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Evans’ U-turn on above-RRP turbo prices; BoJo is watching YOU on Strava; Pro cyclist’s Strava art – Ride alone or Stay home; Bike Project's free virtual lessons for front-line workers; NHS 'only accepted volunteers who drive'; Towpath advice + more

Wednesday's live blog is served to you by Jack Sexty this morning and through the afternoon, with Simon MacMichael rustling up your evening course later on...


25 March 2020, 20:37
25 March 2020, 20:35
Ride alone or stay home - Pro cyclist's Strava art

Lotto-Soudal’s Joris Nieuwenhuis has used a training ride in and around his home village of Zelhem in the eastern Netherlands to send essential advice to fellow cyclists via Strava.

Stay Home.PNG

Under the heading ‘Ride alone or’ his 27.1 kilometre ride sketches out the word’s ‘Stay home’ on the social network for athletes.

It’s perhaps not the most intricate piece of Strava art we’ve seen, but in these unprecedented times it’s certainly one that conveys an important meaning.

25 March 2020, 19:00
Limit use of towpaths and avoid sections with moored boats, says Canal & River Trust

The Canal & River Trust, which manages 2,000 miles of waterways in England & Wales, is advising people to limit their use of towpaths and to avoid sections where boats are moored as part of its latest guidance to try and limit the spread of coronavirus.

Here’s the brief guidance as set out on posters now being displayed on posters following the government’s latest restrictions.

25 March 2020, 17:39
In the Rut Volume 2 - CX Worlds film by Cameron Mason

After taking an excellent 8th place in the U23 Men's race the day before, Trinity Racing's Cameron Mason captured what would become the best performance by a British Male Elite rider at the World Cyclocross Championships.

Cameron's team mate, British National Champion Tom Pidcock, caused the shock of this race, blasting away from a group of Belgians to take silver. No one could match pre-race favourite Van der Poel though, who finished a staggering 1minute 20 seconds clear of the field.

Above all, there is some excellent footage here and it's well-worth a watch if you're missing racing.

25 March 2020, 16:54
Evans' above-RRP trainer pricing amid sales surge Kickr'ed into touch following backlash

So, you may have first spotted on our live blog yesterday morning and then in our full story later on that Evans Cycles were accused of 'taking cyclists for a ride' somewhat, by appearing to inflate the prices of their range of trainers way above the recommended retail prices; for example, a Wahoo Kickr was up to £1,150 from £999.99, and a Saris H3 was up to £976 from £849.99. We waited for a response from Evans and didn't get one... well perhaps we did, but we had to go to their website to get it... 

evans turbo pricing 25 March.PNG


...because it appears if by magic, the prices have now come right back down to the RRP again! That said, many are sold out after cyclists rush to get training indoors due to the latest government restrictions, with the Wahoo Kickr not due back in stock until 15th April at Evans, according to their website. 

If you do now want to browse indoor trainers priced at RRP or below at Evans Cycles, you can do so here

25 March 2020, 17:08
Do you wanna play a game? Play our cyclist's isolation game
roadcc social distancing game 2020

That's right, simply take your birth month and birth day and you'll be faced with a gloriously silly scenario that you will be sharing with a cyclist or famous cycling enthusiast. Have fun, I'm off to have a post-(Zwift)race piss-up with Jeremy Corbyn... 

25 March 2020, 16:47
Reports that Indian workers forced to ride 1000km home as country enters total lockdown


25 March 2020, 15:52
The Bike Project offering free Dr Bike virtual maintenance sessions for front-line workers
the bike project mechanic - via the bike project on facebook

As well as continuing to offer bikes to refugees by raising funds to deliver them by van during the pandemic (see further down the page) the Bike Project are also offering up their Dr Bike virtual maintenance lessons for free to front-line workers. 

An example the Bike Project give is Katie - an ICU nurse from London - who has started cycling to work to avoid public transport during the pandemic. 

CEO and founder of the Bike Project Jem Stein said: 

“The Bike Project have seen a huge increase in sales over the past few weeks and March has already smashed our previous record for total sales in one month. We at The Bike Project realise how crucial bikes can be for everyone during this difficult time. Cycling can help you to exercise, get access to vital supplies such as food and medication, and to avoid public transport if you still need to work.

