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“Double the power when you need it, half the size when you don’t”: is this new pump the solution to your puncture woes? Plus, own Wout van Aert’s old bike, headphones that leave your ears uncovered, “the ultimate direct drive trainer”, and more tech news

Check out the new titanium bike that’s “a jack of all trades, master of fun”, Wahoo’s most unexpected product launch, and the very, very wrong way to fit valve cores

We’ve got loads of new tech to tell you about, including Suunto’s bone-conduction headphones, how you can buy bikes ridden by Wout van Aert and Marianne Vos, and just-released products from Fizik, Ortlieb, and Moots, but we’re starting with what BBB describes as “the world’s first truly smart mini pump”…

Is BBB’s tiny DoubleShot the solution to mini pump woes?

A lot of mini pumps have the same incy-wincy, hardly-worth-mentioning little problem: they’re crap. Yeah, they’re mini – you can’t argue with that – but do they pump? Not necessarily very well.

2024 BBB DoubleShot pump - 1

That’s why BBB’s innovative DoubleShot Mini Pump deserves a couple of minutes of your time. It’s “one of the smallest manual pumps in the world when stowed” – small enough to fit in a jersey pocket or seat pack – yet offers a greater volume per stroke than many rivals, according to the Dutch brand. It is said to offer “double the power when you need it, half the size when you don’t”.

How come? Okay, we’re getting to that...

2024 BBB DoubleShot pump - 2

“The DoubleShot was born out of [our] desire to create a pump that was as small as possible whilst not compromising on durability and performance when compared to larger, less portable pumps,” says BBB.

Best cycling mini pumps 2024 — tiny tools to get your tyres topped up 

2024 BBB DoubleShot pump - 3

“The solution is an inventive two-piece design that while stowed is just 120mm long, but when assembled uses four-piece air chamber technology to offer an impressive 35cc pump volume. The DoubleShot offers the best of both worlds: the compactness of CO2 canister systems with the reliability and sustainability of a larger manual pump.”

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“Handles at either end of the pump enable more stable, powerful pumping without the risk of damaging the valve core and when stowed protect the pump from dirt and debris.”

BBB says the aluminium DoubleShot can pump to a maximum pressure of 116 psi/8 bar, and weighs just 83g.

UK pricing has yet to be confirmed, although we can tell you that it’s €59.95 (converts to about £51) in the EU.

Find out more here

Suunto’s Wing bone-conduction headphones leave your ears uncovered as you ride

Suunto, the Finnish company best known for its sports watches (such as the very good Race that we reviewed earlier this week, as it happens), has just introduced Wing open-ear bone conduction headphones that are designed to allow you to hear what’s going on around you as you listen to audio.

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2024 Suunto Wing Wing open-ear bone conduction headphones - 1 (1)

“The bone-sound technology used in the Wing transmits vibrations directly to the inner ear via the cheekbones, bypassing the eardrum,” says Suunto. “This ensures that users can continue to hear sounds around them, such as a bicycle bell or the sound of an approaching vehicle, placing users’ safety in urban settings and nature as a priority.”

We’ve covered plenty of bone-conduction headphones in the past, of course.

> Video: bone conduction headphones - does more money mean better performance? 

Made of titanium and silicone, the Suunto Wing headphones have a claimed weight of 33g and come with IP67 certification. That means they can withstand submersion in a metre of water for 30 minutes. We’ve had a wet winter in the UK, but if you ever find your headphones underwater for half an hour, you’re in real trouble.

2024 Suunto Wing Wing open-ear bone conduction headphones - 2 (1)

Head movement control means you don’t need to take your hands off the handlebar to answer and end phone calls or skip songs.

Suunto says the Wing headphones can be fully charged in just an hour and then used for approximately 10 hours. They’re priced at £169.

If the bright Lava Red version doesn’t do it for you, they’re also available in black.

Find out more here

Want to own Wout van Aert’s old bike?

If you fancy owning a slice of cycling history, Cervelo bikes that belonged to cycling superstars Wout van Aert and Marianne Vos are now up for public sale on

2024 Cervelo R5-CX Wout van Aert - 1 (1)

The Italian website often sells bikes that have been ridden by pro teams, but Van Aert and Vos? They’re among the biggest names in cycling.

