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Want to show off speed and power stats on your cycling videos? With this app you can + tech news from Castelli, Factor, Supersapiens, 7Mesh and more

Hottest cycling tech news from Streiv, Fizik, Supersapiens, Classified, Castelli, Factor and more

This week in the cycling tech world, it's been quiet on the breaking stories front - except for those literally breaking Bianchi handlebars - but we've still witnessed quite a bunch of new product launches nevertheless. As usual, we've compiled all the most interesting stories for you here, so dig in and learn all about cycling video apps, new clothing, bike designs and of course, get your weekly Classified update. 

Making data-infused riding videos just got a little easier with Streiv

Screenshot 2023-03-17 at 12.03.42

Streiv is a new app, specifically designed for cyclists who want to record and share their rides without having to invest in expensive cameras or complicated software - and merge their cycling data with video. In essence, Streiv allows you to sync Strava data with video, making it easy to create some compelling content (if you like cycling and data, that is). 

Lucas den Otter, founder of Streiv, said: "Streiv was born out of the desire to create a user-friendly, accessible app that makes it easier to show Strava data on videos."

You can create vertical or horizontal videos, and share them with your pals straight from the app which at the moment is only available for iOS devices. If you need inspiration, above is our very own Jamie cruising away on Lanzarote...  

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Following Kristen Faulkner’s DQ from Strade Bianche for using a glucose monitor, Supersapiens says, “This isn’t about going faster. This is about health.”

After US rider Kristen Faulkner was this week stripped of her Strade Bianche third place for using a glucose monitor, Supersapiens, the manufacturer of the device in question, has urged the UCI to permit their use and said, “This isn’t about going faster. This is about health.”

2022 Supersapiens

Supersapiens claims that its Glucose Monitoring System is the world's only minute-by-minute energy management system.

Supersapiens says, “[We] fully support the importance of following rules in UCI-sanctioned events. However, this is an opportunity to better understand why athletes are choosing to use continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices and the impact this rule is having on athletes, with many riders using it to support their health during training.

“We request that the UCI start to see CGMs and Supersapiens as a tool for athletes to protect their bodies, not as some sort of performance enhancement tool. This isn’t about going faster. This is about health.

"We understand nutrition has a much bigger impact on an athlete than just results and as such we at Supersapiens have been funding, supporting, and driving female-specific research into the association between menstrual cycle phases and glucose level in elite female endurance athletes and will continue to serve them, including cyclists, to better understand and quantify their nutrition strategies for health as well as performance.”

We have a review of the Supersapiens system on the way. To give you a little sneak peek, reviewer Jamie says, “The Supersapiens Glucose Monitoring System has taught me an awful lot about my personal nutrition strategy and I have enjoyed a glitch-free and reliable review period. The price means that it's not for everyone though and even the most serious of athletes may choose to use the subscription-based model sparingly.”

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Would you wear a helmet made with recycled lorry tarpaulin?

British helmet brand HedKayse has released a special edition helmet that features recycled lorry tarpaulin on the outer, so each is one of a kind. It’s a collab with M-24, a brand that makes cycling bags from the material.

2023 HedKayse M-24 helmet - 3

With a limited run of truly unique and individual helmets, each with its own history of scrapes, scuffs and marks and an amazing sustainability message, the M-24 helmet is like no other,” says HedKayse.

> Check out our HedKayse review

The HedKayse M-24 helmet features all of the unique features that Hedkayse is known for: the helmet is one size fits all, is an indestructible ‘helmet for life’, is fold-able and compact for urban living and riding, is made in the UK and has eye-catching styling.”

2023 HedKayse M-24 helmet - 2

One of HedKayse’s selling points is that the liner is designed to pass EN1078 safety tests after multiple impacts.

That lorry tarp, though: does it do it for you? Each helmet costs £150.

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Fizik launches its latest 3D-printed saddle: Vento Argo Adaptive 00

Fizik has officially introduced the latest Vento Argo (that we already saw at Corebike show) to its collection of short-nose saddles in the shape of the top-end Vento Argo Adaptive 00.

