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"A bike theft supermarket": New Bristol bike racks located outside train station panned; Crazy Hungarian bike lane divides internet; Nibali, Pantani + Coppi star in mesmerising Giro ad; Drivers "robbed of lanes", says columnist + more on the live blog

Welcome to Monday's live blog. Jack Sexty is your blogger-in-chief today, with Simon MacMichael taking over later this evening. ...
07 September 2020, 16:03
"A bike theft supermarket": new bike racks located outside Bristol Temple Meads train station panned for lack of security

As Network Rail Western proudly announced the opening of 450 bike parking spaces around Bristol Temple Meads train station today, many Bristolians were not enthused.

Anyone who has used the station will know there is ample parking inside after going through ticketed barriers; and many believe the new racks placed outside the station in full view of the public are simply too tempting for thieves. It's also noted that they appear to be further away from the station entrance than the car park. 

It's not clear if the new external racks are purely additional, or if they are replacing some of the bike storage space inside the station - are contacting Network Rail for comment. 

Would you use the new bike racks? 

07 September 2020, 15:53
Mike Rutherford of Auto Express strikes again, saying drivers should "keep fighting to take back pedestrian and bicycle lanes"
pop-up cycle lane pic.PNG

It's become apparent recently that some people really don't like the idea of being told that it's not necessarily a good think to be driving everywhere... one of those is Mike Rutherford, a founder of the Auto Express motoring magazine who last week claimed Covid-19 "is being used as a cover for an attack on the British motorist". 

In his latest article on the matter, Rutherford is preparing for an imaginary battle as he calls on motorists to protest for the removal of "lavish highways for bicyclists". Not even pavements that have been widened for pedestrians can escape the wrath of Rutherford, which are described as "needlessly wide boulevards". 

He continues: "If the main opposition Labour politicians, the sleepy Lib Dems or the ruling Conservatives really do believe in robbing drivers of the roads owned by those same drivers, let’s see such blatant car-user discrimination adopted as official party policies – then included in their respective manifestos. I dare them."

07 September 2020, 15:31
Councillor says Chesterfield town centre cycling and walking measures are "stupid"
chesterfield town hall - via wiki commons.PNG

It appears the chairman of Chesterfield's Civic Society Philip Riden isn't appreciating the benefits of temporary measures to encourage cycling and walking as Britain goes back to work, claiming that the roadblocks (for cars) are putting people off visiting Chesterfield town centre. 

In a letter submitted to Derbyshire County Council, he wrote: "Of all the wasteful, badly thought out knee-jerk actions taken by the Government in the last few months, the decision to give large amounts of taxpayers' money (£443,000 in the case of Derbyshire) to highway authorities to close or obstruct streets must rank as one of the stupidest.

"In Chesterfield it is inconceivable that the closure of South Place and Corporation Street has saved a single person from contracting Covid-19, or encouraged them to walk further. Nor has the erection of unsightly plastic and metal barriers and the dumping of large concrete blocks on other streets.

"All it has achieved is to make the town centre look hideous and to discourage people from coming to shop, eat or drink in Chesterfield. That is exactly the opposite of what the Government and local authorities should be doing.”

A spokesperson for Derbyshire County Council told the Derby Telegraph: “We’ve been working in partnership with district and borough councils to ensure appropriate social distancing measures are in place, but the limited amount of time we had to meet Government guidelines meant we weren’t able to consult local people or businesses about the changes.

“We’re happy to make adjustments or tweak our plans where we can and with the limited resources available as shown by the further changes we made to the area around South Place following comments from local people.”

07 September 2020, 14:17
Rutland Cycling launch premium same-day delivery service, with bikes arriving at the customer's door ready to ride
rutland cycling premium delivery service.PNG

Want every bit of hassle imaginable taken out of your net bike purchase? For an additional £99.99, Rutland Cycling will not only deliver your new steed on the same day if you order in the morning, but you can also have your saddle height set and any accessories added so it's literally ready to ride straight away. It's delivered directly from Rutland, which means no middle men and no packaging to dispose of when the bike arrives, with the handlebars straight, tyres pumped and pedals fitted. 

The service costs £99.99, and for a limited time it's free on bike purchases over £5,000 - head over to Rutland' Cycling's website for more info.

07 September 2020, 12:06
Really fun or sh*tfrastructure? This crazy cycle lane in Hungary is dividing the internet

bike lane in Körmend, Hungary from r/UrbanHell

We're not sure why or how this cycle path in the Hungarian town of Körmend ended up this way, but it's either a massive fail or a right laugh depending on your point of view. 

On the Reddit thread, one person commented: "a separate bike lane, properly striped, with changes in elevation to keep Hungarians paying attention. 10/10 would implement everywhere in the world!"

Others noted that the undulations are reminiscent of a pump track; although this cycle lane is also designed to take you somewhere, whereas pump tracks are loops if course. 

