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"I gave a warning toot": Confused driver can't understand why cyclist "hurled abuse"; Giro stage or BMX race? (+ Ewan exits); Prosecco-popping alternative; The cycle lane impossible dream; Bikes meet bouldering; Positive policing + more on the live blog

It's Thursday and Dan Alexander is here for the penultimate live blog of the week...
19 May 2022, 14:37
Two in two for the Italians: Stefano Oldani wins from the breakaway on stage 12

If I were tell you one of the three Alpecin-Fenix riders in the breakaway would win today's stage, you'd be forgiven for going all in on a certain Dutchman by the name of Mathieu. Van der Poel was one of the three, as well, but it was teammate Stefano Oldani who got the victory after escaping with Lorenzo Rota and Gijs Leemreize on one of the earlier climbs.

In the end, in the sprint in Genoa, Oldani came out on top. In the second group on the road, Wilco Kelderman (whose disc brakes appeared to be behaving today) and Lucas Hamilton re-entered the GC picture, stealing eight minutes on the peloton. Both are back between three and four minutes behind Juan Pedro López who remains in pink.

One big name who wasn't at the finish however was Simon...

Another day, another Giro-watching train journey... 

> Carlsberg don't do train journeys, but if they did ... When you look out of the window, and the Giro d'Italia is going past ...

19 May 2022, 13:18
Emotional scenes at the Giro as peloton passes Wouter Weylandt monument

It's been 11 years since Wouter Weylandt tragically lost his life aged just 26 on stage 3 of the 2011 Giro d'Italia, following a devastating crash during his descent of the Passo del Bocco. 

Race director Mauro Vegni went ahead of the peloton to lay flowers at the monument erected in tribute to Weylandt earlier today. 

19 May 2022, 12:58
"I think a lot of drivers are unaware of just how insanely loud cars are": Your thoughts on the 'toot' it ever welcome?

Plenty of comments rolling in so let's have a pootle through the toot(le) issue...

Patrick9-32 reckons, "a lot of drivers are unaware of just how insanely loud cars are. Anyone who doesn't suffer from significant hearing loss and who is without noise-cancelling earphones knows you are coming from behind them, how far you are and when you start to overtake and how aggressively you are doing so by the sound alone, we don't need to look round, we don't need you to toot. In the words of Not Just Bikes on YouTube, cities aren't loud, cars are loud."

hawkinspeter commented: "The problem with car horns is that they have to be very loud to be heard above traffic noise by people inside metal boxes and this makes them quite startling if used behind you when you're cycling. Also, the main (only) purpose of a horn is to warn another road user that you are there (e.g. if a vehicle is reversing towards your vehicle having not seen you), so there is no point using a horn if you are following a cyclist unless they are about to turn across your path."

BalladOfStruth agreed: "You're not adding anything valuable by sounding the horn when passing a cyclist, you're just asking for aggro and risking a crash."

"I think part of the issue here is we are all used to drivers being aggressive to us,"  tigersnapper said. "I have had a few that seem to be aware we are vulnerable recently and being, if anything, overly courteous. I think we might need to accept there are some drivers out there who mean well, even if they are a bit misguided."

Sriracha made an interesting comparison between the horn scenario and ringing a bell at a pedestrian when cycling on a shared-use path...

"I appreciate the difference in scale, but I'd imagine a similar scenario plays out between cyclists and pedestrians when the cyclist uses their bell right behind the pedestrian, or yells out "on your right!'"

Fishpastesarnie replied: "Exactly my thoughts. I have certainly had more abuse using a bell than just shouting 'excuse me'."

Although GMBasix reckons, "It's the difference in scale that makes the difference. This isn't about cyclists racing past pedestrians on a shared path — that would be like a close pass from a driver, which isn't described here. A bell is not like being honked at.

"The cyclist knew the car was there, but the aggression of the horn appears to be his trigger. A bell is just not aggressive. Calling out is not aggressive. The equivalence you're describing is associated with passing the pedestrians.

"There is also another factor. While it is inconceivable that the cyclist was unaware of the car behind, it is not uncommon to encounter single, or groups of, pedestrians oblivious to their surroundings. Regardless of their place in the hierarchy, they retain a responsibility (as all road users do) to be aware of their surroundings and others using the road. In most instances, even a cyclist racing past should not come as a surprise. So a call out or a bell should not make them jump in the same way an unnecessary honk might."

19 May 2022, 13:13
Luckily it’s cracking footage and we will be making contact with the driver...
19 May 2022, 12:43
Cycling meets bouldering
19 May 2022, 10:45
The 'friendly toot': the divisive issue that keeps rearing its head

The lead subject of the blog this morning has reminded us that we've been here before; although the source was Ashley Neal, an advanced driving instructor who knows a thing or two about how to pass a cyclist as you'll see from browsing his YouTube channel

In the video above, Neal uses his horn to as a way to tell the cyclists that he's there, saying to give cyclists “as much space and care as you would do overtaking a car…  A little beep of the horn is key, no problems, do it safely.”

Perhaps the difference here is that the driver in the thread at the bottom of this page was talking about a 'warning toot' while Neal considers it a way of simply alerting the cyclists to his presence. 

Still, our article around the debate on that video is at 170 comments and counting... what do you think, is a toot ever ok? 

19 May 2022, 10:40
An alternative solution to avoid another unfortunate prosecco incident?

Sorry Biniam, we couldn't help but chuckle at this... although in all seriousness, he'd still be riding the Giro if they did this on the podium instead! 

> Biniam Girmay out of Giro d’Italia with eye injury after bizarre podium prosecco incident

19 May 2022, 09:44
The cycle lane impossible dream...(especially the bit at the end with the guy delivering beer kegs on a bike)
19 May 2022, 08:40
Caleb Ewan heads home from Giro d'Italia without a stage win

With just one, or two, or maybe even three (but most likely one) sprint stages left, Caleb Ewan is heading home to prepare for the Tour de France. The Australian fast man failed to win a stage, crashing out of maglia rosa contention on stage one, before finishing 2nd, 5th and 8th in the other sprints he contested.

Ewan described his race as the "Giro from hell" in an Instagram post on Tuesday...


A post shared by Caleb Ewan (@calebewan)

19 May 2022, 08:35
Giro stage or BMX race?

Rob Whittle's take on the day's Giro d'Italia stage is fast becoming a live blog favourite...

At least it should be a bit more entertaining than yesterday's surprisingly action-packed pancake sprint stage. Thomas De Gendt? Breakaway? Thomas De Gendt? Reduced sprint? Thomas De Gendt? Surprise GC action?


19 May 2022, 07:44
"I gave a warning toot": Confused driver can't understand why cyclist "hurled abuse"

And to think Elon Musk nearly paid $44 billion for this blue bird app...

You can always rely on Twitter to make you laugh (or cry) at fellow human beings...

Thankfully some seemed keen to engage in some well-mannered education...

Others didn't get a fairness, by this point there was probably not enough time in the day to reply to everyone pointing out the error of his ways... 

There are simply too many replies that need including...

So how about we begin by taking this scenario off the road and into another walk of life? That might leave the bare realities of the situation on the table...

And one more for luck... 

The original poster went on to say he just "really felt like poking a hornet's nest today" (strange hobby, but whatever floats your boat) but graciously admitted "I continue to support cyclists on the road, and still think the Highway Code is somewhat lacking" nice of him...

Just another normal day on Twitter...

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