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Thor Hushovd breaks collar bone: out of this week's Tour of California

Even Thor not immune to dashing hazards

The popular Norwegian pro cyclist Thor Hushovd was yesterday involved in an accident which resulted in a broken collar bone, putting him out of the Tour of California which starts next Sunday.

According to Cervélo TestTeam, the 32-year-old fell during a training ride on Sunday morning in Italy where he lives. “I was out training with some riders and accidentally ran into a little girl who was crossing the road. First I tried to help her, but I soon realized that I was not able and there was something wrong. Unfortunately, I broke my collarbone. The little girl is fine.”

“Thor suffered a break in the middle of his left collarbone,” said Andreas Goesele," Medical Officer of Cervélo TestTeam yesterday. “He underwent an X-ray at a hospital in the city of San Remo and is now on his way to the CrossKlinik in Basel for an operation tomorrow.”

It made us realise that with all his experience if the mighty Thor is not immune to the hazards of children, dogs and car doors suddenly appearing in our paths, that we should all be a little bit more careful when the adrenalin is rushing and we're charging through villages and the like. Typical of Thor to think of the kid first.

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