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Stolen Goat Black Alpine Bodyline Bib Tights



Super warm and weatherproof, but the fabric feels restrictive
Exceptional weather protection for the money
Fabric feels quite restrictive

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Stolen Goat's Black Alpine Bodyline Bib Tights are at their best when riding conditions reach freezing point and below. Not many other bib tights I've tried achieve that, especially at this price, which is less than many of those in our best winter bib tights buyer's guide.

> Buy now: Stolen Goat Black Alpine Bodyline Bib Tights for £160 from Stolen Goat


The Black Alpine Bodyline Bib Tights are made from Tempest Protect fabric, the same stuff Stolen Goat used for the brand's Climb and Conquer Winter Jacket that I reviewed and rated highly last year. It'll be no surprise that the combo worked really well for me during the cold snap we've just had.

2022 Stolen Goat Black Alpine Bodyline Bib Tights - straps front.jpg

While I normally run colder than most – it's not unusual for me to wear a layer more than others on the same ride – these bib tights kept me genuinely comfortable on longer rides in sub-zero temperatures with significant wind chill. Even when you add rain into the mix, it probably won't be the fabric that lets the wind and the cold get through.

2022 Stolen Goat Black Alpine Bodyline Bib Tights - straps back.jpg

Bioracer says its Tempest Protect fabric is 'highly insulating and still breathable' and that 'the durable water repellency and wind protection manufactured into the fabric will always retain, even after many washings'.


Stolen Goat has specced Bioracer's Vapour pad, the same one it uses on its Epic Bib Shorts. Stolen Goat reckons these are perfect for long days in the saddle, providing 'maximum support, with minimum friction and optimal breathability'.

2022 Stolen Goat Black Alpine Bodyline Bib Tights - chamois.jpg

In the real world, my saddle area didn't report any problems during the testing period. Tick.


My waist is around 32 inches, my hips around 36in. Looking at Stolen Goat's size guide, the first measurement puts me in the lower end of size medium, the latter in the middle of large. We've got a large on test, and to be honest, they are a bit tight. The height is fine, it's around my thighs where these bib tights feel bordering on too restrictive, and I'm no Chris Hoy.

I'm normally a medium, and when I reviewed the medium Stolen Goat's Bodyline One Bib Shorts, they were spot on.

I think that in this case large is actually the right size for me, so bear in mind that you might need to size up if you're thinking about investing in these.


I have a bit of a theory on weatherproofing in bib tights. In my experience, having tested quite a few, a fabric that feels nice and stretchy won't be as good as keeping the wind and rain out. The more a fabric is able to keep out the worst of the wind and the rain, the more restrictive it is likely to feel.

2022 Stolen Goat Black Alpine Bodyline Bib Tights - knee panel 2.jpg

And I have to say that these bib tights are exceptional at keeping the worst weather conditions at bay – the best I've tried. And this proved the case even after a few washes. Proving my theory, they are also the most restrictive. As this is the case on other bib tights, I'm not even sure I can really call this a negative.

To properly test these, I deliberately went out in conditions where I would normally sack it off: zero degrees, steady rain, a bit of wind chill, ice on the lanes. Tricky conditions, as you can't ride as hard as you might like to keep warm everywhere. Even so, after an hour, it was my hands and feet that were getting wet and cold rather than my legs, the bib tights' fabric holding up admirably even on longer descents.

2022 Stolen Goat Black Alpine Bodyline Bib Tights - knee panel 1.jpg

When I got home, the inside of the fabric didn't feel wet at all – though the pad did. This wasn't because of road spray – I'm a mudguard-user all the way – but I reckon it was the run-off from the front of my waterproof jacket getting through the seams of the pad, which are not waterproof.

Temperature range

These are really quite warm, even for someone like me who runs cold, and they're best in temperatures around freezing and below on a dry day. If it's raining, I'd consider them from five degrees and below.

2022 Stolen Goat Black Alpine Bodyline Bib Tights - legs back.jpg

And in these temperatures, I don't care about them being restrictive, as it's either that or feeling cold – and I'll take comfortable any day, thank you. In warmer temperatures where I can get away with other bib tights that aren't quite as weatherproof, and therefore less restrictive, I'd choose those.

I wouldn't recommend these as your only pair of winter bib tights.


These bib tights have foot straps. They are nice and thin, and you don't notice them when you're riding. However, on my legs they were completely unnecessary.

2022 Stolen Goat Black Alpine Bodyline Bib Tights - feet loops.jpg

The fabric is easily tight enough to make any fabric riding up a non-issue. Instead of foot straps, I'd have preferred side zips to make it easier to put them on and take them off.

It's not impossible to get the tights over your feet, but it takes a bit longer and it does feel like you have to take care not to tear the seams. It's a bit like getting in and out of a wetsuit.

There's a band of reflective detailing around the thighs, as well as a little pocket on the inside and on the outside of the left-hand shoulder straps.

2022 Stolen Goat Black Alpine Bodyline Bib Tights - strap detail.jpg

The upper and shoulder straps are fleece lined, further helping keep you warm. The straps were perfectly comfortable and unnoticeable while riding.


While £160 is not cheap, comparing these to other winter bib tights of equivalent quality and weather makes them look pretty favourable.

The Rapha Pro Team Winter Tights that Ash recommended cost £185, while MAAP's Team Thermal Bib Tights that Stu rated equally highly cost £215. Castelli's Sorpasso RoS Wind Bib Tights are a comparative bargain at £199, and Mat found them warm, comfortable and with a very good pad.

