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Jeremy Vine's penny-farthing mishap; Close pass campaign met with barrage of anti-cyclist comments; Wiggo hails "next British star" Adam Yates; Good vs bad driving; Dangerous sprinting; Deceuninck-Sick-Step; LTN data; New rules + more on the live blog

It's the start of a new week and Dan Alexander will be getting you through Monday on the live blog...
29 March 2021, 17:12
Velobici reveals Monti collection
VeloBici Monti Collection-1

Leicester-based Velobici has announced a new line of kit, with the Monti collection including a jersey, bibs and a base layer in men's and women's cuts.

Yea, we did a double-take too. The pockets are designed for easier access with the right hand and Velobici has made the left pocket taller to better accommodate later items like smartphones.

VeloBici Monti Collection-2

This pocket design isn’t a new feature for Velobici, but if you’ve never seen it before, it is certainly striking.

VeloBici Monti Collection

Away from the pockets, the jersey is said to feature a race fit and embroidered logos while the bibs are claimed to offer a degree of compression for muscle support. Look out for a review on the site in the coming months.

29 March 2021, 16:07
Jeremy Vine jumps off penny-farthing after new 360 camera almost gets tangled in his spokes

There was almost an unfortunate incident in a London bike lane featuring Jeremy Vine this weekend. He got some pretty cool footage using his 360-degree camera though, so all worth it in the end. In their 140-year history I doubt anyone's crashed a penny-farthing because a camera got stuck in their spokes...

It's not the first time the broadcaster's eccentric other bike has made the live blog. Last May, he claimed to be the first person to ever ride down Park Lane on a penny-farthing...

Here's how the 360 footage should look...

29 March 2021, 15:36
More data to back up London Fire Brigade claims that low traffic neighbourhoods have not impacted response times

On Friday we reported the London Fire Brigade's Fire Facts - Incident Response Times which showed that LTNs haven't caused delays. That story has been contrasted by a couple of reports today suggesting otherwise...But here's some more data to tell you what you probably already know. 

29 March 2021, 14:50
Ilkeston CC marks return of group rides with very early morning club run

As of today up to 15 people can take part in British Cycling-affiliated club rides and the rule of six is back in play for everyone else. Ilkeston CC marked it with this midnight club run, making the most of the news rules. How are you celebrating your freedom? A big Easter Weekend reunion with your old riding pals? And, out of interest, will any of you be taking part in a British Cycling-affiliated club ride with more than six people? We've heard concerns that some might not know that cyclists can meet in 15-person groups on these rides and mistake it for rule breaking...

What are your riding plans under the new rules?

I'll be riding on my own for now
I'll be sticking to the rule of six
I'll be doing British Cycling-affiliated club rides with more than six people
29 March 2021, 13:32
Tandem profits up as orders stretch to 2022

The Tandem Group's profits rose by over £1.4 million year-on-year for the year ending 31 December 2020, Cyclingindustrynews reports. The brand's highlight was its Squish kid's bikes, while "significant" growth was achieved through e-bike and e-scooter sales. Despite the positivity in the figures, Tandem pointed to lead times, shipping delays, cost increases and the lack of international trade fairs as challenges. 

"Lead times are becoming an increasingly prevalent issue, particularly with regard to bicycles due to global demand for components and we are therefore committing to purchases much further into the future," Tandem said in a statement. "We are still paying much higher shipping rates than we were paying last year but we believe that rates will settle further in forthcoming months."

Tandem has previously committed to building a new warehousing and distribution centre near its Birmingham HQ.

29 March 2021, 12:50
Good driving vs bad driving

One reader got in touch over the weekend with these clips...One impressively competent pass from an Excelsior Coaches driver and one not so impressively competent aborted pass...

29 March 2021, 12:22
It's not Suez-y to get hold of bike components these days
suez shipping container meme.JPG

While there has been speculation that the Suez Canal blockage could have further affected the already sparse availability of popular bicycle components, it was neither confirmed or denied if there was in fact a bucketload of Sram or Shimano in amongst all that cargo. Until we know for certain, at least we have memes... 

29 March 2021, 11:00
Bradley Wiggins backs Adam Yates to be the "next British star" following dominant Volta a Catalunya win

Credit where it's due, this time last week Wiggo featured on the live blog when he told Eurosport he thought Ineos Grenadiers were "going to do something big" at the Volta a Catalunya. Indeed they did with a one-two-three on the podium yesterday. For this week's prediction, Wiggo suggested Yates could be the next British star of the sport.

"They made a statement with the team they selected," he told his Eurosport podcast. "Probably the icing on the cake [for Yates] was going to Ineos, really. It's the perfect team for him. Adam is the next British star and these are the early stages.
The objective was clear for this week and it was to go and win the race. It was an incredible performance, really."

Wiggo also said that he believed Geraint Thomas had secured his leadership for the Tour with his improved showing.

29 March 2021, 10:57

Come back to this later if you're tucking into your lunch... 

29 March 2021, 09:48
MAAP updates its Evade Pro Base Jersey for 2021
2021 MAAP Evade Pro Base Jersey-2

Australian brand MAAP has released the 2021 version of its Evade Pro Base jersey with men's and women's short and long sleeve versions available.

