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Is this the worst maintained cycle path in the UK?; Bikes 'n' guns 'n' drugs; Emergency bike bodges; Froome to leave Ineos; Emma Pooley sets new everesting record; Geraint Thomas's cycling impressions + more

Today's live blog with Alex Bowden (daytime) and Simon MacMichael (evening)...
09 July 2020, 16:14
Iwind – the world's first personal cycling air filter

Well this is, um....

Let’s just say it’s one of those Kickstarter campaigns and leave it at that, shall we?

“The essence of Iwind is optimum comfort and maximum efficiency. It sucks in the impure air around you, purifies it, and supplies fresh air back to the nose cone through the air duct.”

In the words of our editor: breathtaking.

09 July 2020, 15:37
Is this the worst maintained cycle path in the UK?

Essex County Council reportedly says that this stretch doesn’t need any repairs.

But is it the worst cycle path in the UK?

If we were to mix all the replies to this tweet together and boil them down to their essence, it would be something like, “Well that’s absolutely terrible but no, it isn’t even close to being the worst cycle path in the UK – let me tell you about this one path near me…”

09 July 2020, 15:23
Cycling is ‘great to blow the cobwebs away’ says Middlesbrough manager Neil Warnock

Neil Warnock was spotted out on his bike the other day.

"Yes, that was me,” he told Teesside Live. “The lads went past in a car and pointed a camera at me and shouted 'hello'.

"It's not a club bike. I’ve had to pay for it if I’m honest. I had to pay for the hire of it. You'd think I get it sponsored at my age. It was an electric bike – I need that for the hills.”

It sounds like Warnock cycles for his mental health as much as his physical health.

"I did about 38km yesterday and I really enjoyed it,” he said. “You can get suffocated if you're not careful and the problems become gigantic so you’ve got to just calm down and play it by ear.

"It was nice to blow the cobwebs away. I've always enjoyed that. And the countryside round here is just unbelievable so it was great to get out and do a few miles."

09 July 2020, 14:51
The break has a six-minute gap in today's stage of the Tour
09 July 2020, 14:32
Two-year-old cycling on Sheffield ring road
09 July 2020, 14:07
Cricket World Cup winner Jason Roy’s into cycling now

We had Kevin Pietersen and Andrew Flintoff racing Chris Froome on Zwift the other day and before that Darren Gough on Channel 5 series, Tour de Celeb.

Most strikingly of all, former England wicketkeeper Matt Prior got so into cycling he set up his own team.

The latest cricketer to show an interest is Jason Roy, who was a key member of England’s World Cup winning team last summer.

He’s been riding to maintain his fitness during lockdown and recently took delivery of a Ribble Endurance SL with Shimano Ultegra Di2.

“I love this bike, the way it rides is excellent,” he said. “The bike has especially smooth handling and also looks stunning. Cycling gives me another dimension to my training and I look forward to putting the hard miles in.”

09 July 2020, 13:48
Video: What do you think would be an acceptable number of people dying on our roads?

No doubt you think this is an obvious point, but we think it's well made all the same.

09 July 2020, 13:01
Cars trapped in low traffic neighbourhood

Salford Council are trialling planters in a few locations to close roads to cars.

This is Stevenson Street.

09 July 2020, 12:30
Korean coach and team captain handed life bans after triathlete took her own life

Inside The Games reports that Choi Suk-hyeon took her own life after years of physical and verbal abuse from the coaching staff at Gyeongju City Hall's semi-professional triathlon team.

Coach Kim Kyu-bong and team captain Jang Yun-jung have been handed life bans by the Korea Triathlon Federation. Another athlete involved in the case was banned for 10 years.

09 July 2020, 11:49
Chris Froome in Ineos Zwift special edition jersey
Froome leaving Ineos to join Israel Start Up Nation from next season

Our full story's up now, including the implications for Froome riding this year's Tour de France.

09 July 2020, 10:50
Zhi Min Soh.JPG
Tour bus firm recognises that negligence on part of driver resulted in death of cyclist in Edinburgh

In May 2017, Zhi Min Soh, a medical student from Malaysia, lost her life when she was run over by a Rabbie’s Tours minibus.

It is thought that she was thrown from her bike when her wheel became trapped in a tram track.

Her family were informed there would be no criminal case against the driver, but they launched a civil action through Cycle Law Scotland.

“Whatever caused Zhi Min to fall from her bicycle on the 31st May 2017 may never be known but had she been given sufficient room by the tour bus driver, she would most likely still be here,” commented Jodi Gordon, a partner at the firm.

It was never disputed that the driver had been travelling behind Zhi Min Soh and that he had been aware of her presence on the road.

He was also driving within the 20mph speed limit but had been closing on her when approaching a junction. When Zhi Min Soh fell from her bike, he was unable to take evasive action or stop in time.