2023 Fizik Vento Argo Adaptive 00 - 2

“The 00 is the lightest option in the Argo range, with a lower profile 3D-printed padding combined with an incredibly stiff high-module, full-carbon shell and [9x7mm] rails, all tuned for maximum power transfer, without compromising on comfort,” says Fizik.

> Fizik releases short-nosed 3D-printed Argo Adaptive saddle range starting from £259

Like existing models in the range – and models from other brands – the Vento Argo Adaptive 00 uses 3D-printing technology from Carbon

2023 Fizik Vento Argo Adaptive 00 - 1

“Seamlessly engineered zonal cushioning provides stability and balance at the back of the saddle and soft tissue support at the nose,” says Fizik. “The combination of high-module, full-carbon shell and rails offer maximum stiffness and significantly reduce overall saddle weight compared to the other saddles in the Vento range.”

2023 Fizik Vento Argo Adaptive 00 - 3

Seeing as Fizik has brought it up, the 140mm-wide model weighs a claimed 175g while the 150mm-wide one is 186g. Each is 265mm long.

For comparison, the existing Vento Argo R3 in a 140mm width and the same 265mm length is a claimed 224g.

The Fizik Vento Argo Adaptive 00 is priced at £399.99

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Lake Cycling sets up a UK office

_Lake CX238 Road Shoes

Lake, the well-known cycling shoe brand, has set up a UK office responsible for managing and developing partnerships with UK retailers, the brand's marketing strategy and support for the UK cycling scene.

Leading the new office will be Sales Director, Richard Williams who has over 25 years of experience in the industry. 

Lake Global Director, Christian Van Asten stated that he is "excited and extremely happy to announce Lake UK today, and to continue to grow the U.K. business with Richard and the team, bringing the legendary Lake comfort and performance to even more cyclists."

Earlier this week we reported on distributor Moore Large - who among other brands distributes Lake - entering liquidation, but hopefully, the UK office will ensure that we'll continue to see Lake shoes on the British shelves going forward, too.

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Tempesta Lite takes over as Castelli’s lightest waterproof Gore-Tex jacket

Castelli is introducing a new Tempesta Lite that comes in as “the lightest and most packable fully waterproof Gore-Tex jacket” in its range.

2023 Castelli Tempesta jacket - 1

We told you in December that Gore is retiring its Shakedry fabric, meaning the Castelli’s lightweight Idro is on the way out. 

> Don’t hang around if you want a Gore-Tex Shakedry jacket – the fabric is being retired

2023 Castelli Tempesta jacket - 1 (1)

Instead, in comes the Tempesta Lite jacket (Castelli did a Tempesta years ago but this is a different design) which is made from a Gore-Tex fabric that was used for the Idro Pro 3’s pocket liners. We had a quick look when we visited Saddleback, Castelli’s UK distributor, this week.

2023 Castelli Tempesta jacket - 1 (2)

The lower back is windproof and stretchy Gore-Tex Topo fabric, which was a feature of the Idro.

Castelli claims a weight of 166g for a size M, which is about the same as the Idro.

Price? You’re looking at £350. We’ve requested for review on

Find out more here 

Ekoi releases limited edition Caleb Ewan glasses

Ekoi has released just 100 pairs of the glasses sprinter Caleb Ewan has been wearing since the 2022 Tour de France.

2023 Ekoi Caleb Ewan Premium Edition Limited  glasses - 2

The Caleb Ewan Premium Edition Limited features a grey frame and two lenses: one is a category 3 lens for sunny weather and the other is a photochromic lens that adjusts to the light conditions.

2023 Ekoi Caleb Ewan Premium Edition Limited  glasses - 1

The lenses are vented to avoid fogging while the nose bridge and temple tips are adjustable. The glasses come in a leather case.

They have a claimed weight of 36g.

They're priced £148.37 on Koi’s website.

