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Best cycling bib shorts 2024 – the top picks to keep you comfortable in the saddle

Ride for longer and in more comfort with the best cycling bib shorts for every budget

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If you’re planning to ride your bike this summer – whether for sport or fun – life will be a whole lot better if you’re wearing a pair of the best cycling bib shorts.

A good pair of cycling bib shorts is the most important item in a cyclist’s wardrobe. Find the right pair for you with this definitive guide. Our male and female testers have logged thousands upon thousands of miles in the saddle to find out which shorts really are the best.

With shoulder straps to hold them in place and a pad to prevent chafing, cycling bib shorts made from a Lycra-blend fabric are very comfortable for long rides.

As you’d probably expect, more expensive shorts generally perform better in that they tend to be more comfortable for longer, but there are some bargain exceptions so don’t rule out cheaper options.

Winter cycling bib shorts are made from thicker, warmer fabrics, often with water-repellency built in. If you don’t want to ride with exposed skin, you can team them up with some of the best leg warmers.

Cycling bib shorts for women are cut for the female anatomy and often have straps designed to make toilet breaks easier.

Good cycling bib shorts start at about £40 and we’ve reviewed pairs that are priced at more than £250.

Looking for the best three-quarter length tights which cover your knees? They have their own buyer’s guide.

And, of course, you're going to need one of the best cycling jerseys and a pair of road cycling shoes to get the most out of your riding.

The best cycling bib shorts

7Mesh Mk3 bib shorts Best bib shorts overall

7Mesh Mk3 bib shorts

Best bib shorts overall
Buy now for £170 from Sigma Sports
Amazing comfort
Wide and comfortable shoulder straps
Brilliant moisture management
Subtle branding
Umm... they are £170

Tester Pat says the 7Mesh Mk3 bib shorts are the best shorts he’s ever worn. They are incredibly comfortable regardless of the length of time in the saddle because of their hammock chamois lining, material choice and cut, and the luxurious, wide shoulder straps. True, they’re not cheap, but they're worth every penny.

7Mesh was already onto a good thing with its Mk2 bib shorts, but the Mk3s are a huge improvement. Buying shorts is a worrying experience as it’s not like you can take them back to the shop after four hours of testing and say, erm, no thanks. If you take the plunge and purchase these Mk3s, we think you’ll be very pleased.

Velocio Men’s Concept Bib Short Best money-no-object men’s bib shorts

Velocio Men’s Concept Bib Short

Best money-no-object men’s bib shorts
Buy now for £251 from Velocio
Sublime comfort
Minimal seams
Excellent fit and pad
The price

The Velocio Concept bib shorts offer a sublimely comfortable ride, the fit is excellent... And then there's that price tag.

Yes, it's a lot to spend, there's no getting around that. However, reviewer Jamie Williams said that these are the most comfortable big shorts he's ever worn.

Pull them on for the first time and it's immediately noticeable how few seams there are, as there's very little to grab to pull them up.

Once they're on it's an extremely nice place to be – the material feels high quality, the legs are compressive without feeling restrictive, and the bib straps are so comfortable it's easy to forget they're even there.

It's clear that a lot of thought has gone into the pad. It combines high-density foam, anti-vibration inserts and a shaped, anatomically moulded contour with exceptional breathability.

What's more, it's designed to 'float' in the bibs so that it doesn't get dragged around by your shorts or saddle as you're pedalling.

Triban Men’s Cycling Bib Shorts RC100 Best budget men's bib shorts

Triban Men’s Cycling Bib Shorts RC100

Best budget men's bib shorts
Buy now for £29.99 from Decathlon
Chamois thickness is well balanced for padding and comfort
Well made
Plenty of sizes

With a comfortable pad and a reasonably tailored fit, Triban’s Men's Cycling Bib Shorts RC100 are ideal for anyone on a budget. Triban is Decathlon’s entry-level range and these shorts show that entry-level doesn't have to feel cheap.

The quality is impressive throughout, with clean and neat stitching, and the materials feel smooth with no scratchiness. The cut isn't as tailored as some top-quality race shorts, but these are well-designed, with no excess material or bunching anywhere.

The bib straps are wide which reduces any pressure over the shoulders, while the rear mesh section helps breathability.

