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Bicycle Thieves appeal after bike stolen

The irony meter has gone through the roof following the news that the lead guitarist of the band Mark Sharp & the Bicycle Thieves has indeed had his bicycle stolen

The obvious thing to say is that you couldn't make it up - but with over 500,000 bikes stolen every year in the UK according to Police Scotland, the likelihood of your bike getting pinched at Bathgate Train station in West Lothian is probably quite high. Even if you are a member of a band called Mark Sharp & The Bicycle Thieves... 

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A statement was posted to the band's Twitter and Instagram pages today to say that their guitarist Cameron Mckay was the victim of the crime, signing it off from 'Mark Sharp & the Bicycle Victims'. They also said that the bike was "very similar" to the Scott mountain bike pictured above, and offered free gig tickets and merchandise to anyone who could help Mr Mckay get it back.   

The full post says: "Well you couldn’t make this up… we’ve tasted our own medicine and it is bitter!!

"Unfortunately one of The Bicycle Thieves has had their bicycle stolen.

"Cammy’s bike was taken from Bathgate Train Station on Monday (9th Aug) - It looks very similar to the photo attached.

"If anyone can help us with information to find the bike and have it safely returned to the wee fella then we’ll sort guestlist for upcoming shows and free merch as a thank you - please share" 

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Described as "the latest product from a thriving West Lothian music scene" on their website, the five-piece band say they started 2020 with a sold out UK tour, and have also supported the multiple Brit Award-winning singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi. The origin of the band name isn't explained, though we think it might have something to do with an Italian masterpiece that appears on our bumper list of the best cycling films...

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STiG911 | 2 years ago

Sorry (Not sorry) about the pendantry here, but when are people going to stop using shit grammar?

He hasn't 'had his bike stolen' his 'bike HAS BEEN stolen' - if he'd actually had it stolen, that'd be fraud.

And breathe.

Allen Key replied to STiG911 | 2 years ago

At first I didn't really see the problem, but then I understood - and also is there a micro-hint of victim-blaming in there? Either that, or he "had his bike stolen" to order  1

Zjtm231 | 2 years ago

Fairs fair I suppose?

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