Do you have a sudden desire to hop across to Hungary and try this crazy cycle lane out, or is it just a bit silly? Let us know your thoughts as always... 

07 September 2020, 14:03
InternationalElles complete Tour de France distance and Everesting challenge double-header
InternationElles - Everesting 2 - Photo Credit George Galbraith

After completing the 3,484km distance of the 2020 Tour de France route as a non-stop relay in less than four days on indoor trainers, the British members of the team put together to highlight gender inequalities in cycling ventured outside to completed a successful team everesting on the fearsome Bwlch climb in South Wales. They completed it in 18 hours, and members of the InternationalElles from the Netherlands, Australia and the USA also completed everestings in their home countries. 

Louise Gibson commented: “We’re thrilled to have completed the challenge. The Tour de France distance relay was tough, but we were able to complete it as a team. 

"The Everesting was one of the most incredible days I’ve had on my bicycle and I’m so proud all five of our UK-based riders as managed to complete it together. The climb was amazing and the weather was on our side. I’m delighted that even though we weren’t able to go to France we were able to keep the conversation going about the inequalities that exist in cycling.”

The InternationalElles will be hoping to get back to their usual annual event of riding the full Tour de France route a day ahead of the men in 2021, which couldn't happen this year for obvious reasons - click here for more info on the team. 

07 September 2020, 11:35
There's no rest day for the Ineos Grenadiers support crew...

...because it looks like they've been deployed to take lots of creative photos to plug the new Ineos Grenadier 4X4 that the team now takes its name from. Hopefully there are some super tall crew members to get the bikes on and off that roof rack...

07 September 2020, 12:58
Thibaut Pinot's first week in a nutshell

Once again, it wasn't to be for the Frenchman... will we ever see him wear yellow in Paris?

07 September 2020, 12:18
Chris Froome's steed for next season is lighter, more aero and all that jazz
07 September 2020, 11:29
On the forum: to bell or not to bell?
Cyclists Stay Awesome bell pic.jpg

While it's not a legal requirement according to the Highway Code, some cyclists consider a good bell essential, particularly when riding on shared use paths and trails... do you agree, or is the humble voicebox perfectly adequate to announce your presence? Add your tuppence worth on the forum

07 September 2020, 10:14
Community divided over planning application for Cornish coastal path due to environmental impact
perranporth beach - via wiki commons.PNG

A proposal for the 'Saints Trail' - which will provide a traffic-free link between the popular seaside towns of Perranporth and Newquay  - has garnered almost a hundred comments from both supporters and objectors to the plans. 

While many highlight that cycling on busy A-roads in the area isn't always pleasant and a traffic-free route is much needed for cyclists, others claim that Cornwall Council haven't fully considered the environmental impact. One supporter commented: "I am a cyclist who lives locally and the roads of Cornwall are extremely dangerous especially in the summer when there is a lot of traffic. This project will make exercising by cycling a lot safer.

"It will encourage more people to cycle and get fitter putting less pressure on our NHS resources. Local businesses will be enhanced by increased traffic from cyclists."

On Facebook, a local opposed to the plans said: "If you read the negative comments it is mainly around the issue that Cornwall Council are not bothering with a full environmental assessment. This is something no other developer would get away with, they are potentially pushing this plan through and going to cause an awful lot of damage to the wildlife."

The status of the application is still marked as 'awaiting decision' on the summary page. Among local organisations that were consulted, including Parish Councils, the Ramblers Association and Devon & Cornwall Police, feedback is largely positive. 

07 September 2020, 09:12
Cyclists, cycle lanes etc etc
07 September 2020, 08:52
What is Nibali, Merckx, Coppi and Pantani were racing together? This ad for the upcoming Giro d'Italia tries to answer...

With a guitar hero version of the Nessun dorma playing in the background, this ad for the rescheduled Giro from Italian TV network Raisport renders Vincenzo Nibali onto a mountain pass, as he rides alongside legend after legend before a certain Marco Pantani pops up and rides away (they all regroup at the end though). 

The Giro is set to start on Saturday 3rd October, les than two after the Tour de France ends. 

07 September 2020, 08:42
UK Cycling Expert is full of praise for the Tour de France peloton 'medic'

Our favourite cycling parody account on social media definitely hasn't got this confused with the Swiss national champion's jersey being worn by Groupama's Sébastien Reichenbach. 

07 September 2020, 08:36
David Gadau takes a tumble and lands on an unfortunate spectator

It's been said that some fans are getting too close to the riders with fears of coronavirus cases stifling the progress of the Tour... but in the case of this spectator it was no fault of his own, as the Groupama–FDJ rider loses control and crashes into him. The team aren't having much luck this year, with their star man Thibaut Pinot again succumbing to a recurring back injury that cost him over 25 minutes on the leaders during stage 8. 

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