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At least its as bad at the Giro...

Saturday morning in the English fens and the wind is howling whilst the rain is falling.

It was clearly a false summer during April wasn't it? The good news is that whilst watching the Giro highlights on Eurosport I can see I am not alone in experiencing rubbish weather.

The wind was so strong here last week that I have spent a couple of evenings running as it is less dangerous. It is frustrating though as I rode plenty of miles in April to get fitter. I don't want to sit here and see my form evaporate. So it might be the turbo this morning and one of those mind crushing sessions of intervals rather than an hour or so of getting smashed into the wind.

To be fair the breeze I experienced yesterday was considerably more than I am likely to feel on a bike. I went to the X-scape centre in Milton Keynes to have my first lesson of indoor sky diving at Airkix (

As someone with a dodgy back and shoulders I am amazed I managed to make the shape needed to hover above the huge airflow. But it was a brilliant experience and although the big suit wasn't very fashionable (!) I had a great time.

Heh! the suns just come out here... the plants in the garden are bent double with the gale but it might be worth putting the wet weather gear on.

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