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Van Rysel releases Flanders lifestyle range with donations going towards cobble renovations

The collection will only be sold in countries within 1083km of Roubaix for environmental reasons…

Van Rysel has launched a lifestyle clothing range for riders to showcase their passion away from the bike while raising funds for restoring sections of France’s cobbled roads, with pavé-themed sweatshirts and t-shirts.

Van Rysel Lifestyle Collection 6

There are two different styles of sweatshirts and t-shirts available: a printed design of the peloton on the ‘secteurs pavés’, as well as subtle embroidered options.

Van Rysel Lifestyle Collection 5

Van Rysel says it will contribute to the renovation of the pavé sectors of the North of France by donating profits to Les Amis de Paris-Roubaix, the charity that looks after all the historic cobbled routes for cyclists.

Van Rysel Lifestyle Collection 3

Made in the Gentle Factory in Roubaix, Van Rysel says the products are sustainable and eco-friendly with fully organic and/or recycled materials used, as well as being made to last.

Van Rysel Lifestyle Collection 8

The collection will only be on sale within 1083km of Roubaix in France, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and Belgium, to limit the CO2 emissions involved in transportation, that figure chosen because it is the largest distance between any two French cities. Van Rysel says that selling within 1083km of Roubaix is like selling in France.

Van Rysel Lifestyle Collection 7

“We want to act eco-friendly. That’s why we do not guarantee availability in complete Europe,” says Van Rysel. 

There are 300 of each sweatshirt style available, which cost £59.99, and 1000 of each t-shirt design priced at £29.99. They're available at

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