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12 products from Assos, Prime, Post Carry Co, Vielo, Kostume and more added to Recommends

The best of the best cycling products are awarded the recommends badge every month, and here are the 12 newest additions.... Recommends is the section of the site devoted products that have performed superbly in our reviews, and we've just added a dozen new items. We have bikes from BMC, Vitus and Vielo, clothing from Kostume and Assos, Prime wheels and a uniquely small bike transfer case among other great items.

Let’s have a look at these top scorers. You can jump to the full product review from the list below or read short summaries of each by scrolling down. 


Clothing and shoes

Parts and wheels



BMC 257 AMP AL TWO review (26).JPG

BMC’s 257 AMP AL Two e-bike is an extremely stylish-looking commuter that boasts a mouth-watering combination of a powerful Bosch mid-drive motor, sizeable battery, powerful lights, superstrong mudguards with integrated rear rack and a sophisticated Kiox display.

It impressed Richard with its superbly efficient and powerful motor performance and large battery.

Best electric bikes 2023 — from e-road bikes to commuters, e-cargo bikes and beyond

Vielo R+1 Alto Classified

2023 Vielo R+1 Road - riding 1.jpg

The Vielo R+1 Alto Classified is the British company's newest model, utilising the latest technology to turn a 1x bike into one that has the gear range of a 2x setup. Vielo, which exclusively makes bikes with 1x setups, has achieved this by adding in Classified's Powershift rear hub which keeps the same simplistic and smooth lines that the R+1 is known for while adding versatility, and showcasing what's achievable when it comes to the latest road bike designs.

Vitus Energie 24 Kids CX Bike

2022 Vitus Energie 24 Youth CX Bike.jpg

The Vitus Energie 24 Youth CX bike got compliments for its smart looks and good spec list for the money. The geometry is well designed specifically for kids, which means there is no compromise on riding position – which boosts confidence, especially when the young 'uns are riding off-road.

Best kids' bikes 2023 — everything from balance bikes to junior superbikes

Kostüme Men’s Bib Short

Kostüme Men’s Bib Short Best bib shorts for luxury

Kostüme is a small and relatively new brand from Bristol, and their bib shorts have blown us away. They’re well thought out and comfortable, and oh, that Lycra… it is buttery soft against the skin. The aloe vera-infused chamois is incredibly comfortable and can be relied upon for very long rides, making these bibs a great option for endurance cyclists. The women’s version of these bibs received a similarly glowing review on our site

Assos Equipe R Bib Shorts S9

2023 Assos Equipe R Bib Shorts S9.jpg

The Assos Equipe R Bib Shorts S9 impressed us with the quality they offered - at a lower price than the RS and RSR ranges. 

They are very figure-hugging and compressive and the materials are lightweight and breathable. Reviewer Tom also praised the seatpad as his “new benchmark in chamois softness and comfort”. 

Best cycling bib shorts 2023 – the top picks to keep you comfortable in the saddle

Shimano S-Phyre RC9 (RC903) Shoe

Shimano S-Phyre RC9 (RC903) Shoes

The Shimano S-Phyre RC9 (RC903) shoes are an evolution of the outgoing RC902s, and a tiny bit lighter but just as impressively stiff, secure and comfortable. Good venting also makes them ideal for hot rides. 

In addition, Steve listed the adjustable arch support as a benefit that not all cycling shoes offer. 

Best road cycling shoes 2023 — get faster with light, stiff shoes

TICCC Omloop Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey

2023 This Is Cambridge Omloop Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey.jpg

This jersey definitely has a bold design, with bright colour and polka dots. Jo praised it as a tight-fitting, highly visible jersey with weather-resistant qualities that make it very versatile in cold weather.

Although the price is not cheap, with the company's responsible manufacturing ethos we think that TICCC has created a quality product that largely justifies its price.

76 Projects Hi Flow No Clog Tubeless Valves

2023 76 Projects Hi Flow Valve fitted 1

Clogged valves are the worst pet peeve for tubeless tyre users (well, after dried-up sealant) and these 76 Projects Hi Flow No Clog Tubeless Valves seem to completely eliminate that issue. Unlike a traditional valve, this one is made of two parts, so you can remove the outer section for inserting sealant without clogging up the valve core. 

If you're forever finding yourself stuck with clogged-up tubeless valves, or you're just looking into setting up your bike with tubeless tyres, these valves are ideal.

