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New Vento Stabilita Carbon road shoe – power transfer redesigned, claims Fizik

New Vento Stabilita Carbon shoes get “Dynamic Arch Support 2.0” to eliminate lost watts

Fizik says that its new Vento Stabilita Carbon shoe features arch support tech – consisting of an external, separately adjustable strap assembly – provides "tailored support to the plantar fascia [that] minimises unnecessary foot movement” for an improvement in power transfer.

Not long after launching its new Vento Infinito Carbon 2 and Infinito Knit Carbon 2 road shoes, Fizik is at it again with the announcement of another high-end road race shoe. The claim with Fizik’s Vento Stailita Carbon shoe is a bold one. Fizik says that it has come up with a revolutionary design that will “eliminate lost watts” in the pedal stroke, though just how much power will be saved isn’t clear.

Fizik Vento Stabilita 8

The claims centre around the new arch support strap that anchors under the foot in an ‘A’ shape and is then tensioned by the upper Boa Li2 dial via another wide strap.

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Fizik says, “When the plantar fascia is properly supported, the medial arch stiffens, allowing for efficient power transfer and the most direct energy delivery from legs to pedals.

Fizik Vento Stabilita 5

“Every useful watt of power generated while cycling is transferred to the bike through the soles of the feet. When the plantar fascia is properly supported, the medial arch stiffens, allowing for efficient power transfer. Because of this, providing adjustable arch support is vital for both comfort and performance in a competitive cycling shoe.”

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For the upper, Fizik has used a “resilient polyurethane-laminated material combined over a comfortable mesh.” This, Fizik claims, results in “reduced yield and providing long-lasting foot support where it’s needed most.”

Fizik Vento Stabilita 7

The carbon fibre outsole is, Fizik says, the stiffest in their range and scores a 10 (out of 10) on their stiffness index. The arch support straps wrap under the sole, anchoring mid-way across the foot.

The sole is also claimed to improve airflow and reduce weight via strategic design and internal channelling.

Fizik Vento Stabilita 4

The sole’s design leaves the foot’s arch without any sole underneath it. Firstly, it will be interesting to see how this design impacts on comfort. We’ll be checking for any pressure points created by the foot pressing against the straps. But it also means that this is probably a shoe that is best left for the summer months where the extra ventilation won’t simply provide a hole for any rain to soak your socks.

Fizik’s Volume Control system has also been upgraded, which apparently allows for individual adjustments between the instep and forefoot areas with new, smaller Boa IP2 dials.

Fizik Vento Stabilita 1

At £374.99, the shoes are certainly a premium option and currently, there is just one colourway, though we do like the look of this black and yellow design. Sizes range from EU36 to EU48 with half sizes available between EU37 and EU47. Sound like the shoes for you? They’re available now, but we’ll be asking for a pair to be sent for review should you want to wait for our verdict on this new tech.

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