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"Motorists obey the law... Cyclists don't": Adam Boulton at it again; Some parts of London set for 'largest car-free zones in the world; New bright Shimano commuter pedals; Calls for NHS bike sheds; Cops issue nail trap warning + more on the live blog

It's Friday! Jack Sexty is here to provide your lead live blog coverage today with other members of the team chipping in intermittently.....
15 May 2020, 16:18
Sam Coates latest Sky presenter to be answered over bike scepticism

In reaction to the news that Sadiq Khan plans to transform parts of London into "one of the largest car free zones in the world", Adam Boulton's colleague got plenty of useful suggestions when he asked how he was supposed to around around... 

15 May 2020, 16:39
Sadiq Khan promises some of the world's largest urban car-free zones in London

The full extent of London's Streetspace plans have been announced, with London's Mayor saying TfL will "make central London one of the largest car-free zones in any capital city in the world, increasing walking and cycling and improving our air quality."

Areas set for car-free zones include streets between London Bridge and Shoreditch,
Euston and Waterloo and Old Street and Holborn. More streets will see space repurposed for cyclists and pedestrians, while London's cycling network is also set to be added to. 

"London's road to recovery cannot be clogged with cars", reiterated Khan. 

15 May 2020, 15:07
Shimano launch new flat pedals for commuters in an array of bright colours
shimano new flat pedals may 2020

Hipsters with those bright-coloured fixies will be glad to know that they might now be able to match their steed with a pair of Shimano's new PD-EF202 or PD-EF205 flat pedals. Available in black, silver, gold, red or blue, both are designed for trekking, commuting and mtb'ing. The PD-EF205 has a closed aluminium body with a resin plate to create a stable platform even if you're wearing formal shoes, while the open design of the PD-EF202 is more aimed at shedding away much on trails.

Prices are yet to be announced, but Shimano say the PD-EF202 will be available in stores from July and the PD-EF205 should land in August. 

15 May 2020, 13:18
Adam Boulton is at it again, claiming motorists "obey the law" while "cyclists don't but should"

The sweeping statement from the Sky News Editor-at-large has provoked a strong and baffled reaction online - as did his interview with Sadiq Khan - with many pointing him to numerous statistics related to traffic incidents in the UK. 

Boulton claims his points were about 'enforcement' and not incidents, although others have noted that many drivers don't "obey the law", and a large proportion of motoring offences don't face sanctions that would be deemed strong enough in the eyes of many. 

Boulton has form for being anti-cycling - in 2017 he penned a rant in the Sunday Times, claiming "a backlash could be stirring against cyclophilia" and accusing the UK of having "a senseless worship of bicycles”. 

Boulton is yet to back up his claims with evidence or statistics, which awaits with great anticipation. 

15 May 2020, 15:10
Giant and ConnectBike unveil the 'Giant Deliver E' cargo bike, that will soon be delivering Domino's Pizza
giant deliver e e-cargo bike

The world's largest food delivery chain Domino's were involved in the specialist e-cargo bike's development, and they're set to be rolled out for delivery couriers to use from this July - full story over on eBikeTips

15 May 2020, 13:48
Cars are clogging up roads near beauty spots, as drivers remove cones to park on roadside in Dovestones

It could be argued that these people are just plain selfish, but the government's lockdown guidance that allows driving to beauty spots while many car parks remain closed hasn't helped matters - the Oldham Chronicle reports that after drivers ignored no parking signs and removed cones to do so, car parks around Dovestone Resovoir have now been reopened today. 

15 May 2020, 13:14
Movistar rumoured to be one of the teams interested in signing Chris Froome, while Ineos dismiss transfer rumours

Although according to Gazzetta dello Sport an Ineos source has claimed any talk of a transfer is fake news, while reportedly admitting that there's a chance he won't be the team's leader when racing resumes.

15 May 2020, 13:03
Nadine Dorries takes break from retweeting doctored videos... to say something half-sensible about cycling

The Tory minister received widespread condemnation for sharing a video from a far-right source making false allegations about Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer; and in her first tweet since, she's said it's time for Britain to "get on our bikes". Cue the inevitable responses... 

15 May 2020, 11:01
Calls for mandatory hospital bike sheds to help prevent thefts
Stolen Bike-FrontWheel - wikimedia commons

After growing instances of theft outside hospital entrances across the UK - described as "disturbing" by Spokes Lothian Cycling Campaign spokesperson David French - his fellow Spokes member Professor Chris Oliver has called for 24-hour secure bike sheds to be made mandatory on all NHS Lothian sites. 