The pad is a good one, rated for rides of around two hours and up to 50km (30 miles), and we’d go along with that. The central padded section is 13mm thick – enough to isolate you from the biggest bumps and rough surfaces. It’s relatively firm, which means it doesn’t squish down too much when you sit on it so it feels supportive, and you don't get any pressure points which can lead to numbness.

Kostüme Men’s Bib Short Best bib shorts for luxury

Kostüme Men’s Bib Short

Best bib shorts for luxury
Buy now for £180 from Kostume
All-day comfort
Thoughtful details
The feel of the Lycra
Environmental credentials

The Kostüme Signature Bib Short is an incredibly well-thought-out and subtly detailed garment, constructed from supple and soft Lycra, with a pad that’s incredibly comfortable and can be relied upon for very long rides.

Reviewer VecchioJo says that you get ‘next-level comfort’ here. The Lycra is both soft and supportive at the same time and has a very pleasing matt finish. Wearing it is an absolute joy.

The shorts provide firm compression in the legs and there’s just one flatlocked seam within the main body of the shorts; there’s nothing to rub on the inside of the thigh.

The hem is raw cut with a silicone gripper that’s so subtle you can't even feel it’s there, while the straps are stretchy, wide, comfortable and made from a mesh material that keeps them airy.

The Italian pad looks a simple affair but it forms around what it needs to form around and settles where you need the comfort to be.

Sportful Fiandre NoRain Pro Bib Shorts Best winter bib shorts

Sportful Fiandre NoRain Pro Bib Shorts

Best winter bib shorts
Buy now for £150 from Sportful
Extremely versatile
Come up small

Sportful’s Fiandre NoRain Pro Bib Shorts are excellent when you’re cycling in cold and damp weather, with superb comfort backed up by impressive fit and durability. They are a good three-season, possibly four-season, choice for UK cyclists. Wear them on their own or pair with knee or leg warmers and you have a versatile and solid bottom half of your winter wardrobe.

The fit of the shorts is perfect. The leg length is longer than usual, providing more coverage and warmth, and the soft lining of the NoRain Thermal material adds a luxurious feeling that definitely makes you feel a bit better prepared when stepping out with the bike in the morning.

Also consider: Lusso 2-Zero Thermal Bib Shorts don’t have the Sportful shorts’ level of water repellency but will still help keep you warm when paired with leg warmers. 

Assos Mille GT Bib Shorts C2 Best bib shorts for comfortable padding

Assos Mille GT Bib Shorts C2

Best bib shorts for comfortable padding
Buy now for £125 from Sigma Sports
Excellent pad
Comfortable straps
Great fit
Leg length won't suit everyone

The Assos Mille GT Bib Shorts C2 put in an excellent performance, providing a comfortable pad and a great fit. As long as you’re happy with legs that are on the shorter side, there’s nothing to dislike here.

The chamois is layered: 11mm of superAir microShock foam, with a 3D waffle-top sheet using Assos’ ‘Golden Gate’ technology – essentially a dense pad under a layer of antibacterial fabric that's only stitched in at the front and rear.

This allows the pad to move with you better, rather than with the shorts.

Reviewer Ben Woodhouse reported no chafing or irritation from the edges of the fabric, regardless of the duration or intensity of his rides.

The X-frame straps are comfortable – good and wide to spread the load – while the light leg grippers do a great job.

Assos clothing usually sits towards the upper end of the price spectrum but the Mille GT Bib Shorts C2 aren’t too dear considering the quality on offer.

Castelli Free Aero RC Bib Shorts Best racing/sportive bib shorts

Castelli Free Aero RC Bib Shorts

Best racing/sportive bib shorts
Buy now for £115 from Tredz
Excellent seat pad
Loads of comfort
Plenty of support
No more flaking logos
The lack of leg grippers won't suit everyone

Castelli’s Free Aero RC bib shorts combine a superb level of comfort with plenty of support and some neat features. Plus, the Progetto X Air seamless seat pad is among the best out there.

Castelli has halved the number of panels used in the lowers from 10 to five, reducing the number of seams. The danger with doing that is that you don’t get such an anatomic fit, but these are superbly comfortable throughout.

The new Forza 2 fabric is supportive without being restrictive. The fine gauge of the yarns wicks away moisture quickly; they’re a good summer weight.

Castelli has ditched leg grippers to keep the bottom hem as comfy as possible. They didn’t ride up at all during testing with or without leg warmers.

