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Labour councillor "done with cycling" after being driven at in road rage incident; Your thoughts on cyclists wearing masks; LTN planters help police catch driver; Dutch road sign tells cyclists how many calories they've burned + more on the live blog

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19 January 2021, 15:47
Labour councillor attacked while cycling says two men drove at her before throwing a drink out the car

Labour councillor Jo Rigby took to Twitter this afternoon to report an incident in Wandsworth. Rigby says she was attacked by two men who drove at her before throwing a drink at her from the car. Posting about the incident, Rigby said "I'm done with cycling." Jeremy Vine quickly responded to Rigby's Tweet encouraging her to continue riding her bike.

Labour MP for Enfield North, Feryal Clark said: "So sorry to hear that Jo, sadly there are some real a******'s on the roads - but don't let them put you off cycling."

19 January 2021, 17:01
Cyclist pushed off bike in York
surrey police car - via surrey police.PNG

The Press reports that North Yorkshire Police are appealing for information about an incident that happened on the Clifton cycle path in York. A woman was assaulted and pushed off her bike at 6.50pm on December 28. 

A police spokesperson said: "We are requesting the public’s assistance to help establish the full circumstances surrounding the incident. In particular, we are appealing for information from the cyclist who was assaulted."

Anyone with information is to call 101 and quote the reference number 12200246425.

19 January 2021, 16:41
Your thoughts on wearing a mask while cycling...
Blog comment 19/01


19 January 2021, 16:28
New bike park at Ealing Broadway including cycle repair station

I'm not sure what constitutes a cycle repair station* but there seems to be a work stand and a pump, which is better than 99% of bike parking facilities. Top work Ealing Broadway... 

*Update, 20th Jan: we wondered, and the folks behind the repair stand, Turvec, got in touch to answer! Their public repair stand features a full set of tools, including a hex key set, Philips and flat screwdrivers, tyre levers and an integrated pump. There are also QR codes that give how-to guides to users - more info here.

19 January 2021, 15:42
Poll: Do you wear a mask while cycling?
Do you wear a mask while cycling?

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19 January 2021, 15:01
Social media reaction to calls for cyclists and joggers to wear masks

Trisha Greenhalgh, a professor of primary care at the University of Oxford, has caused a stir on social media today with an article published on The Conversation which argued that cyclists and joggers should be wearing masks while exercising. Her main argument is that we must reduce the strain on the NHS and that if wearing a mask while exercising has even the slightest impact on reducing infections, then we should be wearing them.

Greenhalgh writes: "Masks work mainly by protecting other people. Pedestrians passed by a relatively young and fit jogger or cyclist include people who are elderly or otherwise more vulnerable to COVID and its complications. If there is a risk of transmission, there is surely an ethical argument to mask up."

The professor's other argument is that mask wearing shows social solidarity and "The masked jogger or cyclist is saying both 'the pandemic is still very serious' and 'your safety is more important than my comfort or my lap time'."


19 January 2021, 13:26
Deceuninck-Quick-Step confirm delay to Remco Evenepoel's return from injury
Evenepoel Lombardia crash, LaPresse, RCS Sport.JPG

On Thursday's live blog we shared the news that Remco Evenepoel was slowing down his return to the sport following his crash at Il Lombardia last year. Today his team, Deceuninck-Quick-Step, confirmed he would be spending a further period of time on the sidelines. Evenepoel went for a scan on his injured pelvis on Monday. Despite the results of the scan showing that he'd suffered no further damage, the team has decided to extend his recovery period for another three weeks. 

Team boss Patrick Lefevere confirmed the news on Sporza's De Tribune podcast: "We hoped that he would cycle again from tomorrow [Tuesday] but we are not taking any more risks. So he will probably stay off the bike for another 3 weeks. That’ll take us to February 8, exactly three months before the start of the Giro."