There are three Wout van Aert bikes up for grabs: two Cervelo R5-CX (58cm) and a Cervelo Caledonia (56cm) in Team Jumbo-Visma colours (the team is now called Visma–Lease a Bike). They’re all from 2022, and each is priced at £9,108.

2024 Cervelo R5-CX Wout van Aert - 2 (1)

We took a good look at Van Aert’s Cervélo R5-CX cyclocross bike in a Bike at Bedtime when he won the Dublin World Cup in December 2022. We can’t say for sure if the bikes for sale were raced by Van Aert but each is in a similar build with a Shimano Dura-Ace R9270 Di2 groupset (including power meter and wheels), FSA/Vision handlebar and stem, and Fizik Arione 00 saddle. Oh, and there’s Van Aert’s name sticker on the top tube, of course.

> Rode to victory! Check out Wout van Aert's Cervélo R5-CX cyclocross bike

2024 Cervelo R5-CX Wout van Aert - 3 (1)

The tyres are different, though. Van Aert was using Dugast 32mm tyres on the bike we looked at, whereas the options on are Vittorias.

2024 Cervelo R5-CX Marianne Vos - 5 (1)

There are two Marianne Vos bikes for sale, both Cervelo R5-CX (51cm) from 2022, and one with world champion stripes on the fork (Vos is an eight-time World Cyclo-cross Champion and took the title in 2022). Again, they’re Shimano, FSA/Vision, and Fizik builds, but considerably cheaper than Van Aert’s, priced from £6,724 to £7,285.

2024 Cervelo R5-CX Marianne Vos - 4 (1)

Several other Jumbo-Visma options are available, and a bike ridden by double Tour de France winner Jonas Vingegaard has already sold.

Find out more here 

Fizik introduces wide version of Omna road shoes

Owners of wide feet might be pleased to hear that Fizik is now offering the mid-range Omna shoe that it added to its range last summer in a wide fit.

2024 Fizik Omna Wide - 1

“The Omna Wide has been designed to provide an optimal fit for riders with wider feet, with a higher volume forefoot area being introduced around the ball of the foot and metatarsals,” says Fizik.

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2024 Fizik Omna Wide - 2

The shoe comes with a ventilated PU (polyurethane) upper, a two-directional Boa Li2 dial, and a nylon outsole that’s designed to provide a moderate level of stiffness.

You’re looking at a price of £169.99.

Find out more here

Moots unveils new titanium all-road bike that's "jack of all trades and a master of fun"


Moots' titanium Vamoots 33 is the latest release from the American brand which it says "redefines the concept of 'allroad' cycling". Well, it never was a very defined concept in the first place. 


The Vamoots 33 is named after County Road 33 that passes Moots' front door, and the brand quite nicely titles the bike a "jack of all trades and a master of fun" with its capability to take on both tarmac and off-road surfaces. The frame is built with 3Al/2.5V thin-walled titanium tubing in size-specific selections and paired with a carbon all-road fork and 3D-printed flat mounts. You get tyre clearance for 38mm tyres and compatibility with full mudguards. 

> Best titanium road bikes 2024 — invest in the ultimate luxury bike frame material for something truly special

The frameset (frame, fork and Chris King headset) is going to retail for £5,800, and there are plenty of build options available. 

Find out more here

How much?!? Wahoo steps into the treadmill market with $5K Kickr Run

Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 15.22.43

For cyclists, Wahoo Fitness represents cycling computers, turbo trainers and perhaps smart watches, but the brand is now diversifying its portfolio by adding a running treadmill to its offerings. With this, it's aiming to revolutionise the indoor running world.

The Kickr Run Smart Treadmill's biggest selling point is perhaps the RunFree Mode, which allows you to change pace without touching the controls and is supposedly the first of its kind in the whole wide world.

There is no running away from the fact that this advanced piece of technology does come with a very high price tag, though. If you have $5,000 to spare, then you can get one of these when they start shipping sometime in June. Or you can just go run outside where you can also change your pace without buttons. Or simply cycle – the choice is yours. 

Find out more here

WTF? They don’t go like that!

If you buy these Presta valve cores from Amazon, maybe ignore the pics when you install them.