Castelli's Progetto X Air seamless seat pad is up there with the best in the business. You get 3mm-thick viscous (gel-like) padding in the perineal and ischial areas and two different densities of foam.

Santini Unico Men’s Bib Shorts Best bib shorts for sublime comfort

Santini Unico Men’s Bib Shorts

Best bib shorts for sublime comfort
Buy now for £119.67 from Alpine Trek
Great pad
Luxuriously soft fabric with high stretch
Thermo-welded seams and no grippers means little to irritate
Smart graphics and cool-looking straps
Fairly pricey
Some may want longer legs
Limited reflective detail

The Santini Unico Men’s Bib Shorts are an excellent option if you want to ride a long way without a second thought for your nethers. They use Santini’s best seat pad and a luxurious fabric with almost no seams.

The C3 seat pad (also found on Santini’s more expensive bibs) features variable thicknesses with perforations and gel inserts under the ischiatic bones to help spread the load. We really rate it.

The microfibre fabric is soft and luxurious to the touch, with more stretch than traditional Lycra. There are few seams – below the waist there is just one thermo-welded seam running down the inside of each thigh.

The leg ends are raw cut with no silicone or other grippers. The stretchy fabric does a pretty good job of keeping them in place anyway, and the lack of seams really does give a 'barely there' feeling.

Rapha Core Cargo Bib Shorts Best bib shorts for storage

Rapha Core Cargo Bib Shorts

Best bib shorts for storage
Buy now for £125 from Rapha
Extra pocket space

With extra pockets for food and essentials, supreme fit and comfort, the Rapha Core Cargo Bib Shorts are easy to recommend.

These shorts feature mesh storage pockets around the back at the bottom of the bib section and on the outside of each leg.

For really long rides, whether an Audax or a long gravel quest where you need to carry lots more food and kit, the extra pockets are immensely useful. As well as food, the mesh leg pockets are useful for stashing arm/leg warmers as you peel them off when the temperature rises.

The pockets also come in useful if you're wearing a loose-fitting top without pockets when riding off-road. The Core Cargo shorts provide the pocket space you normally get from a jersey for essentials like food, phone, keys, tools and other bits and bobs.

Even putting the pockets to one side, these are high-quality shorts that are very well made with great attention to detail.


Nopinz Pro-1 bib shorts

Nopinz Pro-1 Bib Shorts – Men

Best bib shorts for indoor training
Buy now for £99.99 from Nopinz
Excellent aero construction
Comfortable pad
Brilliant value
Long legs won't suit all

Although they’re not designed specifically for indoor training, the Nopinz Pro-1 Bib Shorts are perfect for the pain cave thanks to their light Speedscalez fabric (which has claimed aero advantages for outdoor riding), a mesh upper section and very comfortable Teosport Armadillo endurance seat pad.

Tester Nick writes: “Testing these shorts indoors on the turbo, they deal with the sweaty conditions very well. The shorts section rises to about belly-button height, allowing for plenty of ventilation, and the lightweight mesh straps are comfortable and wick sweat away well.”

Lusso Comfort Break Bib Shorts Best women’s bib shorts for £100

Lusso Comfort Break Bib Shorts

Best women’s bib shorts for £100
Buy now for £100 from Lusso
Make bathroom stops a breeze
Soft and comfortable to wear
Great size range available
Seams aren't flatlock stitched
May not compress enough for some tastes

Lusso’s Comfort Break Bibshorts are designed to make mid-ride pit stops as easy for women as they are for men. Lusso has nailed it with its no-fuss, no-clasp design, which is as pleasant to wear on the bike as it is easy to pee in. These bib shorts are light, comfortable and feel like a second skin – a winner all round.

Tester Caroline writes: “Chamois choice is always a hugely personal affair, but Lusso has opted for a mix of gel and open cell foam with channels to aid ventilation. I found the chamois comfortable, although my preference would have been to include the gel at the front of the pad as well as under the sit bones, to better support the delicate tissues there.

“Overall, I think these shorts are excellent. As regards being easy to pee in – their raison d'être – they performed perfectly, the overall comfort level is high, and they're good value to boot. It really is 'easy-peasy' to pee in these – a comfortable pair of summer bib shorts with a quality pad.”