19 January 2021, 12:25
How good do those Hunt wheels look...
19 January 2021, 11:57
Australian cyclist recalls frightening concussion recovery

Lauren Kitchen, an Australian cyclist who rides for women's WorldTour outfit FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope, has recalled her frightening recovery from a concussion in an interview with SMH. The 30-year-old crashed in her first race back after the Covid-19 shutdown and suffered a concussion as well as road rash and swelling to her head and face. Her injuries healed but the effects of the concussion still troubled her months after the incident.

"I struggled a lot mentally with emotions, the response from concussion basically. I'd never realised the impacts of that. I've seen it a lot, concussion, and aware of it but how can you tell your own head if it's you? It's really strange. When you get a broken arm or a broken leg, you know, you can see it, but when there is something not quite right in your head you don't know. That was challenging to pick up and then recognise and then deal with [it with] the team."

Kitchen reported she was still suffering headaches, blurred vision, memory loss, nausea and confusion during her recovery. In December, the UCI published a new concussion protocol which will apply to all UCI International Calendar races from this season.

19 January 2021, 11:18
Ed Clancy and Graham Briggs help children stay active with lockdown coaching programme
Ed Clancy.jpg

The Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy has launched an online coaching programme to help kids stay active during lockdown. The programme is part of the academy's CB Live learning platform which teaches children about developing their cycling skills through hour-long training sessions and shorter sessions on topics such as mindset development or nutrition. It was launched during the November lockdown and is available to 10-18 year olds across the UK. Classes are taken by Clancy, Briggs and their former teammate Ali Slater.

Clancy, a three-time Olympic gold medalist, told Doncaster Free Press: "For us, launching our new Youth and Junior Development programme was vital to ensure we supported kids across the UK during this lockdown period and help them continue to take part and enjoy cycling – even if only virtually.

“As a team of coaches who have grown up together in the industry, we’re passionate about nurturing future British talent and with the right approach, we’re confident that the new programme will not only support the development of children’s cycling skills but also essential life-long skills such as tenacity, focus, communication and teamwork."

19 January 2021, 10:50
London's CS3...
19 January 2021, 10:12
'Vigi-plant-es': LTN planters help police catch driver who failed to stop

Those pesky LTNs helping the police catch criminals...We hear a lot from anti-LTN groups about planters supposedly slowing down emergency service vehicles, but these planters did the opposite and helped catch a driver who failed to stop. Ironically, the chase happened in Levenshulme where a couple of weeks back the very same planters were being targeted by vandals who filmed themselves ramming them off the road. What a great comeback story...

Greater Manchester Police Traffic's Twitter post explained: "The very brief pursuit was brought to a safe conclusion thanks to these planters which have recently been placed in the roads around Levenshulme."

Streets for People, a community campaign group who helped repair the vandalised planters, replied to the post: "Great to see the new active neighbourhood already helping make Levenshulme safer!"

19 January 2021, 09:31
End of an era as Shimano replaces Mavic neutral service at the Tour de France
RideLondon 2015 Mavic neutral service (10)

Mavic's yellow neutral service cars have become synonymous with the Tour de France, but 2020 was their final year as Shimano will be taking over at this year's race. The change will see Shimano provide neutral service to riders at all Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) races including the Critérium du Dauphiné, Paris-Roubaix and Liège-Bastogne-Liège. Mavic's association with the Tour began in 1977 and they completed their 44th edition of the race in 2020, providing mechanical help to any rider who couldn't access their team car. Since then their yellow support cars and motorbikes have been an ever-present feature at the race and have helped countless riders in difficulty. We'll have a full story coming soon on

19 January 2021, 08:55
Dutch road sign tells cyclists how many calories they'll burn

In 11 calories time turn left...This is a nice reminder to cyclists that they're benefiting their health while getting around. A diversion sign in Oosterhout in the Netherlands tells you how many calories you'll burn on the new route, handy if you're hoping to have earned a slice of cake later on...The Dutch do cycling infrastructure well, don't they?

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