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Yes, Pinarello’s new Nytro really is electric. Road and gravel range includes “the lightest pedal-assisted, mid-drive bike on the market”

Stealthy new range uses TQ’s HPR50 motor to provide up to 300 watts of silent power. Would you be tempted to make the switch?

Pinarello has introduced a new Nytro E range of electric bikes that includes the Nytro E9 which it says is the lightest pedal-assisted mid-drive bike on the market, coming in at a claimed 11.4kg (25lb).

Pinarello is offering:

  • Nytro E-Road - available in two different frame options and three different builds.
  • Nytro E-Gravel - available in two different frame options and three different builds.
  • Nytro E-All Road - available in a single frame and build.
2023 Pinarello Nytro E-Gravel - 1 (2).jpeg

The Nytro E-All Road is a flat bar bike while the Nytro E-Road and the Nytro E-Gravel have dropped handlebars. These two are certainly at the sportier end of the spectrum – "high-performance e-bikes", as Pinarello describes them. They’re designed to be sports-type bikes with electric assistance rather than A-to-B urban e-bikes.

2023 Pinarello Nytro E-Road - 4.jpeg

“Offering a true pedalling experience, the Nytro E feels just like cycling always has, but on the fittest day of your life,” says Pinarello. “It’s you, but with 300W more power in your legs.”

Pinarello uses the new TQ-HPR50 motor (HPQ stands for Harmonic Pin Ring) which we’ve seen specced by the likes of Trek and BMC in recent months. 

2023 Pinarello Nytro E-Gravel - 2.jpeg

The TQ-HPR50 motor, developed and assembled in Germany, is said to deliver up to 50 Nm of torque and up to 300 watts of power at a weight of just 1,850g. The 360Wh battery – which is said to charge in two to three hours – and integrated 50mm (2in) display take the weight up to 3,900g.

Pinarello says, “Combined with the motor’s extreme silence, the Nytro E can provide support when you need it most, even on the steepest climbs, without giving the sensation of an unnatural push.”

2023 Pinarello Nytro E-Gravel - 1.jpeg

You get three riding modes, customisable via an app. You can set the max power and assist levels to extend the range, for instance. Speaking of the range, you’re looking at up to 100km (62 miles), or 140km (87 miles) with a range extender.

“Not only is it the lightest e-bike system in its class, its compact size means that it fits discreetly into the frame and provides a Q-factor [the horizontal distance between the outer faces of the crank arms where the pedals attach] of 135mm, giving the same naturally efficient pedal stroke as an analogue bike,” says Pinarello.

2023 Pinarello Nytro E-Road - 5.jpeg

The Nytro E-Road and Nytro E-Gravel have distinctly Pinarello-esque appearances. They look a lot like the top-level Dogma F and the new F and X models that we told you about last month.

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The Italian brand says that the e-bikes share many of the aero features of their conventionally powered siblings.

2023 Pinarello Nytro E-Gravel - 5.jpeg

Pinarello says, “The head tube, down tube, and rear stays have been designed to obtain maximum aerodynamic performance. And with Pinarello’s TiCr [an internal cable routing system that uses a 1.5in upper bearing], every cable is integrated into the handlebars to maximise the reduction of drag coefficient and provide a cleaner design.”

2023 Pinarello Nytro E-Road - 3.jpeg

The Nytro E features a new seatpost clamp that is housed completely within the frame. Pinarello says that this saves weight (36g) and improves aerodynamics.

The Nytro E-Road frame is fitted with the same aero-profiled seatpost as the Dogma F seatpost, while the E-Gravel models use a 31.6mm round seatpost, the idea being to allow for compatibility with dropper posts available aftermarket.

2023 Pinarello Nytro E-Gravel - 3.jpeg

Despite all the chat about aerodynamics, Pinarello doesn’t make any specific aero claims for these models.

The Nytro E frames are built to Pinarello’s usual asymmetric design principles “with the left side structured to compensate for the greater force exerted by the drive on the right side”.

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Road models will take tyres up to 32mm wide – which is pretty generous for a road bike – while the gravel models can handle tyres up to 700c x 50mm. The Nytro E-Gravel comes with eyelets for mudguards and a rear rack.

2023 Pinarello Nytro E-Gravel - 4.jpeg

In terms of frame material, it’s Toray carbon fibre all the way. Pinarello uses T900 for the higher level E9 and E7 models, and T700 for its E5 bikes. It says that T900 provides “the ultimate in terms of stiffness and vibration absorption” while T700 offers “the perfect balance between performance and bump absorption”.