Assos Dyora RS Bib Shorts S9 Best women's bib shorts overall

Assos Dyora RS Bib Shorts S9

Best women's bib shorts overall
Buy now for £175 from Wiggle
Exceptional comfort
High quality
Slow-drying chamois

The Assos Dyora RS Bib Shorts combine a race fit and performance with exceptional comfort and a pad that is up to serious mileage. They’re expensive, but the investment will serve you well throughout spring, summer and autumn.

If you don’t race, don't be put off by the fact that Dyora shorts come from Assos’s ‘Race Series’. If you value a good fit on the bike, regardless of your pace, these are worth the money.

A pair of shorts that you are unaware of because they are so comfortable is surely what everyone wants, and the Assos Dyora are exactly this. We simply can't fault the performance, fit or comfort. Yes, they come at a high price, but in this case it’s fully justified.

These are the only women's shorts we’ve ever awarded five stars for performance; they really are that good

Assos Women’s UMA GTV Bib Shorts C2 Best money-no-object women’s bib shorts

Assos Women’s UMA GTV Bib Shorts C2

Best money-no-object women’s bib shorts
Buy now for £210 from Sigma Sports
Easy-pee design
Fit is great
There are cheaper options with easy-pee solutions
The chamois dries out slowly

The Assos UMA GTV C2 women’s bib shorts might be expensive but they’re amazingly comfortable and excellent quality, with a fast and easy pee-break design that actually works.

Reviewer Suvi Loponen said that the UMAs immediately felt great. The Ossidia fabric offers great stretch yet still keeps things comfortably compressed.

Assos’ Bisiclick design works really well for pee stops, once you get used to it. Two magnetic clasps sit on the lower back (just above the bum), attaching to the stretchy straps, so there’s no need to remove your jersey.

Inside the shorts, the GT C2 pad features Assos' goldenGate technology, where the pad isn't stitched into place all the way along the sides. The pad itself is constructed of a 3D waffle foam to reduce weight and increase breathability, and a 9mm Superair Microshock Foam for protection from road vibrations. It provides a high level of comfort but does take a while to dry.

Overall, these shorts offer exceptional quality and comfort. They also look great and wash well, promising longterm durability.

dhb Moda Women’s Classic Bib Shorts Best budget women’s bib shorts

dhb Moda Women’s Classic Bib Shorts

Best budget women’s bib shorts
Buy now for £30 from Wiggle
Impressive chamois for the price
Eco fabrics
Great close fit
Comfy leg ends
Straps can be tricky to arrange

dhb’s Moda Women’s Classic Bib Shorts are a well-thought-out design with a great fit, with straps that don’t put pressure on the chest, wonderfully comfy leg ends and minimalist styling. They’re ideal for more relaxed road rides of a couple of hours when sitting in an upright position on the hoods.

Reviewer Anna-Marie Hughes said. “The stretchy material is wonderfully soft against the skin and the seams are well positioned so that they don’t cause any irritation. The close cut is supportive, but not to the extent that it’s compressive – it’s a great balance for staying comfy on relaxed rides. The bib straps curve around the chest rather than passing straight over your boobs, so there’s no uncomfortable pressure being placed here.”

The Elastic Interface seat pad provides sufficient comfort for rides of two or three hours.

Overall, the Moda Classics are well-designed shorts, providing impressive amounts of comfort and support at a low price.

Specialized Women’s Prime Bib Shorts Best mid-range women’s bib shorts

Specialized Women’s Prime Bib Shorts

Best mid-range women’s bib shorts
Buy now for £120 from Specialized
Incredibly comfortable
Excellent quality
Pee-stop friendly
Superb pad
Good value
Pee-stop solution requires some dexterity/practice

The Specialized Women’s Prime Bib Shorts offer incredible comfort and a superb seat pad, and they’re a very good price considering the excellent quality. The only issue is that we didn’t find the nifty pee-stop strap solution quite as nifty as it could be.

These are high-quality bib shorts made from a fabric that moves moisture quickly and effectively.

The super-comfy fit is echoed by the comfort and support of the pad, a triple-density foam Women’s Body Geometry Contour 3D Chamois. Reviewer Lara Dunn reported that it conformed exceptionally well to the body, but retained its cushioning without undue compression, remaining comfortable no matter the effort or length of ride.

A magnetic buckle at the rear is designed to make comfort breaks easier to deal with. It releases quickly and easily but isn’t quite so easy to do up again. Lara did master the technique after a few rides, but it did require her to unzip her jersey.