2024 valve cores - 2

They’ve got themselves into a right pickle there, haven’t they?

Find out more here

TrueKinetix’s unveils “the ultimate direct drive trainer”

Dutch company TrueKinetix has introduced the TrueTrainer 8.2 indoor trainer which, it says, “sets a new standard in immersive cycling experiences”. Big claim!

2024 TrueKinetix TrueTrainer 8.2 indoor trainer - 1

We’ve told you about TrueKinetix and its TrueTrainer options previously, including from last year’s CES tech show

“The flagship TrueTrainer 8.2 builds on the success of the TrueTrainer 6.2, and is now enhanced with built-in USB and HDMI ports and a game-changing built-in battery,” says TrueKinetix.

“The TrueTrainer 8.2 features second-generation TrueForce Technology, which eschews the traditional but ineffective flywheel in favour of advanced motor and robotics technology for a more natural and efficient indoor cycling experience, targeting the muscle groups used in outdoor cycling.”

Ineffective? A bit harsh. 

TrueKinetix says that the TrueTrainer 8.2 is the first direct drive trainer with a built-in HDMI port that streams live training data, including cadence and power, directly to your TV.

2024 TrueKinetix TrueTrainer 8.2 indoor trainer - 2

You can use the energy generated while training to charge your devices via the USB port, and you can ride for up to three hours without external power thanks to the built-in battery.

As previously, you get virtual gears and a built-in rocking motion that’s designed to add to the realistic feeling and reduce saddle sores. TrueKinetix says that, like the TrueTrainer 6.2, the 8.2 has a max power of 2,600 watts and can simulate inclines up to 26%. It's priced at €1,699 (around £1,450).

Find out more here 

Up your bag game with new options from Ortlieb

Ortlieb has been busy creating new bags to tempt you. First up, there’s this Duffle RC (£115)...

2024 Ortlieb Duffle RC - 1

“With a roll closure for no-nonsense access and IP64 protection, this sustainably produced German-made bag is ideal for the most challenging of conditions,” says Ortlieb. “Optional cargo straps can secure the bag through its daisy chains, and padded, removable shoulder straps transform it into a backpack for added convenience.”

2024 Ortlieb Back-Roller Plus rear pannier - 1

The Back-Roller Plus rear pannier (£105) is made from waterproof Cordura fabric, and is designed to improve on the Back-Roller (which we reviewed ages ago, and liked very much), with a 20-litre main compartment and Ortlieb’s Quick-Lock2.1 attachment system

2024 Ortlieb Back-Roller Plus rear pannier - 2

“New features such as the external accessory pocket and shoulder strap enhance comfort, making it the ultimate choice for commuters and tourers alike,” says Ortlieb.

2024 Ortlieb Dark Sand - 1

Beyond those additions, the Ortlieb Bikepacking collection is now available in a new colour: dark sand. You might call in taupe, but you'd be wrong. It's dark sand.

Find out more here 

Styrkr introduces GEL50 energy gel with 50g of carbs a pop


Styrkr, the UK-based nutrition brand that has seemingly taken over every influencer there is, has launched a brand new energy gel containing a whopping 50g of carbs per pack. The dual-carbohydrate gel (1:0.8 maltodextrin: fructose) comes in two flavours: Mixed Berries and Citrus Fruits. It should provide you with an easy and fast hit that's gentle on the stomach, only containing six natural ingredients that are said to be vegan, gluten-free and responsibly sourced. 

You can get the gels in a box of 12 which will set you back £29.99. 

Find out more here

Environmentally friendly NZero lubes hit the UK

If you want to minimise the environmental impact of the cycling products you use, a range of organic and 100% biodegradable lubes and waxes from Nzero is now available in the UK through Vanguard Cycles. The lineup includes the only EU Ecolabel-certified cycle chain lube. 

2024 NZero Wet Lube - 1

Vanguard’s Greg Moxham says, “There’s a lot of greenwashing in the industry regarding the misuse of terms like ‘biodegradable’ and ‘eco’, with very few products actually aligning with the supposed eco-friendly nature of cycling. This is especially when it comes to covering drivetrains in petrochemicals and PTFE that get washed into our waterways.”

