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Christmas gifts for cyclists: presents for less than £50 – stocking fillers and gifts for under the tree

Check out our great 2020 sub-£50 gift ideas for the cyclist in your life, male or female

Bike pizza cutters are so 2015—don’t be that friend. Your cycling bud already has a kitchen drawer full of them, and maybe even that Campagnolo corkscrew that does the rounds in the lead up to Christmas. Here are our suggestions for gifts priced less than £50, including his and hers options. 

Some fit nicely in a stocking, others make the perfect gift when you land a cyclist in the office secret Santa. Many of the options are high quality practical items that will be useful when riding, while the rest are for your cycling pal to enjoy when the bike ride is over.

Don’t be tempted into trying to find a cheap version of an expensive item. This is particularly true when it comes to Lycra. If you're not a cyclist yourself, you’d be shocked how much we'd expect to pay for a set of decent quality kit. Your recipient will be far happier with high quality item that is a delight to use throughout its life.

Lautapelit Flamme Rouge board game - £39

Flamme Rouge box.jpg

With simple rules, fast-paced gameplay, and capturing some of the tactical complexities of bike racing, this board game is a great option for cyclists who want a break from the cut and thrust of the peloton. It’s suitable for 2–4 players and each game takes around 30 to 45 minutes. Players race to the finish line but moves have to be timed perfectly. Drafting, exhaustion and positioning all need to be considered when going for a win on this indoor racecourse.

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Loffi Adult 2.0 gloves - £35

Loffi Adult 2.0 gloves - back.jpg

With a large, reflective, smiley face on the back of the palm, these gloves are perfect for staying safe when indicating at junctions in the darker days of the year. The padding on the palm also takes the shape of a smiley face, making mid-ride salutations a little more meaningful. These aren’t just a gimmick, though. Our reviewer Steve Williams found them “versatile, effective and extremely comfy cool-weather gloves”, awarding them a score of 8/10.

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Velochef: Food For Adventure - £28


Henrik Orre is an Oslo based chef who worked extensively for Team Sky. In his latest cookbook Henrik takes a step back from the pro peloton and draws inspiration from his bikepacking trips back home in Norway. He details 50 recipes that can be cooked quickly and simply on a camping stove during multiday adventures—and they look pretty tasty too! These dishes needn’t only be enjoyed in the great outdoors; speed and simplicity are qualities often valuable for everyday cooking as well. The recipes are designed to deliver up delicious meals—even when prepared within the four walls of home.

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Fabric Hex Key Set - £19.99

2020 Fabric Hex Key Set 2.jpg

These are a high-quality set of tools that are useful for any home mechanic. The ball ends are a handy inclusion for use on bolts that you can’t access at a dead-on angle, while the extra length provides some helpful leverage for stubborn bolts. The colour coding is a great touch as it makes grabbing the size you need quicker and easier than having to read tiny writing or just succumbing to trial and error.

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Premax Performance Skincare Weather Defence Facial Cream - £21

2020 Premax Performance Skincare Facial Cream Weather Defence

Determined to ride all year road, cyclists are often outside battling the grimmest of British weather. Premax’s exercise-specific cream is ideal as a protective layer when riding through these harsh elements. The natural ingredients are moisturising and can last for hours with no need for reapplication. That said, for particularly long rides the 50ml tube is small enough to be carried along and would be great for touring or bike-packing adventurers.

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Velopac RidePac Lite - £20

2020 Velopac RidePac Lite Blue - phone inside.jpg

The pocket of a cycling jersey isn’t a particularly safe place for a phone. Coins, keys, multitools—all can scratch the screen and thin Lyrca doesn’t provide much protection from the elements or punctured energy gels. The Velopac RidePac Lite provides a stylish way to keep your valuables safe and organised. The outer is made from a waterproof ripstop nylon with the walls padded by a thin foam designed to offer some shock protection.

Inside, there is a main compartment with a middle divider for keeping your phone and other similarly sized items. There’s also a credit card pocket and a zipped section for cash and keys. Simon Smythe’s verdict in his review was that it’s a “good looking, neat and well-priced wallet that looks after your phone and other valuables in style.”

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Meglio Grid Foam Roller - £16.99

2020 Meglio Foam Roller

After blasting it down the lanes, sore muscles are an unfortunate side-effect of having fun on the bike. With a combination of smooth rectangles and knobbly ridges, foam rollers are designed to speed up recovery, increase flexibility and rid muscles of any tight knots. Meglio’s offering delivers on performance at a very reasonable price.

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Rapha Graphic Socks Zig Zag - £15

zig zag

The stylish Graphic socks are available in a triangle design as well as a zig zag pattern. Built to last, the socks feature a reinforced heel cup and toe box and are made with a lightweight nylon blend. This is a high-wicking durable fabric that is designed for use most of the year round, although not suitable for the coolest of winter days.