"From today, we are launching Virtual Dr Bike sessions to help teach people basic bike maintenance and repair to ensure your bikes are kept in tip-top condition during the outbreak. These will be one-to-one sessions delivered by our team of experienced mechanics. We are offering free Virtual Dr Bike sessions to all NHS staff to keep our fantastic front-line workers safe and mobile during this time."

You can find out more and sign up for the lessons here, and you can donate a tenner to the Bike Project's cause here

25 March 2020, 15:27
Our Shimano mega comp courtesy of Freewheel is open for entries until Monday... don't miss out!
25 March 2020, 15:05
#MindtheGap, say London Cycling Campaign

As we spotted in Regent's Park earlier this week, the vast majority of cyclists are respecting the rules and staying well clear of each other; and the London Cycling Campaign have also noted the big behavioural changes made by cyclists in London's Royal Parks. 

See our guide to riding responsibly in the pandemic, updated to reflect the latest government measures, for more details. 

25 March 2020, 14:56
Sufferfest indoor training plans  - 6
The Sufferfest releases lockdown training plans

The Sufferfest training platform – which is part of Wahoo Fitness – has released new training plans designed especially for those who are staying inside due to coronavirus, and new users are offered a free month-long subscription.

Get all the details here.

25 March 2020, 13:53
NHS only accepting emergency workers who can drive, claims potential volunteer

Last night, Brenda Puech tweeted to say that it wasn't possible to put 'bike' as a mode of transport option. The NHS Volunteer Responders page says that those without 'access to transport' would only be offered telephone support roles; some commented back to say they could be plenty of use with their bikes equipped with racks and panniers, and full cargo bikes... 

We're told that the site has now been updated to include 'push bike' as a mode of transport, and are waiting for clarification; either way if you think you can help as an emergency responder, here's that link again

25 March 2020, 09:57
Mysterious Boris Johnson Strava account praising athletes for working out indoors and reiterates social distancing rules
strava boris johnson account.PNG

First the government sent us all a text, now they're dipping into our Strava accounts... some runners and cyclists on social media are reporting that they've received comments on their Strava uploads from a mysterious account that supposedly belongs to Boris Johnson, reminding them that they are limited to one form of exercise a day and praising those who exercise indoors...

strava boris johnson account 1.PNG

The account has just shy of 60 followers so far and has uploaded a number of activities, including 'Self isolation run' and 'Easy treadmill run after a stressful day fighting Covid-19'. Other comments have been spotted than remind athletes that they've used up their remaining exercise for the day, and that 'one run a day keeps Corona away'. 

strava boris johnson account 4.PNG
strava boris johnson account 3.PNG

While we're almost 100% certain this account isn't actually the work of the PM, it might not be beyond the realms of possibility for authorities to use check in on Strava accounts; at the weekend Sticky Bottle reported that the French police were using Strava to catch cyclists training outdoors after their restrictions placed a ban on cycling outright.  

Have you got a comment from Boris? Do let us know and we can try to put this mystery to bed... in the meantime, make sure you do stick to the government advice which allows you to go for one ride a day outside, either solo or with a person from your own household - read our updated guide for more advice. 

25 March 2020, 13:41
The bike industry brands altering production to help during Coronavirus crisis
Pandemic header have rounded up some bike industry brands who are switching production from their normal products to the manufacture of components for ventilators, making of face masks or the production of hand sanitiser gel. Read more here


25 March 2020, 13:34
The 2019/20 Cyclocross Photo Album is now available to pre-order
cyclephotos cyclocross album preview - via cyclephotos.co_.uk_.PNG

As the author says, these are strange times... and if you want to recap the most recent cyclocross season and support a photography business that is undoubtedly facing uncertain times, then you can pre-order the Cyclocross Album now for delivery in just over six weeks' time. It also includes three feature articles in amongst the 192 pages of glossy muddy goodness, and you can opt to have a name printed inside if it's for a gift - you can pre-order here

25 March 2020, 13:18
Scicon selling range of coronavirus protection gear
scicon covid-19 protection gear.PNG

When Italian bike gear specialists Scicon moved from making bike boxes and storage solutions to eyewear and clothing, it came as a bit of a surprise... and due to current events, no one could predict what they'd be using thir expertise to make next. 

