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Don’t hang around if you want a Gore-Tex Shakedry jacket – the fabric is being retired. Plus tech news from Campagnolo, MET, Kask + more

Find out about the latest feature-packed See.Sense light and an electric bike pump that weighs under 100g

We have a whole load of tech to tell you about this week including an updated titanium bike from Van Nicholas, clothing from Italian brands Campagnolo and Passione, and an electric pump that weighs under 100g, but we’re starting with news that the lightweight and waterproof Gore-Tex Shakedry fabric is on the way out…

Gore retires Gore-Tex Shakedry fabric

If you’re interested in buying a jacket made from Gore-Tex Shakedry fabric, you’d better not hang around too long because it isn’t being produced anymore and brands will only be making new clothing while their current stocks last.

2022 Gore Shakedry - 1

How long will that be? We’re told that brands ordered different quantities knowing fabric production would stop so you’ll see Shakedry technology in different ranges for maybe next season and perhaps even autumn/winter 2023, depending on the amount they’ve stockpiled, so there’s no need for panic-buying just yet. It's just that your options will diminish over time.

Gorewear says, “Gore-Tex Shakedry is and will remain a central part of Gorewear product offering to serve the needs of endurance athletes in all weather conditions. Unfortunately, the Gore-Tex Shakedry technology is no longer offered by Gore Fabrics due to ongoing supply challenges, but we are excited about the Gore-Tex Shakedry technology and therefore did invest into our inventory position last year to ensure we can offer it until the current inventory runs out.”

Gore-Tex Shakedry has been a hugely popular choice since it was introduced in 2016. It’s a membrane used as a single layer; there’s no face fabric on top. This means it’s super-light and packable – jackets can easily fit into a jersey pocket when not in use – while also being breathable and, of course, windproof.

> Read our review of the Gore Race Shakedry jacket 

On the flip side, the lack of a face fabric means there’s less protection from scratches and scrapes so Shakedry’s durability isn’t up there with that of other waterproof materials.

2022 Gore Shakedry - 2

We’ve been told by other brands that this, along with the fact that Shakedry is expensive to make, is behind Gore’s decision to cease production. We’ve contacted Gore for comment, of course, but we’ve yet to receive a response.

Gore almost certainly wouldn’t retire Shakedry unless it had a replacement technology lined up, but we’ve no idea when that might appear.

Find out more here

A sub-100g electric bike pump: could this be a solution to side-of-the-road puncture woes?

CYCPLUS will be crowdfunding a portable, electric bike pump that's said to weigh less than 100g. Watch the video of the CYCPLUS Cube here: 

CUBE says that the maximum pumping pressure is about 100 psi and that it can inflate a 700c x 25mm road bike tyre from 0 - 80 psi in 90 seconds. It is compatible with Presta and Schrader valves and takes 20 minutes to fully charge. 

The Indiegogo campaign hasn't started yet but you can sign up to be the first one to get the early bird price, whatever that turns out to be.

Find out more here

Nine MET helmets receive 5-stars for safety at Virginia Tech

Nine MET helmets assessed on their ability to minimise concussion risk by Virginia Tech in the US have been awarded five out of five stars. All are equipped with Mips.

> All you need to know about MIPS 

2022 MET helmet concussion tests

MET says that Virginia Tech Helmet Lab is "known and trusted throughout the helmet industry and they are 100% independent of any funding or influence from helmet manufacturers." 

The Virginia Tech Helmet Lab gives a rating based on both linear and rotational impact energies, and all helmets were rated a maximum 5 stars. However, it is important to note that no helmet is concussion-proof. The ratings identify the helmets that best reduce the chances of sustaining a concussion. 

2022 MET helmet concussion tests

The helmets tested were the MET Trenta 3K Carbon Mips, MET Trenta Mips, MET Rivale Mips, MET Vinci Mips, MET Allroad Mips, MET Terranova Mips, MET Downtown Mips, MET Miles Mips, Bluegrass Rogue Core Mips. 

Find out more here 

Van Nicholas updates Zephyr Disc endurance road bike 

Van Nicholas has updated its Zephyr Disc endurance road bike, saying that it "has been improved in several key areas to push this already great bike onto new levels of performance excellence." The upgrades are said to increase comfort and rigidity. 


To "add another level of comfort," the frame geometry has been reworked to fit larger volume tyres (up to 35mm).

Van Nicholas have focused on the head tube, bottom bracket and axles to improve overall rigidity, with the biggest difference said to be the head tube. It includes a short section of both the top tube and down tube, "allowing the welding to be located further away from the points of highest stress in that area." 

2022 Van Nicholas Zephyr Disc Titanium Head Tube

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The Zephyr Disc will be available from January 2023 as a complete build or as a frame (including front fork) in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL (48cm, 51cm, 54cm, 57cm and 60cm), priced from €4749 (∼£4080) and €3199 (∼£2740), respectively. 