I usually look to Wiggle's dhb brand for the best-value-for-money option, and it's quite revealing that even its hardcore winter bib tight option – the Aeron LAB All Winter Bib Tight that were tested by Stu cost a quite hefty £180.

You can spend less, but you're likely to have to compromise on pad quality, weatherproofing, or both. Gore's C3 Thermo Bib Tights look like a good buy at £99.99 but Paul didn't think the pad was as technical as some and they don't look like they'll be as warm.


Stolen Goat's Black Alpine Bodyline Bib Tights are a good bet if you want to extend the riding conditions you would consider going out in. They are more weatherproof than most, but the flip side of that is that the fabric feels quite restrictive. While not exactly cheap, at £160, other equivalent bib tights tend to be more expensive.

I wouldn't recommend these as your only winter bib tights, but if you want to go out when it gets Baltic, they should be on your shortlist.


Super warm and weatherproof, but fabric feels restrictive test report

Make and model: Stolen Goat Black Alpine Bodyline Bib Tights

Size tested: Medium

Tell us what the product is for

Stolen Goat says:

"When the rain pours or the breeze bites, the Stolen Goat Alpine bib tights are your go-to winter warmer to keep you cosy and comfortable even in the harshest of winter conditions.

Our Alpine bib tights come in our classic bodyline fit, offering a close and aerodynamic fit without feeling restrictive thanks to 4-way stretch. The premium Tempest Protect fabric features a protective wind-resistant and water-repellent layer to keep the elements at bay. Meanwhile the luxuriously soft fleece-like lining helps to keep you at the optimal temperature while wicking away moisture. Because warm and dry doesn't have to mean 'boil in the bag'. Small but mighty reflective details help to keep you visible on bleak midwinter days, while the foot straps keep your tights neatly in place, so chilly ankles are a thing of the past.

Now upgraded to include our premium Vapour pad, developed alongside pro riders to give you maximum support right where you need it with minimal friction for ultimate comfort.

Put all this together and you've got everything you need to fight back against winter weather. Do your worst, Mother Nature. Because we'll be riding happy, all year round."

Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product?

Stolen Goat says:

Winter bib tights: Designed to keep you warm and keep you riding on the chilliest winter days, our Alpine bodyline bib tights are perfect for when the temperature drops below 5°C. For slightly less arctic autumnal conditions, you might want to try our Kiko bib tights.

Wind- and water-resistant: Made from Tempest Protect fabric, these tights have a wind- and water-resistant outer layer to keep the elements at bay.

Roubaix lining: A super soft, super cosy fleece-like lining designed to keep you at the optimal temperature and wick moisture away from the body.

Reflective detailing: Small but mighty heat-transferred reflective details help to keep you visible in gloomy conditions.

Upgraded Vapour pad: The Alpine bodyline fit bib tights now feature the Vapour pad found in our SS22 Epic bib shorts. Developed in Belgium alongside top level pro riders and teams to create the perfect race pad and positioning on the bike – offering more support with only 30% of the material. Perfect for long days in the saddle.

Ride all day comfort: Available in our ready-for-anything Bodyline fit, these tights are close-fitting and aerodynamic without feeling restrictive thanks to 4-way stretch. Combine that with the next-level vapour pad and you can keep the adventure rolling.

Elasticated foot straps: Premium grade elasticated stirrups hold the tights in place. No riding up, no chilly ankles. Just warmth and comfort, all ride long.

Gender specific fit: Available in men's and women's sizing with a fit and a pad specific to the requirements of male and female bodies.

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Rate the product for durability:
Rate the product for fit:
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Rate the product for value:

How easy is the product to care for? How did it respond to being washed?

The label says: "Hand wash 30 degrees, do not use fabric softener or bleach, do not wring and do not tumble dry or iron. Avoid contact with Velcro and other rough materials".

I ignored all that and bunged these in with the rest of the washing on 30°C or 40°C, whatever I was doing at the time. They still look fine.

Tell us how the product performed overall when used for its designed purpose

They are bordering on too tight – which could be a sizing issue, though I suspect XL would be too long for me. The fabric itself works really well at keeping the cold and the wet from making you uncomfortable.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the product

The fabric is particularly good at keeping out wind and rain.

Tell us what you particularly disliked about the product

The fit – the fabric feels quite restrictive.

How does the price compare to that of similar products in the market, including ones recently tested on

Comparing to what we recommend in our Best Winter Bib Tights makes these look positively affordable – Rapha's Pro Team Winter Tights, MAAP's Team Thermal Bib Tights and Castelli's Sorpasso RoS Wind Bib Tights are all well over £200.

You can get cheaper, Gore's C3 Thermo Bib Tights now retail at £99.99, but the weatherproofing and pad are not quite as good as the Stolen Goat's.

Did you enjoy using the product? Yes, when the weather necessitated their level of weatherproofing

Would you consider buying the product? Yes

Would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes, if they wanted bib tights to ride in seriously cold/foul conditions

Use this box to explain your overall score

These bib tights are more weatherproof than any other pair I've tried – but they were also the most restrictive. In my opinion, that's just the way it goes and so I'm not really marking these down for feeling restrictive. The price is good as well, certainly cheaper than the equivalent other options I've looked at. Sizing is something to be aware of, but other than that and in the right conditions these are very good indeed.

Overall rating: 8/10

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