There was no formal admission of liability from Rabbie’s Tours but the insurers agreed to compensate the family for their grief and sorrow. Cycle Law Scotland say that in doing so, there is recognition that there was negligence on the part of their driver.

“Zhi Min’s death was avoidable,” said Gordon. “The hope is that we learn from this unnecessary loss of life. As drivers, we must learn to recognise the vulnerability of cyclists and the fragility of life as we interact together on the roads.”

09 July 2020, 10:32
Peterborough Police seize 24 stolen bikes (plus one or two other things...)

09 July 2020, 10:24
Froome heading to Israel Start-Up Nation
09 July 2020, 10:20
Emergency bike hacks

Cable ties feature prominently.

Bit of overlap, but you'll also be interested in these nine roadside bodges. (When is a hack not a hack? When it's a bodge.)

09 July 2020, 09:08
Chris Froome to leave Ineos at end of season

After a great many rumours, Team Ineos has confirmed that Chris Froome will leave at the end of the season.

More to follow.

09 July 2020, 09:05
Emma Pooley sets new everesting record

Another day, another everesting record.

The current overall everesting record is held by Lachlan Morton, who set it a week after losing what he thought was a new record because of wonky GPS data.

Earlier this week, 2010 world time trial champion, Emma Pooley, set a new women’s record, completing 10 laps of the Haggenegg climb (6.8 km at 13%) near Schwyz in Switzerland, to achieve the necessary 8,848 metres of climbing in a time of 8 hours 53 minutes and 36 seconds.

The route was approved in advance by the Hells 500 — the organisation behind the concept of everesting – which is something they said they’d start doing after Morton’s first effort.


I did that ride I said I would never do... It was both terrible and fantastic. Sometimes simultaneously. And apparently it was an #everesting record. Never ever ever again! But if I *were* to do another one😉... I’d do it a bit differently. Some of my not-genius planning included: •13.5% average with insufficient gearing •Totally exposed climb on a hot sunny day •Twisty technical descent with blind corners, gravel, and grass cuttings. •Picking the day when every farmer on Haggenegg chose to mow their meadows and collect the hay: 6 tractors & hay carts were also doing reps of the climb all day 😤😂 •Running out of food and water on every climb from 5 onwards (I just didn’t plan for enough) •Being a magnet for horseflies 😫 I don’t know what this says about how badly I stink! But it was a happy day despite a few discomforts. I wanted a challenge, and to find my limits ... and I did. Or maybe my limits found me 🤣 I would like to thank: •Liz for being the loveliest supporter I could imagine. Plus that McDonald’s stop on the way home...🍟 @johnwillwhitt for the co-planning and company. @tim_pigott #coach for getting me to the happy healthy place I needed to be for this. @hells500 for their help verifying the segment ascent in advance. @rhodespatterson for setting the bar so damn high! •Equipment partners: @wyndymilla @astutowheels @rotorbike @wahoofitnessofficial •All my cycling buddies for the brilliant company on a few fun rides this year 🤩 #themountainswerecalling #happyplace #steilistgeil #neveragain #neversaynever #cyclingswitzerland Video by @ironplums 🙏🏻

A post shared by Emma Pooley (@pooleyemma) on

It sounds like Pooley could have everested a fair bit quicker had she planned things differently.

She says she regretted choosing a slope with a 13.5% average gradient with insufficient gearing, adding that it was totally exposed  and also featured a twisty technical descent with blind corners, gravel, and grass cuttings.

She also reckoned she made her attempt on a day when six tractors and hay carts were also doing reps of the climb and said she ran out of food and water on every climb from five onwards because she didn’t plan for enough.

“I blew up on the 8th ascent and no amount of gels and water stops would revitalise my legs,” she wrote on Strava. “Close to puking near the top of the last 3 laps.

“The whole point was to challenge myself: find my limits, and push them. Well ok, it felt more like my limits found me and punched me into a ditch but still: it was tough, I genuinely enjoyed it, and there was plenty of time to think.”

09 July 2020, 08:40
Safe passing distance signs put up in Snowdonia

We mentioned these on the live blog the other day.

According to the BBC report, they're basically covering the Brailsford Way.

09 July 2020, 08:29
Joaquim Rodriguez hospitalised after crash while mountain biking

OTRA VEZ!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️

A post shared by Purito (@puritocycling) on

According to Marca, Purito suffered a hard fall on Wednesday in Vallnord Bike Park in Andorra on Wednesday.

He seems to be broadly okay though.

09 July 2020, 08:11
Geraint Thomas's cycling impressions

French guy presumably heading the opposite way.

09 July 2020, 08:05
Islington’s first low-traffic neighbourhood is in St Peter’s ward
09 July 2020, 08:04
“Sick of trying to stay alive on my bike in County Wicklow”

Alex has written for more cricket publications than the rest of the team combined. Despite the apparent evidence of this picture, he doesn't especially like cake.

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eburtthebike | 3 years ago

"What do you think would be an acceptable number of people dying on our roads?"