Their selection of products made as a response to the outbreak of coronavirus around the world includes a reusable unisex face mask, and three different types of face protection mask kits; the latter comes in packs of five masks with one set of eyewear for 150 euros, while the masks can be purchased in a separate pack of five for 39 euros - see your buying options here

Alternatively, a number of bike brands are transforming their manufacturing plants to make hand sanitiser and face masks, some charitably and/or selling the products at cost in bulk as medical supplies - see the round-up on here

25 March 2020, 12:47 Mat makes Rapha's favourite feature films round-up
Picture 14_2

A long long time ago, back when we could go for a ride together, our tech editor Mat Brett conquered Rapha's 1910 Tour de France Challenge - and now it's made Rapha's round-up of their top films from their sizeable archive! See the full list here and watch the video below... 

25 March 2020, 11:49
Petition launched calling for Halfords to stay closed... but others disagree
halfords petition change org.PNG

The petition is titled "Halfords putting colleagues life at risk by re-opening on Thursday 26th March. The shops are not safe", and has over 2,800 signatures and counting so far. The author claims that it is "absolutely shocking and unsafe" that Halfords are classed as an essential retailer, and accuses them of not providing hand sanitisers or safety equipment to protect staff from the spread of COVID-19; however not everyone agrees, with numerous people on Twitter disagreeing with the hashtag #BoycottHalfords... 

Halfords have just shared a statement with defending themselves for staying open as an essential retailer, and have provided details of how they claim they are keeping their staff safe - we'll have a full story on this soon. 

25 March 2020, 11:02
Phil Liggett commentates going out to get the mail during the pandemic

In case you didn't know Mr Liggett was a bit of a legend, he responded to the call to commentate someone's life with much aplomb. 

25 March 2020, 10:35
Are you doing Joe Wicks' daily PE lesson? You should! Here's why...
25 March 2020, 10:12
SRAM launches AXS Web ride analysis tool

SRAM has officially introduced AXS Web, a web tool designed to allow riders who use data-enabled devices – including power meters, tyre pressure sensors and electronic shifting – to collect and display ride info uploaded through Garmin head units. Compatibility with Wahoo devices is on the way. AXS Web was previously in beta development.

2020 SRAM AXS Web - sprocket time.jpg

Get the full story here.

25 March 2020, 10:06
Deceuninck–Quick-Step's Tour of Colombia, part 2

It seems like a lifetime ago that bike racing was normal, but the Wolfpack have let us in behind the scenes of their Tour of Colombia last month. You can also check out part 1 here

25 March 2020, 09:27
With no cycling to talk about, Matt Stephens has taken to reviewing soup

French-influenced soup in this episode of course, in the form of Baxter's French Onion delivered outside the Eurosport presenter's door. While commenting that it's a little on the thin side, Stephens says the flavour is "absolutely amazing"... Sacré bleu!

25 March 2020, 09:18
"We believe that refugees and asylum seekers need bikes now more than ever": The Bike Project launch emergency appeal
the bike project logo

The Bike Project have been forced to close their doors like many other businesses and non-profits due to the COVID-19 measures; and rather than asking refugees to risk their health travelling on public transport to their workshop, they are now looking to get bikes delivered to those who need them most via a van courier: 

"We believe that refugees and asylum seekers need bikes now more than ever.

"But with official guidance in place to avoid gatherings, we have taken the decision to close our doors for the time being.

"Instead of asking refugees to risk their health on public transport while travelling to our workshop, we're taking bikes out to them.

"This costs money, of course, and we're asking all our supporters to dig deep during this extraordinary time."

The Bike Project are appealing for £10 one-off donations to fund a van hire to deliver a bike, while a £100 donation is enough to get a bike completely restored and delivered to the person in need of one - head over to the info page on their website for more info. 

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