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Sox Scribble Premium Print Sock

The Sox Scribble Premium Print Socks keep your feet cool and very comfortable no matter how long you wear them. They're well made, very resistant to smells and have an interesting design.

The Scribble socks are made from what Sox says is a medium-weight PolyLon36 fabric. It's a great thickness for mild to warm days and very breathable, partly thanks to mesh panels on the top.

The seamless build is extremely comfortable and the fabric's easy stretch means they absolutely stay put, plus at 36g there's not much to pull them down anyway.

That generous stretch also means the lack of sizes – just medium (4-7) or large (8-12) – shouldn't be an issue.

The 16cm-high cuff only doubles over for a centimetre or so at the top, and is flatlock stitched for comfort—it never digs in. The fabric itself can go multiple rides without washing and still have almost no smell, which is great for the comfort of those around you too.

The graphics are printed rather than stitched in, but Sox says they will 'never' fade or wash out. These remained as absurdly good looking as they did a month earlier, at the start of the testing period.

The Sox Scribble Premium Print Socks are very comfortable, pleasingly breathable things to ride with on mild or warm days, and look brilliant.