Pinarello claims frame weights of 1,130g for the raw Nytro E-Road T900 frame and 1,250g for the equivalent Nytro E-Gravel model. The claimed fork weights are 440g and 460g.

2023 Pinarello Nytro E-All Road - 1.jpeg

The final bike in the lineup is the Pinarello Nytro E-All Road which shares a frame with the E5 version of the Nytro E-Gravel. However, it comes with a flat handlebar, a Shimano Deore groupset, lights, and mudguards.

“This is a bike designed to be pedalled every day, whether it’s to the office or on a wonderful adventure at the weekend,” says Pinarello.


As you’d expect, the Nytro E-Road and Nytro E-Gravel are built to different geometries.

“We have kept the responsiveness that characterises our racing frames and merged it with a more comfortable riding position,” says Pinarello about the Nytro E-Road.

2023 Pinarello Nytro E-Road geometry - 1.jpeg

The 535mm model with a 56cm effective top tube, for example, has a stack height of 586.2 and a reach of 384.2mm. That suggests a relaxed position by road bike standards.

2023 Pinarello Nytro E-Gravel geometry - 1.jpeg

Pinarello says that the Nytro E-Gravel’s geometry “is still exciting on tarmac, but allows cyclists to explore off-road and enjoy long-distance rides”. Not surprisingly, the reach is shorter and the stack height is taller than on Pinarello’s competition-focused Grevil gravel bike

The Pinarello Nytro E-All Road is built to the same geometry as the Nytro E-Gravel but it comes with a flat handlebar.


The Pinarello Nytro E-Road is available in three different Shimano-based builds while the Pinarello Nytro E-Gravel comes in three SRAM flavours.

Pinarello says that the top-level Pinarello Nytro E-Road E9 is “the lightest pedal-assisted, mid-drive bike on the market”, coming in at a claimed 11.4kg.

Pinarello Nytro E-Road E9 (No UK price available)
Frame Toray T900
Groupset Shimano Dura-Ace Di2
Wheels Princeton Grit 4540 DB HG11

Pinarello Nytro E-Road E7 £8,700
Frame Toray T900
Groupset Shimano Ultegra Di2
Wheels Most Ultrafast Carbon DB HG11

Pinarello Nytro E-Road E5 £7,500
Frame Toray T700
Groupset Shimano 105 Di2
Wheels Fulcrum Racing 800 DB

Nytro E-Gravel E9 (No UK price available)
Frame Toray T900
Groupset SRAM Red eTap AXS
Wheels Princeton Grit 4540 DB HG11

Nytro E-Gravel E7 £7,900
Frame Toray T900
Groupset SRAM Force AXS
Wheels Fulcrum Rapid Red 500 700C DB 2WF-R C23 AFS XDR

Nytro E-Gravel E5 £6,900
Frame Toray T700
Groupset SRAM Rival eTap AXS
Wheels Fulcrum Rapid Red 900 2WF-R C22 AFS DB XDR

Pinarello Nytro E-All Road (No UK price available)
Frame Toray T700
Groupset Shimano Deore
Wheels Shimano WH-RS171-700C DB

Get more info at Pinarello’s website

Mat has been in cycling media since 1996, on titles including BikeRadar, Total Bike, Total Mountain Bike, What Mountain Bike and Mountain Biking UK, and he has been editor of 220 Triathlon and Cycling Plus. Mat has been technical editor for over a decade, testing bikes, fettling the latest kit, and trying out the most up-to-the-minute clothing. He has won his category in Ironman UK 70.3 and finished on the podium in both marathons he has run. Mat is a Cambridge graduate who did a post-grad in magazine journalism, and he is a winner of the Cycling Media Award for Specialist Online Writer. Now over 50, he's riding road and gravel bikes most days for fun and fitness rather than training for competitions.

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ubercurmudgeon | 1 year ago

The TQ HPR50 motor is so small that is must be rattling around inside that huge bottom bracket area. I suppose it is some kind of inflection point that Pinarello's wonky/aero aesthetic means that, for the first time, an e-bike looks no chunkier than its non-assisted counterpart.

Oldfatgit | 1 year ago
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What's with all the Hotblack Desiato, SunShip style photography?

Surely the idea of an image is to show what a product looks like ... Black, on black, with a cool black background and low-key spotlighted, hinted highlights might look cool - but only give a *suggestion* of the product, and not the *detail*.

jaysa | 1 year ago

" ... you’re looking at up to ... 140km (87mph)"

That will be quite the boss ...

Mat Brett replied to jaysa | 1 year ago

Updated. Ta.

kil0ran | 1 year ago

Frame looks like it's been pre-crashed, so that's a no from me

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