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Video: bone conduction headphones - does more money mean better performance?

We pitted some £30 Amazon specials against the top-of-the-range Aftershox Aeropex

Not long ago we reviewed the Aftershokx Aeropex headphones, which did pretty well. Dave said of them, "If you want to listen to music and also hear what's going on around you then bone conduction is the way to go and these are the best ones I've tried so far".

At £150 a pair they're not cheap though, and you can pick up a set of R9 bone conduction headphones for around thirty quid; there are plenty of others out there for similar money. The law of diminishing returns means that you shouldn't expect a product that costs five times as much to be five times as good, but is it worth spending the extra on top-dollar heaphones here? We bought a pair of the R9s and pitted them against the, erm, Aeropexes? Aeropices? The other ones.

Watch the vid to see our conclusions! And look out for more cheap stuff vs expensive stuff soon. If you have a cheap thing you'd like to see compared to an expensive thing, let us know in the comments below...

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