The former surgeon told The Edinburgh Evening News: "It’s very upsetting for doctors and nurses to come back to their bike to discover it’s been systematically vandalised for parts or completely stolen. It should be mandatory that NHS Lothian and Edinburgh University provide secure safe bike parking for staff that need to travel to work by cycle.

"It’s no excuse that poor cycling infrastructure persists, especially with the recent move to more active travel with the pandemic."

A 29-year-old doctor who had her bike stolen by a thief who was shown on CCTV spending 10 minutes to snap her lock in half believes that some criminals are turning to bike theft beause shops are closed. 

Police in Lothian say they are reviewng CCTV of the thefts. 

15 May 2020, 11:18
Anything missing from our list? We're just updating it now after some suggestions from the team, but do let us know about other pop-up schemes in your locale
15 May 2020, 10:04
Bafflement at Cleveland Police saying nail trap thugs could 'potentially' be left with a criminal record
cleveland traps comments 3.PNG
cleveland traps comments 2.PNG
cleveland traps comments 1.PNG

A number of the comments on the Cleveland Police Facebook page have took issue with the warning that offenders could be 'potentially' be left with a criminal record for planting nail traps in wooded areas. Hopefully it will be considerably more than a slap on the wrist for those responsible if they are caught...

15 May 2020, 10:15
Fizik's new Les Classiques Tempo Overcurve R4 pays homage to the cobbled classics
fizik TEMPO OVERCURVE R4 cobbles edition 2020

Not that any of them happened this year, but if you want to honour Paris-Roubaix et al with a pair of 200 quid shoes then you can do so with Fizik's new Les Classiques Tempo Overcurve R4. 

Built around the 'moderately stiff' R4 outsole, they're optimised for tough terrain and the splatter-effect artwork is inspired by the mud, dust, sweat and tears that is  emblematic of cycling’s toughest single-day races. We can't see that they've landed on the Fizik website yet, but when they do they will be priced at £209.99. 

15 May 2020, 09:42
Chris Froome's top indoor training tips

In an interview on Eurosport's 'Lockdown Lowdown' show, Froome says that decent fans, musical or visual distractions and some food within easy reach are the three top things he'd recommend for a better home training experience. Interesting that the four-time Tour champ chose to wear a plain black hoody rather than Team Ineos kit in this video... anything in those rumours, we wonder? 

15 May 2020, 09:33
Jess Varnish appeal hearing set for next week
Jess Varnish at the 2016 UCI Track Cycling World Championships in London (picture credit

The retired GB track cyclist's appeal hearing against a decision made in January 2019 that determined she had not been an employee of British Cycling is set to take place via webinar on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.  

The BBC report that the decision could take ten weeks, and that the three possible outcomes are the original decision is upheld, it's overturned or it's decided another tribunal needs to take place with three judges. If it is overturned, Varnish could then take action against British Cycling for unfair dismissal, based on the allegations of bullying she said took place within the team set-up. 

15 May 2020, 08:23
Cleveland police warn the public to be "cautious" as reports of more nail traps being planted in woods circulate on social media
nails 2.PNG

Earlier this month, images of these shocking traps buried in the woods went viral after a cyclist was forced to call for a lift home when the traps punctured both of his tyres; and it's now reached the sad state of affairs where police are asking the public to be "cautious", because it's believed more have been planted, and will continue to be planted over the weekend. People are also still posting more pictures of traps across social media. 

Cleveland Police also added that anyone caught planting traps will be arrested. The Independent spoke to Mary Lanigan, leader of Redcar and Cleveland District Council, who believes the campaign is most likely the work of warped self-styled 'vigilantes' who take issue with people exercising in rural areas during the pandemic. She said: “This isn’t the work of kids. They started appearing not long after the lockdown so I’m not sure it’s a coincidence but … whoever it is, it is shocking. It is stupid. What they’re doing, it could cause unimaginable injury to someone. It has to stop.”

“People have a right to exercise here. If the people putting these horrific traps think they may be helping in some way, all they will do is add to the pressures on our hospitals.”

Yesterday, police in North Yorkshire said they were interviewing two women who admitted on camera to planting traps when they were confronted by a 17-year-old cyclist. 

15 May 2020, 08:20
Geoff Kabush possibly not a fan of new Lance Armstrong documentary

The XC racer clearly doesn't have much time for the new doc on cycling's most famous fraud... will you be watching it?

15 May 2020, 10:14

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