“Marginal gains at the sake of the environment, for the recreational cyclist at least, is something I don’t think we should be okay with, especially if the alternatives still hold up on the performance side.”

Nzero says, “With formulas using renewable organic materials, natural additives, and avoiding the use of any type of ingredient of mineral origin, [we offer] a complete solution to cyclists with a high level of sustainable sensitivity and who want to maximise the performance of their bicycle.”

Nzero’s flagship Wet Lube (£11.49 for 100ml, £30 for 500ml) is a plant-based and biodegradable formula that’s free of PTFE and micro-particles. 

2024 NZero Degreaser - 1

The range also includes Dry Wax (£10.49 for 100ml) and a 100% biodegradable Degreaser (£14.95 for 1L). 

Stay tuned for reviews on soon.

Find out more here 

In case you missed it earlier in the week…

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froze | 3 months ago

The BBB Cycling DoubleShot Mini Pump is a fascinating pump idea.  My only issue, which may not be an issue at all, is how the two ends are screwed together doesn't "seem" to be joined with long enough threaded end pieces to hold up well to 80 plus PSI, I would be afraid of the force needed to pump at higher pressures that the pump could break at that point.  But damn I love the idea.

RoubaixCube | 4 months ago

That Fizik Omna shoe looks similar to the ones I picked up from planetX some years back.. "fully loaded" for a hundred notes. I think they were made by FLR. Wouldnt surprise me if FLR were the oem and Fizik just slapped their name on it and bumped the price up by 40-60%

Surreyrider replied to RoubaixCube | 4 months ago

They also appear not to be truly wide fit - the mention above was for higher volume and not a wider last so probably not a shoe someone with wide feet like me would actually buy.

don simon fbpe | 4 months ago
1 like

I'm old enough to remember when ex-pro bikes were knocked out for about €1500!

hawkinspeter replied to don simon fbpe | 4 months ago

don simon fbpe wrote:

I'm old enough to remember when ex-pro bikes were knocked out for about €1500!

I'm old enough to remember the time before the €

don simon fbpe replied to hawkinspeter | 4 months ago

The good ol' days when a coffee cost 100ptas before being rounded up €1.00 (160ptas) because the coins looked similar and no one would notice...

Geoff Ingram replied to don simon fbpe | 4 months ago

I remember when Don Simón tinto was 80 ptas, though I am a hacendado man myself.

don simon fbpe replied to Geoff Ingram | 4 months ago
1 like

But there's no bullshit with a bit of Don Simón...  3

ktache | 4 months ago

I don't know if the pump works, real world testing and reviewing needed, but the video was very good and shockingly persuasive.

Surreyrider replied to ktache | 4 months ago
1 like

Sure was. And I think this is potentially a much better innovation that those newfangled pumps that have enough power to inflate one tyre on a ride.

levestane replied to ktache | 4 months ago
1 like

As far as I can tell the pump has no power output, power comes from the riders arms. Not sure how the pump can double the wattage of arms.

Sredlums replied to levestane | 4 months ago

As far as I can tell you didn't watch the video.

First of all, not everything in cycling is about wattage. Pumps aren't. They are about the amount of air you can pump in your tire per stroke (with a managable amount of muscle power of course). This one pumps more air per stroke than most small pumps, because it effectively duobles its length when you attach the two halves.

Second, no one said or insinuated this works on electricity. It's really pretty clear it's just a regular hand pump in that regard.

levestane replied to Sredlums | 4 months ago
1 like

 “double the power..." Power is measured in watts (J/s). 

Rendel Harris replied to levestane | 4 months ago

It can't but it can greatly increase the pressure available: Boyle's law states that there is an inverse relationship between volume of gas and pressure, so having a pump bore double the length allows for a far greater volume of air to be compressed into the same space, so it's at much higher pressure, meaning that you can achieve much higher pressures with your tyres (because obviously for air to go into your tyre it has to be at a greater pressure than what is already in there). So it is slightly misleading to say it doubles the power, it should really say it doubles the pressure.

levestane replied to Rendel Harris | 4 months ago
1 like

... and halves the volume assuming no temp change (same mass with different V, P and T). I was just being pedantic about the marketing language.

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