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What happens when your carbon wheels break? Roval now offers lifetime warranty on its carbon wheels

Lifetime warranty now being offered on Roval carbon wheels

What happens when your expensive carbon wheels fails? They’re an expensive purchase and it’s nice to know someone has your back in the event they do cause problems. Which is why it’s worth sharing the news that Roval Components is now offering a lifetime warranty on its wheels.

This means lifetime coverage for the original owner and two years of protection to anyone purchasing the wheels second or third hand, or even later.

For US customers it gets even better, as Roval goes one step further and offers a no-fault crash replacement program covering all riding incidents for two years.

“Roval wheels have been engineered to exceed the performance requirements of today’s best riders. Our wheels stand up to top riders including Peter Sagan, Fabio Wibmer and Alison Tetrick, so we’re confident in offering our new Lifetime Warranty and “**it Happens” no-fault crash replacement to everyone aboard Roval wheels,” says Ben Capron of Roval.

You can read more about the Roval warranty here. This follows the recent news that Enve is offering a lifetime crash replacement policy, though it only applies to the original owner. 

Is warranty and aftersales support something you consider when purchasing carbon fibre wheels? Or any bike product come to mention it? There has been an explosion of cheap and affordable carbon wheels in the last few years, and not all have lasted that long, which does raise some concerns about who is going to look after you if you have an issue with your pricey purchase. 

It does raise the question of what warranty the many other carbon wheel brands offer, so next week we’ll investigate and see how the different wheel brands compare. 

Have you any experience with carbon wheel warranty claims? Let us know down below.


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