Find out more here 

Campagnolo presents winter collection inspired by the Dolomites 

Campagnolo's new Croce D'Aune winter clothing collection is said, "to offer everything cyclists need to carry on riding even in the very wettest, coldest months". 

2022 Campagnolo Croce D'Aune Winter Collection Male and Female long sleeve

The collection features the coordinates of the Croce D'Aune mountain pass and is available for both men and women in various colours.

It consists of a  jacket, wind jacket, jersey, winter bib tight and socks. Campagnolo says this clothing is "specifically designed to offer superior technical performance, incorporating water-repellent treatments, thermal bi-stretch fabric and reflective graphic details." 

2022 Campagnolo Croce D'Aune Winter Collection Male and Female coordinates

The jackets, jersey and bib tights are available in six sizes from small to XXXL, and the socks are available in sizes small/medium, large, or XXL. We don't yet have prices.

Find out more here

See.Sense release feature-packed ICON3 bike light 

See.Sense has introduced the ICON3, the third generation of their ICON bike light, "equipped with increased brightness and smarter features." 

"In addition to sensing and reacting to moments of risk on the roads, such as at roundabouts and junctions, ICON3 also comes equipped with a ‘Get me Home Mode’ and ‘Brake Mode’," says See.Sense. "It has also further enhanced visibility by automatically adapting to be brighter in the day with our Adaptive Light Sensing Mode and by using randomised flash patterns to help attract attention in our Super Visibility Mode."

2022 See Sense ICON3 Rear Light

The ICON3 has 575 lumen LEDs in the front light, and 350 lumen LEDs in the rear which is brighter than the ICON2, with 400 lumen LEDs in the front light and 300 lumen LEDs in the rear. The light has four modes and is said to last 15 hours in reactive mode. 

> Check out our review of the previous-generation See.Sense Icon2 

2022 See Sense ICON3 Front Light

Another difference is USB-C charging rather than Micro-USB, and a 'twist and lock' mount "as requested by our community." The ICON3 is said to weigh 50g and See.Sense says it will enable you to be seen up to 3km away. 

> Check out the best front bike lights 2022 

The ICON3 Rear can be purchased on its own for £99.99, or as a front and rear set for £179.99.

Find out more here 

Kask creates the Limelight - an LED for their Urban range helmets 

Kask has debuted the Limelight which is a rear LED light designed to "increase visibility and safety" for anyone cycling in poor lighting conditions in urban areas. 

2022 Kask Limelight LED

The Limelight fits onto any helmet in KASK's Urban range and has five different lighting modes. The battery lasts up to 11 hours and is fully rechargeable using the USB-C cable included. 

> Kask launches three new cycling helmets 

The Limelight is priced at £50 and KASK have also added the Moebius Limelight helmet to the Urban range with a Limelight already equipped, priced at £119. 

Find out more here 

Clif present a mini CLIF Bar

New Clif minis are the same as standard Clif bars but just under half the size, at 28g. Clif says, these are "perfect for those shorter rides, turbo sessions, or quick snacks."  Each bar has ∼110 calories and 4g of plant-based protein. 


These Clif Bar Mini's are available in chocolate chip, crunchy peanut butter and white chocolate macadamia flavours. They can be purchased in individual bars costing £1.19 or as a box of 10 for £11.90.

Find out more here 

La Passione introduces its first Rain Jacket

Italy’s La Passione has introduced what it calls its "first 100 per cent waterproof product" in the shape of its new heat-taped and lightweight Rain Jacket.

2022 La Passione Rain Jacket - 1

“The new jacket is made of an ultra-thin three-layer laminated waterproof mono fabric that is among the lightest on the market,” says La Passione.

The fabric is said to be elastic, anti-fray and equipped with a highly breathable polyurethane membrane. It has a 20,000mm waterproof rating, which is a high level of resistance.

2022 La Passione Rain Jacket - 2

The back panel is cut long to protect against spray and finished with a reflective band,

La Passione’s Rain Jacket is priced at €320 (about £275).

Find out more here 

MUOV TiltBikes launches Crowdcube campaign 

MUOV have launched a Crowdcube campaign for their indoor smart bike which they say is, "reimagining the indoor cycling experience."

They claim the MUOV TiltBikes allow riders, "to balance, steer and lean the bike, accelerate and brake for a more natural feel" and are opening a crowdfunding campaign to add to the £2.1m already raised. 

2022 MUOV TiltBikes Road Bike Lean

The TiltBike is compatible with all the leading training and racing platforms and has an interchangeable frame design to swap between road and TT/triathlon
setups. MUOV says that frame sizing will suit riders from 152cm to 200cm. 

