all competitive and non-competitive event formats and wider indoor facility access.

17 July 2020, 13:03
British Cycling have their say on Jeremy Vine on 5's camera cyclist question

More policing = less dangerous driving = less need for cyclists wearing helmet cameras to act as a deterrent for bad drivers, according to British Cycling. 

17 July 2020, 13:10
Pointless but impressive lockdown project number 456,678: a bike on F1 wheels

Have a couple of spare Pirelli F1 tyres lying around? You could always use them to make a very impressive and very inefficient bicycle like this guy. At least you won't be needing a kickstand...

17 July 2020, 12:47
Jersey passes amendment to give cyclists and walkers legal priority on island's Green Lanes network
jersey green lane sign - via wiki commons.Jpg

The move will see a full relaunch of Jersey's Green Lane network, with Deputy Rob Ward saying that the Assembly had been presented "with a great opportunity to keep the momentum on sustainable transport going", reports the Jersey Evening Post

It will mean that non-essential car travel will be banned on some roads, although some Members expressed concerns that the changes would restrict access to some visitors and islanders whose only mode of transport was a car. Infrastructure Minister Kevin Lewis called the move ‘draconian’, saying it would be difficult to police; however Deputy Ward said it will have "a positive impact with the sustainable transport policy without the costs."

The Green Lane network already has a 15mph speed limit for motor vehicles and drivers are actively discouraged from using the lanes; but this amendment will see it become a prosecutable offence with stricter enforcement. 

17 July 2020, 12:31
Bahrain McClaren switch to tan wall Continental Grand Prix 5000's for training rides

The team have equipped their Meridas with the handsome new special edition tan wall rubber from Continental, made in tribute to the Tour de France. As noted by the Merida Pro Road Racing Twitter account, these were launched as clinchers only... so does that mean the team are training on clinchers, or have Continental made some tubular versions for pros as well? That would make them special edition versions of special edition tyres, as if they weren't already special enough... in any case, we'll make some enquiries to see if we can find out. 

17 July 2020, 12:24
Peter Sagan gets ready for the Giro with a spot of opera singing

It's going to be his first Giro d'Italia, and the organisers seem keen to promote the Slovakian as the star of the show judging by the number of cheesy ads he's starring in. The latest sees Sagan "demonstrating the expert he has become in Italy" by taking to the stage for a spot of opera singing, after already showing us his expertise in Italian cooking and fashion

17 July 2020, 09:49
Jeremy Vine On 5's 'dobbing in drivers' Twitter post makes for worrying reading

The Channel 5 show, hosted by cycle-friendly broadcaster Jeremy Vine, was this morning discussing camera cyclists "dobbing in drivers", after well-known YouTuber CycleGaz recently announced he had amassed £20,000 in fines through his reporting to the police. Viewers were also shown a clip from another well-known camera cyclists CyclingMikey, where a driver is caught using their phone at the wheel. It's fair to say not everyone who replied to the thread above agrees with their actions, and come up with increasingly nonsensical reasons for this. Perhaps Patrick McCarthy needs a light refresher on what GDPR is, and we're thinking that Andrew Meldrum might be disappointed if he reports a cyclist for not wearing a helmet or high-vis...  

What do you think, are CycleGaz and Cycling Mikey doing us a useful public service, or are they infringing upon the rights of people who should be free to use their phones while driving without fear of being snitched on? (Yes, that is a leading question). 

17 July 2020, 10:44
Britain's worst bike rack?

Where to start? 

17 July 2020, 09:26
US: Cop knocks cyclist off his bike amid huge Portland protests

The latest example of alleged police brutality from the states comes amid huge demonstrations in Portland, Oregon, as the footage shows a cyclist being knocked to the ground before another five officers rush over to assist. 

Some on social media are questioning why the officers used heavy force; however in the longer clip above, Dan McCarthy of KATU News says the cyclist was riding back down a street the other way because an officer previously "made a move towards him". The cyclist has now been identified as Brandon Thomas, according to KATU News, and Portland Police Bureau said he was arrested for interfering with a police officer and disorderly conduct. The incident was also referred to PPB's Professional Standards Division.

17 July 2020, 08:59
Wales moves closer to introducing 20mph speed limit on residential roads
20mph sign (CC licensed by EdinburghGreens via Flickr)

Wales could become the first country in the world to reduce speed limits from 30mph to 20mph as a default on local streets, and the plan has already received an initial backing in the Senedd. A Task Force Group report cites "overwhelming evidence lower speeds result in fewer collisions and a reduced severity of injuries". The report also mentions that increased walking and cycling is an important policy goal of the Welsh Government, saying: "Slower traffic speeds are an important way of reducing people’s perception of road danger thus encouraging more people to walk and cycle." 

if the plans go ahead then the Welsh Government will make the changes by 2023. It's proved divisive on social media, with some comments making for rather depressing reading... 

17 July 2020, 08:29
'Virtual' RideLondon announced for 15-16 August, encouraging participants to ride event distances on their local roads

To salvage some of the huge fundraising cash that would have gone towards charities over the RideLondon weekend, organisers are encouraging those who would have done the event to cycle one of the distances "from wherever they are in the world". Participants simply sign up for the free event, select the length of their challenge (100 miles, 46 miles, 19 miles or 'FreeCycle') and then take part in the ride at any time over the weekend of 15-16 August. An app will be provided that includes a GPS tracker so participants' friends and family can follow them, plus a direct donation button for the participant's chosen charity. 

RideLondon say the event was created to generate some much-needed funds for charities, as the charity sector has been decimated by COVID-19. They say there is a £10 billion funding gap in the sector as a whole, thousands of staff are on furlough and one in 10 charities are facing bankruptcy.

Event Director Hugh Brasher commented: “After the disappointment of the cancellation of Prudential RideLondon, we were determined to create something special for our riders, partners and the hundreds of charities that rely on the event for vital income.

“My Prudential RideLondon is building on the success of The 2.6 Challenge – created following the postponement of the London Marathon - which became the biggest collective fundraising effort in the world involving nearly 4,000 charities.

“Charities desperately need help to continue to provide vital services to every sector of society and fund critical research. In this socially-distanced world, it’s also vitally important to encourage people to get on two wheels rather than use public transport. The My Prudential RideLondon campaign has been created to achieve both these aims.

“My Prudential RideLondon is completely free and offers a fundraising challenge for everyone, whether that’s an amateur rider doing 100 miles or a family enjoying a 1km bike ride together. It can be done wherever you are and at any time on 15 or 16 August. Whatever you do, we urge you to raise funds for a charity of your choice – and have fun!”

You can sign up to the Virtual RideLondon here

17 July 2020, 08:45
The ultimate Strava Local Legend scalp
shagger's alley - via strava.JPG

Strava's new feature awards those who have completed a segment the most over a 90 day period - and what could be better than claiming the crown for Shagger's Alley? A big chapeau to you, Mr Crook...

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