Overall, though, these offer exceptional performance for their price.

Best cycling bib shorts: how to choose and what you need to know

Do cycling shorts make a difference?

When it comes to performance cycling, whether it’s long rides on Sunday mornings or road racing and sportives, bib shorts are where it’s at for outright comfort. The pad provides comfort so you can sit in the saddle for hours at a time, the shoulder straps avoid a waistband digging into your stomach, and there’s no excess fabric to flap about.

While there are other styles of shorts available — baggy, urban and waist shorts — bib shorts are hard to beat for comfort on any rides that combine distance and speed. You can wear them year-round – under tights in the winter, on their own in the summer – and no, you don’t wear underwear under them, if you’re wondering. They’re designed to sit next to the skin.

Cycling bib shorts are the cornerstone of a rider’s wardrobe, and it’s definitely worth investing in a good pair – maybe two or three pairs if you’re riding frequently.

The pad is where a lot of the money goes but don’t assume that you’ll always get a better pad by buying more expensive shorts. Better fabrics and more panels can contribute to higher costs as well.

Fortunately these days you can get decent cycling bib shorts for about £40 which are good if you’re just starting out in cycling. You can spend over £250 if you’re feeling particularly flush, but you do begin to see diminishing returns in extra comfort.

What does the padded insert do?

The pad is the most important part of a pair of cycling bib shorts. The main job of bib shorts is to support the foam pad between body and saddle. It’s often called an insert or chamois, on account of early bib shorts using a real leather pad made from chamois goat skin. Yes, really. You used to have to treat it with chamois cream to keep it soft. These days they are mostly made from synthetic materials.

When buying your first pair of bib shorts, remember that most of the money goes into the pad. In theory, the more you spend on a pair of shorts, the better the pad. In practice, this isn’t always the case, so it pays to do your homework carefully. The bib shorts review archive is the perfect place to start.

The pad is shaped to conform to the body and provide padding where you make contact with the saddle. The most important areas are where the sit bones make contact with the saddle. Cheaper shorts might have a single-thickness pad, while the more expensive pads use variable levels of foam thickness and density to keep the pad thinner where you don’t need much cushioning, and thicker where you do need it. Such pads are generally more comfortable as a result.

Look for a pad with an antibacterial finish for hygiene. Some pads have channels or perforations to wick away sweat and encourage the movement of air; there’s nothing more uncomfortable than a soggy pad.

The pad should feel reasonably soft and have some flex to it, so it shapes to your body. It needs to sit flush with your curves. The better pads we’ve tested tend to feel like they’re not there at all.

Manufacturers are now aiming shorts at different riding types, so it’s possible to choose more padding for endurance riding and slimmer pads for shorter rides or racing.

Pads come in men’s and women’s versions, with shapes to suit the different anatomies. No two pads are the same. They can vary in thickness, shape and other factors, so the best thing is to try them on before you buy.

Just like saddles, what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. We’re all different shapes, and your weight and riding style can influence the type of pad that will work best for you.

What features do you see in women’s cycling bib shorts?

The main differences between men’s and women’s cycling bib shorts are in fit and the padded insert, which is usually a different size and shape, typically narrower and shorter for women.

While the bib straps on men’s shorts go straight up the torso, some manufacturers take different approaches with bib straps on women’s shorts, either pushing them out to the sides or having a single central strap. Some have bib straps that can be unclipped easily to make toilet stops easier.

If you don’t like the idea of bib shorts then there are lots of regular Lycra shorts available. The benefit of bib shorts is there is no elastic waistband digging into your stomach, but many manufacturers have solved that problem with wide, carefully shaped waistbands that spread the pressure. Most manufacturers offer women-specific shorts and there are plenty of choices available.

What fabrics are used for cycling bib shorts?

The most common fabric for bib shorts is some sort of stretchy synthetic mix, usually a blend of nylon and Lycra, and variously described as Spandex or elastane. There’s a huge variety of thicknesses and weights of fabric.

Manufacturers combine different fabrics at the top end to achieve a good fit and level of compression. Some shorts are designed to work better in hot weather with more breathable materials, and some are better suited to the winter with a thicker fleecy-backed Roubaix fabric.

It’s even possible to get shorts made from water-resistant fabrics, ideal for the British climate.

Do cycling bib shorts come in different fits?