Find out more here 

Fancy rocking a cheetah-print fork? Factor announces special edition Team Amani Ostro Gravel

2023 Factor Ostro Gravel Team Amani - 1

Factor has unveiled a Team Amani limited edition version of its Ostro Gravel race bike, complete with a cheetah-print fork.

> Find out about Team Amani here 

2023 Factor Ostro Gravel Team Amani - 1 (2)

The words ‘Captain, Friend, Brother’ are written on the top tube as a tribute to Kenyan rider Sule Kangangi who died following a crash at a US gravel race last year

> POC releases limited-edition Team AMANI collection

Factor has pledged 10% of all proceeds from the bike’s sale to a gofundme campaign  that aims to create a permanent home for the team in the Rift Valley, Kenya.

2023 Factor Ostro Gravel Team Amani - 1

The Factor Ostro Gravel Team Amani Limited Edition is built up with either a SRAM Red XPLR/ Sram Force XPLR groupset with a 44T chainring and a 10-44T cassette, or with a SRAM Red/ SRAM Force groupset with a 46/33T chainset and a 10-33T cassette. The price is £5,549.

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Pro makes Vibe Superlight handlebar and stem even lighter

2023 Pro Vibe Superlight handlebar and stem - 1 (1)

Pro announced a few months back that it was making its T1100 Vibe Superlight handlebar (£379.99) and 7075 alloy stem (£159.99) lighter than ever, and we got the chance to cop a feel at last week’s iceBike trade show.

2023 Pro Vibe Superlight handlebar and stem - 2 (1)

The bar is 154g (38cm width) and the stem is 95g (90mm length). Nuts!

Find out more 

Knog unveils new Blinder lights

2023 Kong Blinder iceBike - 1

Speaking of iceBike, Knog showed new Blinder lights which use battery tech said to be similar to Tesla’s for increased runtimes. They're available in 600, 900 and 1,300 lumen models with prices starting at £59.95.

Find out more here 

100% adds new colour options

2023 100% Hypercraft XS pink - 1

100% now offers its Hypercraft eyewear in a bunch of new colour options. This is the XS version (£129.99) in pink.

Find out more here 

7mesh increases merino offering with long-sleeve Ashlu jersey

If you want more wool in your life, 7mesh is introducing a long-sleeve version of its Ashlu jersey.

2023 7mesh Ashlu LS - 1

Tass reviewed the short sleeve women’s version for us and called it a “high quality, classy merino mix top, great for long days in the saddle”.

> Check out our 7Mesh Women’s Ashlu Jersey review 

7mesh says, “Using a unique yarn construction which wraps ultrafine wool fibres around nylon cores, we took the antibacterial and thermoregulation properties that make merino unique and added the performance boost of synthetic stretch and recovery.”

2023 7mesh Ashlu LS - 1 (1)

Like the short-sleeve model, the long-sleeve version is available in both men’s and women’s cuts. It’s £160 and we’ve requested one for review.

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Classified is now compatible with 13-speed Campagnolo Ekar

472845-Classified- Ekar - 11-36-13S-jpg-56ece7-original-1678985408

Well, it would not be a cycling tech feature without a mention of Classified, would it? Hot out the press, we've been informed that the Belgian innovative drivetrain system has introduced a 13-speed cassette (priced €279) to its offerings, meaning that Campagnolo Ekar is now added to the compatibility list. 

If you have somehow managed to miss out on what the Classified Powershift hub is all about, check out our review of the system.

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In case you haven't read them yet - here is all the other tech news of the week: 

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Secret_squirrel | 1 year ago
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Worth noting that Garmins free Virb software can already sync video footage with Strava GPS data and it works with any standard video file such as my Cycliq ones. 

mark1a replied to Secret_squirrel | 1 year ago

Yep, it works really well and many overlay gauges available too.

It's not been updated for years, fingers crossed it stays working.

This is from a trip to the Goodwood circuit a couple of years ago, footage from a GoPro, data from Garmin Edge FIT file.



Sriracha | 1 year ago

Surely the Factor works team bike is a Factory?

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