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Endless Perfect Circles: Lessons from the little-known world of ultradistance cycling - £9.99

2020 Endless perfect Circles Lessons from the little-known world of ultradistance cycling by Ian Walker

This book tells the inspiring story of Ian Walker’s transformation from couch potato to a world record holding ultra-distance cyclist—in his forties! He rode from Europe’s most northern tip in Norway to the very southernmost point in Spain in under 17 days, covering 6,367km (3,956 miles). That’s an average of 377km (234 miles) a day. Plenty of practical tips and advice are included which are valuable for everyone —not just those who plan on cycling across continents!

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Here at we are determined to bring avid cyclists the latest two-wheeled news, authoritative reviews of kit at all price points and impartial buying advice. Subscribers will receive monthly newsletters with behind-the-scenes content and subscriber-only offers. Also part of the package is premium access to our Fantasy Cycling game, where players can select a team of riders to compete in various races over the year. The subscription can be paid for monthly for £1.99 or yearly for £19.99.

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Attack the Pack card game - £15

attack the pack

Taking only 20 minutes per round and small enough to fit in a jersey pocket for café stop fun, this card game is addictive and portable. You are in control of a team of pro cyclists as the Directeur Sportif. Using the strengths and avoiding the weakness of your riders, you attack, defend and support your best rider to take the win.

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Bialetti Moka Express Aluminium Stovetop Coffee Maker (3 Cup) - £31.99

Moka Pot

Coffee has a long and deep affiliation with cycling and shares a particular Italian heritage. In 1933, Alfonso Bialetti and Tullio Campagnolo both founded the companies bearing their names. Alfonso invented this stove-top coffee maker which quickly became an Italian staple for the espresso-like brew it produces. While Tullio, of course, began manufacturing bike components. More recently, the simplicity and size of Moka pots has made them a hit amongst bikepackers too. But beware that the traditional aluminium versions won’t work with induction hobs.

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White Stuff Bicycle Scarf - £32.50

White Stuff Bicycle Scarf


Off the bike it’s nice to have a touch of something that says “I’m a cyclist”, other than shaved legs and lolly-drumstick tan lines. With little orange bicycles, this green knitted scarf is a stylish option for keeping warm. At 180cm it is fairly long and, as it’s made from a cotton, nylon and wool bend, it feels soft against the skin.

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For him: JustMTFU Retrobike T-shirt - £18.49

Retrobike T-shirt


Taking inspiration from 70s Tour and Olympic posters, this retro style t-shirt boasts a stylish design that is available in 10 different background colours—from vibrant reds and yellows to subtle greens and navy blues.

> Buyer's guide: Best cycling t-shirts

Check out the brand’s other retro designs as well as their innovative prints such as Henna tattoo style chainset. Although the fit is for men, it’s still good as a baggier option for women.

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For him: John Lewis & Partners Bike Cufflinks - £20


There may be occasions your cyclist friend takes off the Lycra and has to dress for a more formal affair. Don’t worry if you forgot about this second life they lead… These silver bike cufflinks will add a smart personal touch when Lycra is not allowed.

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For him: Veloskin Traditional Shave Cream - £12

2020 Veloskin Shave Cream

Although viewed by many as a necessary rite of passage, imbuing the partaker with enviable aesthetics and dubious aero gains, you don’t actually have to shave your legs to be a cyclist (but why wouldn’t you?). This versatile rich and moisturising cream is perfect for use on your face as well as your legs. Scents of orange blossom and bergamot are said to evoke the hills of sunny Mallorca.

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For her: ROAR by Stacy Sims - £23.66

ROAR Stacy Sims

“You are not a small man. Stop eating and training like one”, is the motto behind this comprehensive nutrition and performance guide specifically for female athletes. Exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist Dr. Stacy T. Sims covers exercise in relation to the female physiology, with chapters devoted the menstrual cycle, menopause and pregnancy. The book is easy to read and has a good balance between theory and practical ideas for building a strong and healthy fitness base.

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For her: Liv Zorya Women’s Arm Warmers - £22.99


These dazzling arm warmers look stylish but are also highly practical as each sparkle is also reflective detailing, for safer riding in lower light conditions. With a women’s specific cut, the elastic material should provide a snug fit. Arm warmers are a great inclusion to any cycling wardrobe as they are a versatile piece of kit that can help with temperature regulation on changeable rides.

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For her: ChinaCat Crafts Travel Bag - £8.87

Makeup bag

It’s useful having a handy bag for organising and separating items that always get lost in a bigger bag. This does just that, or it can be devoted to being a makeup or wash bag. It has a T-bottom which means it doesn’t fall over and it’s available in two sizes: small (8in x 4.58in x 2.6in) and large (12.29in x 6.93in x 2.88in).

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Of course,  we can't pass up on the opportunity to plug our own merchandise!  It's plastered over our YouTube videos but it's not exclusive to our team. From socks to casual t-shirts to jerseys and bib shorts, there's plenty of merch available in both male and female options, and an annual subscription is just £19.99.

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Anna has been hooked on bikes ever since her youthful beginnings at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit. As an avid road and track racer, she reached the heady heights of a ProCyclingStats profile before leaving for university. Having now completed an MA in Multimedia Journalism, she’s hoping to add some (more successful) results. Although her greatest wish is for the broader acceptance of wearing funky cycling socks over the top of leg warmers.

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