2022 MUOV TiltBikes TT setup

The Crowdcube campaign opened on 21st November for pre-registered users and is open to the public on Monday 28th November. MUOV opened UK pre-orders for MUOV TiltBikes this month.

Find out more here 

Emily is our track and road racing specialist, having represented Great Britain at the World and European Track Championships. With a National Title up her sleeve, Emily has just completed her Master’s in Sports Psychology at Loughborough University where she raced for Elite Development Team, Loughborough Lightning.

Emily is our go-to for all things training and when not riding or racing bikes, you can find her online shopping or booking flights…the rest of the office is now considering painting their nails to see if that’s the secret to going fast…

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Sriracha | 9 months ago
1 like

Nearly one year on, Gore's own website still has the shakedry jackets for sale.

Miller | 1 year ago

Cyclingnews reports that there's a lot more to know about why Goretex is retiring Shakedry:

"Shakedry is going away because the world - not only Gore Fabrics - is moving away from fluorinated polymers. It's not just affecting Shakedry, it's affecting ski waxes, cosmetics, car tyres, smartphone screens, and almost every aspect of modern society."

bobrayner | 1 year ago

We all love to gripe about products, but I just want to say that 7mesh Shakedry jackets are amazing. I took a little risk on mine (Everyone else in the UK seems to be wearing Castelli) and the 7mesh jacket is perfect. Sleek, super lightweight, keeps the weather out, packs down small. Yay 7mesh. Buy them while you can.

Christopher TR1 replied to bobrayner | 1 year ago

I'll second that! Although I did tape up the slits on the rear; they are there to provide access to your jersey pockets but I found they let the rain in during really heavy downpours.

richliv replied to bobrayner | 1 year ago

I own one and it's a huge improvement on my prior boil in the bag waterproof. Even discounted it was expensive though. Hopefully it'll last a long time...

Global Nomad | 1 year ago
1 like

Have been enjoying Clif bars for a few years but wish they were easier to open when out on a ride....

IanGlasgow | 1 year ago

See.Sense: a 'twist and lock' mount "as requested by our community."

My Icon2 fell off several times. The last time I was unaware until I got home and found it missing.
See.Sense assured me that no other user had ever experienced a similar issue and sent me some videos of their products not falling off.
See.Sense offered me a small discount on a replacement light (the cost would have been more than I paid for the original via Kickstarter).
I later found several reviews on Trustpilot from See.Sense customers complaining their lights fell off (some dated before my complaint).
Now they finally acknowledge that their fitting is/was inadequate and customers requested a better design.
I get that sometimes companies make mistakes. Lying/gaslighting is beyond a mistake. I wouldn't buy another of their products.

fenix replied to IanGlasgow | 1 year ago
1 like

I've had the icon lights since the Kickstarter. I use them on every ride and not had an issue. Most rides have multiple cattlegrids and still no problem.

If you click them in they're rock solid. Have you seen the video of the bike with them on being thrown off the top of their building ?

By comparison I have had a lot of other lights fall off.
Pifco, Eveready and Cateye I'm looking at you.

At least the Cateye Holy Hand Grenade survived being launched off on a fast descent.

IanGlasgow replied to fenix | 1 year ago

Yes, I have seen the footage of them throwing a bike off the top of their building. They sent me that when I complained that my Icon2 had fallen off repeatedly - along with their lie that no other users had ever experienced an issue.
I've never had any other brand of light fall off (I too have owned Everready, Cateye, as well as Cycliq and some no-name own brand lights).

I also have an Ace and have had no issues with that falling off - it did stop working (apparently a common issue with the Ace) but they replaced it under warranty which was a much better customer service experience.
The Ace was relegated to spare light duty but it turned out to be unsuitable for that because the Bluetooth is always on and runs the battery down.

AlsoSomniloquism replied to IanGlasgow | 1 year ago

Touch wood, I have never had the light shake loose from the frame mount, although I always give it a good tug after hearing the click as sometimes it has been false. However I did lose it one off the back when using their supplied saddle bag clip. The whole clip came off the bike, not just the light. Luckily it was one supplied as part of the RoSPA Birmingham study so got a replacement sent out via them which was nice. 

I also lost a bontrager light in a similar way when the whole mounting came away from the mudguard. ('m left with two small holes there now.).

Sriracha replied to IanGlasgow | 1 year ago

As an existing Icon 2 customer, I supported them on their latest Indiegogo funding for the Icon 3, pitching in for two lights. So I was very much part of their "community" that voted for the twist-lock mount and USB-C charging.

When the inevitable delivery delays started to extend into the unknown I asked a question about the likely realistic delivery date. Rather than answer, they summarily kicked me off and refunded me, and refused to acknowledge any further communication from me. Gaslighting, ghosting, it's all in their playbook. Wouldn't touch them with a bargepole now.