That video brings home the fact that everyone killed has family and friends, and they aren't just a statistic; should be shown to every driver annually.

Reminds me of the professor who asked his students to imagine a boon to society, anything they wanted, and it would be granted, and they came up with some great ideas.  Then he told them that there would have to be human sacrifice for this boon, thousands of innocent lives every year, especially young people, so would they still want it?  They all said no, then he pointed out that was exactly the situation with driving; a huge boon, but costing thousands of lives every year.

ktache | 3 years ago
1 like

I find it odd that Salford Council are using Road Closed signs when they only mean road closed to motor vehicles.

Because according to the police (and some posters) on this story the signage is unequivocal.

Why would a council put up a sign that meant no cycling (AT ALL!) when the whole intent seems to be to encourage cycling?


mdavidford replied to ktache | 3 years ago
1 like

Probably because 'Road closed' signs are readily available, whereas no-one's bothered to make 'Road closed to motor vehicles' ones before (that there's deviant thinking, after all).

Sriracha replied to ktache | 3 years ago

Yup, as was me mentioned by some at the time of the Box Hill brouhaha, if I recall.

eburtthebike replied to ktache | 3 years ago

ktache wrote:

I find it odd that Salford Council are using Road Closed signs when they only mean road closed to motor vehicles.

Because according to the police (and some posters) on this story the signage is unequivocal.

Why would a council put up a sign that meant no cycling (AT ALL!) when the whole intent seems to be to encourage cycling?


There are plenty of examples of road closed signs with bicycle exemptions.

TheBillder replied to eburtthebike | 3 years ago
eburtthebike wrote:

There are plenty of examples of road closed signs with bicycle exemptions.

The "no low flying motorcycles" one would seem to be about right.

quiff replied to eburtthebike | 3 years ago

There is a "no motor vehicles" sign which would serve the same purpose though - a motorbike and a car in a red circle.

ktache | 3 years ago

In the emergency bike hacks thing, the double fishermans knot is mentioned, it is a far better knot for attaching two ends if they are going to be under tension than the standard reef (or granny).  I have used it in the last week at work to improvise a securing "o" ring on a peice of equipment, and used the singled knot in elastic to create a very strong hair band.

ktache | 3 years ago
1 like

I notice from the recovered bikes that they were mainly mountain and hybrid types, a few "ladies" too.  I hope that some of them can be returned to their former owners.

Of course, because the police do not seem to be taking many bike thefts seriously, unless the victim is making an insurance claim there seems very little reason to always report the crime.

Kendalred | 3 years ago

Wow, big Procycling news. I know there were rumours, but now confirmed. That really puts the kybosh on Froome taking a fifth TdF title this year - there's no way they will work for him now he's off at the end of the year. In fact I suppose there's now a big doubt that he'll even make the squad. Or am I just venturing into tinfoil hat territory?

roubaixcobbles replied to Kendalred | 3 years ago

Can't see INEOS taking Froome with them, he's not going to be allowed to lead and he's not the right sort of rider to tow Bernal in the high mountains, even if he was prepared to bury himself for him (highly doubtful). Two options I think, either there's been an agreement that Froome will miss the Tour in exchange for total support in the rescheduled Giro or Vuelta or there'll be an earlier break by mutual consent - Israel Startup would be favourite to snap him up I think - so he can ride the Tour with another team.

Liam Cahill replied to Kendalred | 3 years ago

If they left him at home then it's defo not on performance grounds. I wish they'd have allowed a mid-season transfer. Would have made for an even more interesting race.

The question now is, who does Israel SUN bring in to support Froome? 

stueymcc replied to Liam Cahill | 3 years ago

Rumour is that the new UK Team, Pirate Juice CC is eager to pick him up. Well put together with the best looking kit i have ever seen. 

HarrogateSpa | 3 years ago
1 like

Good to see those passing distance signs - not a silver bullet but may help.

The BBC Wales Tweet says they are a UK first, but having read about stickers of Ainsley Harriott & Alan Partridge put on Bournemouth's signs, I know that's not true.

Shake replied to HarrogateSpa | 3 years ago

I have had many close passes just off those roundabouts so I'd say they work pretty well

mdavidford replied to HarrogateSpa | 3 years ago

HarrogateSpa wrote:

Good to see those passing distance signs - not a silver bullet but may help.

They're a nice idea, but

  • they do imply that it should always be 1.5m, rather than a minimum 1.5m and more at higher speeds
  • a lot of people aren't very good a judging distances, so may think they're leaving 1.5m when actually it's a lot less

I'd prefer to see a centre line between the cycle and car, and 'Pass wide' instead of '1.5m'.

Sriracha replied to HarrogateSpa | 3 years ago

According to the BBC report, "Cyclists taking to mountain roads in one part of Wales will see new signs reminding motorists to keep their distance...".

And that is doubtless the truth of it. As to what the motorist will see, probably neither the signs nor the cyclists.

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