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Strava launches new section for Tour de France with pro rider uploads all in one place

New section of the Strava app will make it easier to check out the top performances from the day’s racing in France across the men’s and women’s events

Strava is making it a whole lot easier to geek out on Tour de France data, by introducing a section that brings together daily activity uploads and photos from pro riders competing in the men’s Tour de France and the inaugural women’s Tour de France avec Zwift. It's a new way to follow the action of the iconic races and much easier for fans to check out the stats behind the impressive performances of each day’s racing, including the riders’ times on segments. 

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Yep, Strava is now putting together uploads from all the pro riders who choose to use the platform during the biggest race on the pro cycling calendar... which would have saved us a lot of time when doing the legwork for this article if it had existed in 2019. A surprising number of pros are already very active on Strava, using the app to upload their efforts to share with fans while also setting lots of impressive times on segments and therefore scooping KOMs. 

In 2021, 72% of cyclists in the Tour de France uploaded their race efforts to Strava and 62% of stage wins in the 2021 Tour were uploaded to Strava. It can be intriguing to see the numbers behind the performances and so we, for just one example, took a look at the KOMs the pros swept up in last year’s TdF and the incredible stats for the big climbs like Ventoux, Portet and Luz Ardiden. 

This new section of the social fitness tracking app has come about with Strava’s announcement of its three-year partnership with the Tour de France and Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift. It’ll be interesting to see if this is just the start of new features that help bring cycling fans closer to the Tour de France and if more and more pros begin to upload to the platform. 

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This year’s Tour de France will take place from July 1 to 24 and the inaugural Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift will take place just after, from 24 to 31 July. 

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