The summer-weight jersey has been designed using "lightweight, breathable, knitted Italian fabrics" that, according to MAAP, are pre-dyed to prevent colour fade.

Other features include honeycomb mesh sleeves, reflective logos, elastic hem with internal silicone logo print, YKK Vislon Snap Lock Zip, SPF50+ sun protection factor, "pro" fit and a low profile collar.

2021 MAAP Evade Pro Base Jersey-1

MAAP says that "all fabrics have been sustainably manufactured with the Bluesign® system and the elastic hem is OEKO-TEX® certified, with an internal silicone logo print for an added flair. Bold reflective graphics maximise 360-degree visibility, 365 days of the year, and SPF50+ sun protection ensures you’re always covered no matter what the elements send your way."

The men's and women's jerseys come in a long or short sleeve, with men's sizes from XS - XXL and women's sizes from XXS - XL. There is a wide range of colours and you'll need to fork out €155.

29 March 2021, 09:21
Close pass campaign met with barrage of anti-cyclist comments

Gloucestershire Constabulary asking motorists to give people on bikes space shouldn't be too controversial, should it? Gloucestershire Constabulary asking motorists to give kids cycling to school space should be even less so...

However, the force's social media campaign quickly descended into cyclist-bashing in the comments. Helmets, no lights, no hi-vis, red light jumping, pavement riding, two abreast, riding in large groups, not using cycle lanes, 'road tax' and, of course, bicycle registrations...were the main objections raised here. I make that a full house.

For context, let's take a quick look at what Gloucestershire Constabulary said to prompt these complaints. "It's [Operation Close Pass] an initiative being rolled out by forces across the UK, including ourselves, to reduce the number of accidents caused by drivers not giving enough space to people riding bikes.

"Operation Close Pass is designed to proactively detect and educate drivers who pass too close to cyclists. It is also timely as 21 local schools have so far signed-up to take part in the ‘Big Pedal 2021’, the UK’s largest inter-school cycling, walking, wheeling and scooting challenge which aims to encourage active travel to and from school.

"Although the close pass scenario is not defined as a specific offence, the correct minimum passing distance is usually defined as 1.5 metres. Drivers seen passing cyclists within that space are liable to be stopped by police and spoken to on the spot. Anyone unreceptive to education will be cautioned for careless or dangerous driving and receive a court summons."

Fair enough? Here's what some of the people in the comments had to say...

"In the same way that dangerous drivers need to be taught this i hope that dangerous cyclists are also going to be given a lesson. Such as using lights, wearing a helmet, stopping at red lights & not riding in a cluster of cyclists so they can all have a good chat across the road making it impossible for other road users to get past. #equalrightsforall!!" Beth Staite's contributed.

Tim Hopkins added: "Going through lights jumping of pavements without looking over taking on the inside forming up twenty plus at a time during lockdown riding over twenty miles during lockdown when I couldn't take my motorbike out need I say any more nope because they are above the law."

At least Russ Brookes added some balance: "Ah it's time for a game of all cyclist's are evil and at fault for everything. Maybe if we all remembered we are all road users (weirdly enough I drive and cycle) and stop stereotyping and just treat everyone the same it might mean we get somewhere. You have good and bad road users what vehicle they use does not change that so stop getting on your high horses with the cliches."

29 March 2021, 08:56
Jake Stewart calls out Nacer Bouhanni as cycling fans demand ban after dangerous sprint with shades of infamous Dylan Groenewegen incident

FDJ's British rider Jake Stewart was not best pleased with Nacer Bouhanni's sprint at Cholet-Pays de la Loire yesterday and had a few choice words for his Arkéa–Samsic rival...

 The Frenchman was disqualified for his actions but some have argued that punishment on its own doesn't go far enough. Dylan Groenewegen got a nine-month ban for his involvement in the Tour of Poland crash last August that left Fabio Jakobsen in a medically-induced coma. Should Bouhanni also be facing a lengthy ban?

29 March 2021, 07:42
Cycling groups demand new camera footage reporting system
Close pass (via Twitter video)

More than 30 cycling and motoring groups have come together to demand Police Scotland creates a camera footage reporting system to make it easier to report and prosecute road crimes. Of the 45 UK police forces, 40 already use a system which allows people to upload camera footage and report incidents. Cycling UK data found that having a proper system can cut an average of 8 to12 hours of police time per case.

The AA, road safety charity Brake, the RAC and Cycling UK were among the coalition lobbying for improvement. In a letter the group says: "A camera footage system would be good news for all responsible road users and the police. The only bad news would be for irresponsible and law-breaking road users who would be more effectively held to account."

They emphasised a reporting system would help the Scottish Government meet their Vision Zero target for eliminating road deaths and serious injuries by 2050. Cyclists may still have concerns about how police forces deal with their footage once it has been submitted but some figures from Wales and Northumbria suggests reporting systems can be effective.

Between December 2019 and January 2021, Operation Snap in Wales saw the police take action against poor driving in 58 per cent of cases where footage was submitted. Northumbria Police says 77 per cent of submissions resulted in action being taken against drivers.

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