The fit is influenced by the number of panels used to make the shorts. The more panels there are, the more complex the shorts are to make, and the higher the cost.

All cycling bib shorts are designed to sit close to the body but sizing is crucial and varies from brand to brand, so we’d really recommend trying them on before you drop your cash if at all possible. As a rule of thumb, cycling clothing from Italian companies will come up small for its nominal size. American and UK brands tend to be more generous.

What features should I look for in cycling bib shorts?

The shorts are held in place with bib straps that stretch over your shoulders. They need to be stretchy and wide so they don’t dig in, and also so you can manage toilet stops without having to bend over backwards.

Men’s shorts typically have widely spaced straps, but there are a few different solutions for women’s shorts. Some manufacturers join the straps in the middle of the chest, with a buckle to allow easy removal for toilet breaks.

Often the rear of the bib section will be a large panel of mesh material to aid cooling.

You really don’t want shorts riding up so they usually have some sort of gripper to keep them in place on your legs. Silicone tape or dots are the most frequent solutions, along with elasticated hems.

Some manufacturers have now moved away from this approach and use broad highly elasticated hems that rely on compression to keep the legs in place. They’re typically more comfortable with less skin irritation, and they don’t dig in either.

Another detail to look out for is the use of reflective material on the back or legs. It’s possible to get shorts designed for nighttime riding with large areas of reflective material.

A race radio pocket at the back of the shorts is designed for use by professionals, but it can double up as a hidden phone pocket.

Mat has been in cycling media since 1996, on titles including BikeRadar, Total Bike, Total Mountain Bike, What Mountain Bike and Mountain Biking UK, and he has been editor of 220 Triathlon and Cycling Plus. Mat has been technical editor for over a decade, testing bikes, fettling the latest kit, and trying out the most up-to-the-minute clothing. We send him off around the world to get all the news from launches and shows too. He has won his category in Ironman UK 70.3 and finished on the podium in both marathons he has run. Mat is a Cambridge graduate who did a post-grad in magazine journalism, and he is a winner of the Cycling Media Award for Specialist Online Writer. Now over 50, he's riding road and gravel bikes most days for fun and fitness rather than training for competitions.

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EM69 | 7 months ago

Had a couple of pairs of Giordana FRC Pro bibs for several seasons now and they have been superb (in ALL the catagories listed!). 

OnYerBike | 7 months ago

As with some of the other Buyer's Guides, the categories do seem a bit shoehorned in.

I struggle to see a significant distinction between "best for luxury", "best for comfortable padding" and "best for sublime comfort". OK, maybe the most comfortable pad might differ from the most comfortable overall, but the criteria for "luxury" and "sublime comfort" appear to be identical - the "luxury" winner's strongest point appers to be it's ‘next-level comfort’, while the "sublime" winner appears to have won partly on the strength of it's 'luxurious' fabric. 

And then of course there's the "best money-no-object", the winner of which is also described as being "sublimely comfortable". Is that more or less sublimely comfortable than the "best for sublime comfort"?

My suggestion would be to ditch the "best for..." straplines. If they need straplines, then how about "great for..." - there's only one "best" but several products can be "great" which would avoid this pedantry. If you must have "best" then maybe restrict that to "best overall" (the one you would buy with your own hard earned cash) "best value" (the one you would buy if you were skint) and "best money-no-object" (the one you would choose if a magic genie offered to grant you exactly one pair of bib shorts to wear for all eternity). The rest of the list can be "also recommended" with the review text highlighting what each option's strengths and weaknesses are. 

Off the back | 7 months ago

It surprises me why so few haltarneck bib shorts are available for women. On long rides the biggest issue my partner has is being able get her bibs off to go to the loo. Halterneck staps that go around the neck instead of being like braces are much easier to get off quickly. Yet I hardly see any top brands make this style of bibs. 

I know loads of female riders who prefer them and wish they could find more so there is a market for them 

rjfrussell | 7 months ago
1 like

they don't seem to get reviewed much, but by far the most comfortable shorts i've had have been from Isadore


NickSprink | 7 months ago

Any chance you can do best "bib-less" shorts?  I really don't like bibs, but seems hard to find good normal cycling shorts these days.

Freddy56 replied to NickSprink | 7 months ago

My brother uses Galibier's madison shorts, they are non bib and he seems to likes them.

Currently loving my Assos shorts I got for Christmas.