Xenophon2 replied to IanGlasgow | 1 year ago

Well, they're bloody liars if they say they were never contacted about this issue because the same thing happened to me.  Three times.  I noticed twice and recuperated the light (had heard it clattering on the pavement).  The third time I arrived at the office to find that it had gone.  I did contact them about the issue, never received a reply.

No complaints about the rear light at all but the mounting system was simply crap.  The front light I found all but useless except as a light 'to be seen'.  If you actually need to see where you're going then this is not for you.

I also own their Beam front light that has a very good mount.  Am happy with it and that one provides plenty of light output but if the 'adaptive mode' actually helps conserve power I don't know, can't say there's a discernible difference.

I'm a bit 'meh' about their products.  You pay comparatively a lot vs the other bike lights.  The 'connected' feature is disabled, I don't want to pay for a product that subsequently enables its maker to sell my ride data.


Oldfatgit replied to IanGlasgow | 1 year ago

Apart from as a money spinner, I can't understand why manufacturers of expensive - or safety critical - kit, don't either supply a tether or provide tether holes.

Better to have it swinging in the breeze and still have it, than it smashed on the floor behind you ..

ktache replied to Oldfatgit | 1 year ago

My Exposure Axis came with a lanyard, and it has saved it a few times, low branches. I should have added something for the micro red eye I attached to it, and of course I lost that quite quickly. Made a lanyard for the full size red eye.

Lost a few bag lights when just using the clips, went I upgraded to one costing more I attached it more securely using a bit of thin bungee.

A few cateye rears were lost, the little plastic tab would wear, I would notice, think I should do something about that, and then it would go. Started to use elastic bands after a few. And the tab would eventually break. More before internet when you were limited to whatever the bike shop may have had.

Hope's bayonet attachments are a work of engineering genius, but you have to pay for it when having several bikes.

IanGlasgow replied to Oldfatgit | 1 year ago

Cycliq lights come with a lanyard. Understandable because they are quite heavy (especially the older models) and expensive.

Secret_squirrel replied to IanGlasgow | 1 year ago

IanGlasgow wrote:

Cycliq lights come with a lanyard. Understandable because they are quite heavy (especially the older models) and expensive.

I lanyard everything I can these days.  FUGLY but better fugly than lying in a lane 20m away.

grumpus replied to Oldfatgit | 1 year ago
1 like

"Better to have it swinging in the breeze" ... until it swings into your spokes.

notMyRealName replied to IanGlasgow | 1 year ago

I've never bought a See.Sense light, but I had an Icon2 for a while and can attest to the insufficiency of the mounting mechanism --- I found it on a ride once (it had obviously fallen off someone else's bike). I gave it a good home and used it for about a year or so until eventually it went free range again. 

More lights and bike computers should have tethers. 

Awavey replied to IanGlasgow | 1 year ago
1 like

Well touchwood never had an issue with the Icon2 mounts, and had them since kickstarter, battery life isnt so great thesedays and the Android app was always useless, but theyve stayed in the clips and the bike. I did once have a Cateye light that made a leap for freedom, but the See.sense lights never felt heavy enough for that to be an issue.

I would say they are absolutely only lights to let others see you are there, I tried to ride home once with them in the dark on a bunch of unlit country roads and they just werent bright enough,fortunately I could use my Cycliq (now those mounts I have had issues with) light instead.

IanEdward | 1 year ago

Phew! Between the cat clawing at it and the local builders erecting dangerously shoddy wire fencing, I now have one thrice repaired Shakedry jacket and one replacement Shakedry paid for by said builders.

Consider me stockpiled!

fenix replied to IanEdward | 1 year ago
1 like

Mine is safely stored away in my bar bag well away from the cat who did puncture my GP4000s one night.

They're so good but so delicate that you'd not risk it if you're going off-road or anything similar.

Christopher TR1 replied to fenix | 1 year ago
  • fenix wrote:

    the cat who did puncture my GP4000s one .

     Are you sure that's a cat?!

Secret_squirrel replied to fenix | 1 year ago

fenix wrote:

They're so good but so delicate that you'd not risk it if you're going off-road or anything similar.

I took mine gravelling once.  After the 3rd branch slap I was a sobbing mess and took it off and got wet instead.  The jacket was unmarked tbf - I just couldnt stand the will it/wont it tension.  Use my old Proviz commuter jacket now.  Find the stop/start of gravel is less boil in bag than constant road leg churn.

Secret_squirrel | 1 year ago

Hey Specialized you should give Van Nicolas a ring to find out how they make extended head tube welds non-fugly. 

kil0ran replied to Secret_squirrel | 1 year ago

They look similar to the Domane's power bulge/corona glandis

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