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Video: Brailsford Way launched in Snowdonia

50 mile and 75 mile routes – both of which feature plenty of climbing

It may sound like some sort of inspirational philosophy sold to corporations keen to make their own marginal gains, but the Brailsford Way is actually much more prosaic and laudable – it’s a bike route. Situated in Snowdonia, it’s named after Sir Dave Brailsford and inspired by the roads he used to cycle in his youth.

Although born in Derbyshire, Brailsford was brought up in Deiniolen, near Caernarfon. Visit Wales has now launched two routes through Snowdonia which will bear his name – a fifty mile route and a 75 mile route.

Both head from Caernarvon past Llanberis and up Pen-y-Pass. Shortly after the summit, they split. The shorter route turns for Beddgelert and after another climb heads back towards the coast. The longer route heads on to Capel Curig and Betws-y-Coed before taking the A470 and another big climb towards Ffestiniog.

By our calculations, the shorter route involves around 1,000m of climbing and the longer one roughly double that.

Here’s a map. Everyone likes a map.

Brailsford Way map.jpg


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Edgeley | 8 years ago

I hope nobody gets the impression that these are quiet, limited traffic routes.  They aren't.

What is the point of taking a bunch of A Roads and calling them a "somebody Way"?  Wouldn't it have been better to find some roads that would be more difficult for anyone to find and showing how you could make a decent circuit out of them?

Yorkshire wallet | 8 years ago

If we're naming things after cycling figureheads , Sutton bank is aptly named. It's a right cnt!

bechdan | 8 years ago

Its just a map of a route some guy has cycled, to me a 'way' is a signposted route, usually off the road. Whats so special about this then?

russellbodycomb | 8 years ago
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Is there a  gpx file available?

bechdan replied to russellbodycomb | 8 years ago
russellbodycomb wrote:

Is there a  gpx file available?

you dont need a gpx file for that, just write down the names of the main villages on the route and follow the road signs.

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