Prime Orra 700C Carbon Gravel Wheelset

2023 Prime Orra 700C Alloy Gravel Wheelset.jpg

The Prime Orra 700c Carbon Gravel wheelset is a quality performer that offers impressive stiffness, weight and build quality which makes the price even more impressive – just a penny shy of 600 quid! 

The quality is high and at 1,610g (including tape) they are a competitive weight too. You're getting a lot for your money, and the box also comes with valves.

Best road bike wheels 2023 — transform your road bike with some shiny new hoops

Coffee First, Then the World book by Jenny Graham

2023 Coffee First, Then the World by Jenny Graham

This book tells the story of the record-breaking around-the-world cycle that Jenny Graham completed on her Shand Stooshie. This adventure happened five years ago, and we’ve had to wait until now to read Jenny's own personal account of her adventure - but the wait was well worth it. 

Emma says it is an excellent, honest, easy-to-read account of an inspiring, record-smashing ride.

Post Carry Co Transfer Case

2023 Post Carry Co Transfer Case 135l holding up.jpg

Post Carry Co’s Transfer Case can revolutionise the way you travel with your bike and is ideal for those who want to travel with the lowest possible cost, who don't mind a little bike mechanic, and who don't have much space to store a full-size hard case. 

This bag is a compact piece of excellent product design and full of neat details that really elevate its already decent value.

Best bike boxes and bike bags 2023 — bike-specific luggage options to keep your prized possession safe when travelling

100 Greatest Cycling Climbs of Spain by Simon Warren

2023 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs of Spain by Simon Warren - cover.jpg

Simon Warren has turned his attention to Spain with this book, following a well-proven format. Richard says that this latest addition to Warren's ongoing series is logical, timely, and familiar – and a bit later than expected, thanks to Covid restrictions.

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Suvi joined F-At in 2022, first writing for She's since joined the tech hub, and contributes to all of the sites covering tech news, features, reviews and women's cycling content. Lover of long-distance cycling, Suvi is easily convinced to join any rides and events that cover over 100km, and ideally, plenty of cake and coffee stops. 

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BuckBreaker | 38 posts | 4 months ago

I'm very skeptical about the Classified hub. Internal gear hubs belong on an omafiets like here in the Netherlands, not in a race!

Andski808 replied to BuckBreaker | 34 posts | 4 months ago

I tried it at the bike show the other week and was very impressed with how smooth and precise it was across 22 gears. However, as you say, it's new tech for race bikes and you can't service it yourself so, personally, it's not for me yet. But I wouldn't rule it out on the principle that 'it doesn't belong'

pkaro replied to BuckBreaker | 23 posts | 4 months ago
1 like

Given how cagey they are about releasing appropriate numbers related to efficiency, I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's a useless hub for competitive cyclists who climbs hills.

If you spend 98% of your time in the big ring and just need a bail-out every blue moon then it might be something worth considering as it would allow you to run a 1x setup.

Cugel replied to pkaro | 504 posts | 4 months ago
1 like

What, exactly, are the criteria for categorising products as "best of" or "recommended"? 

How are the the metrics of these criteria measured?

Are the measuring metrics objective, in any way, shape or form; or rather subjective?

One suspects that the criteria are in fact but a singular criterion: this journo-advert person is motivated by ??? to "like" this product. The metrics driving the "like" are still rather mysterious, though.   1

One does notice a rather obvious amount of PR-speak, mind. The identical PR-speak can often be found, at the same time, on other cycling websites! Coo.

Of course, I may be completely wrong in exhibiting this scepticism. Perhaps RoadCC has some magic objective measuring device used to judge each and every item in the vast flow of the new!improved! shiny things gushing from the many gubbins-spouts?


quiff replied to Cugel | 1416 posts | 4 months ago

Cugel wrote:

What, exactly, are the criteria for categorising products as "best of" or "recommended"? 

It's explained at the top of the recommends page linked at the start of the article: Recommends wrote: Recommends gives you the nod on the best cycling stuff around NOW, when you really need to know. Think of it as our end of year awards for the best bikes and kit but served up on a much more useful monthly basis. Every month our tech team selects the best bikes, clothing, parts and accessories we’ve reviewed on that month. Not simply stuff that’s scored well, but those items we think stand out as special. The only selection criterion is: do we think it’s REALLY good. That’s it. No set number, no set price range, no set products – simply our selection of the best of the best stuff we’ve reviewed each month showcased for you in one super-useful section of cycling specialness.  

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