How much is a tatty Brompton worth?

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Martin Blain at the CTC forum writes:

I'm being offered a tatty Brompton for £250. Is it worth it?

It's been donated to a bike fixing charity and has been checked over by volunteer mechanics, new cables, brake blocks, chain, lubricated front hub and it's now in good mechanical condition however the paint work is fairly tatty...

Any advice please.

Bromptons, like everything from bitcoins to houses, are worth what someone is willing to pay. That being said, I have prepared the following chart to provide guidance in this matter.

These estimates are a result of the relatively high value placed on the marque, and assume middle of the road models. Special editions like this Jubilee Brommie, which the Queen uses to get around Buckingham Palace, are in a price bracket of their own.

You can of course always do up a tatty Brompton, bearing in mind that epiphanies cost extra.

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