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Why does asking drivers to not close pass cyclists cause so much anger?; Storm Eunice: KOM hunting or indoor training?; Pidcock's in demand; RideLondon route details; Virtual gravel; New kit; Bizarre bike racing + more on the live blog

Batten down the hatches, there's a storm brewing...Dan Alexander is mainly resisting the urge to go on a KOM hunt, and will be responsible and stay at home for your Friday live blog instead...
18 February 2022, 16:51
Crimes against Italy and pasta

The UCI must surely open disciplinary proceedings and get to the bottom of this egregious stain on our sport... 

18 February 2022, 16:34
"I think some people just get violently irrational whenever they encounter 'unconventional' behaviour, even when it doesn't negatively affect them at all": A LOT of reader reaction to our question of the day...

Let's take a timeout from the memes to look at some of the tidal wave of reaction, responses and comments to our main live blog topic of the day (no, not tailwind KOM hunting)...why some seem to become uncontrolably triggered by being asked to not close pass cyclists...

On Facebook, Lis Parsons reckons: "Considering most cyclists also drive, or ride in cars, it makes no sense. I think some people just get violently irrational whenever they encounter 'unconventional' behaviour, even when it doesn't negatively affect them at all." 

Chris Hill got 40 likes for his thought about the role of the media..."Media representation of cyclists is not helping matters. Most 'cyclists' do follow the rules of the road, but there some idiots out there that do jump lights etc… and need to be held to account. But to that end there are way more drivers out there that do the same. The car driver (in my experience driving a German manufacture vehicle) can cause a lot of damage to the more vulnerable road user and they need to accept it. The Highway Code changes are not much in the way of change but clarification of what what already there."

Ben Peach simplified the point..."Simple rule that a lot don't understand, 'don't be a git'."

Graham Black commented: "Cyclists have an equal right to use the road? Many drivers either don't know this, or worse, disagree with it. This is where the problem lies."

Here on the blog, Mungecrundle commented: "I'm pretty sure that no-one likes being told by a stranger that they are rubbish at a task that they think they are actually quite good at. 90 per cent of drivers rate themselves above average or some such statistic?

"Trying to explain intricacies of road traffic law or quoting HC rules isn't going to get you anywhere, especially when your protagonist is blind certain that the made up rule they have in their head is incontrovertibly correct."

brooksby agreed: "I suspect it is because many motorists really don't like anyone telling them what they can or can't do: 'How DARE you advise me on my driving techniques!? I have been driving for years, and have never killed anyone yet'.

"And of course another reason is that so many think that because they saw a cyclist run a red light, this one time, eighteen months ago (while being blind to all the motorists who did the same during that period) then clearly all tax-dodging cyclists riding their toys on the road are Evil Rogues with no respect for the law and who deserve no respect from good law-abiding citizens. Or something like that..."

18 February 2022, 08:32
Why does asking drivers to not close pass cyclists cause so much anger?

If you've followed our live blog for a while you'll know all too well about this sort of situation: a police force/road safety body uploads a post to social media asking for a fairly simple action. What usually follows is a whole cesspit of whataboutery and anger, ignoring the fact that the fairly basic request could save someone's life or, more simply, show basic respect to another human being just trying to get around. Apologies, rant over...

THINK!'s Highway Code campaign aims to address one of the main criticisms of the recent Highway Code changes — that they haven't been properly communicated to the public. THINK1! hopes to "raise awareness of the new rules to help protect people walking, cycling and horse riding" by sharing a link to a Gov.UK site highlighting eight of the main changes, including the 'Hierarchy of Road Users', road positioning and overtaking.

You'd think a basic request to keep others safe on the road would be fairly uncontroversial? Erm, that's not how the replies to THINK!'s campaign show it...

Cue the whataboutery...

And the critics...

The one positive is that, more than we usually see, there were many comments thanking THINK!, supporting the message and trying to address what the changes actually mean for road users...

We can't say we're massive TikTokers here at, we'll leave the dancing and avocado cooking to the younger generation, but this one did catch our eye...(mainly because it wasn't actually on TikTok when we saw it...) 

18 February 2022, 16:16
Today's live blog summed up...

At this point I'm just chucking memes at you...right, focus, shut the live stream and get on with some 'journalism'...

18 February 2022, 15:47
Unexpected item in the bike lane...Storm Eunice edition
18 February 2022, 15:12
A11 reopens after bikes blown off roof rack during Storm Eunice

The East Anglian Daily Times is reporting that all lanes of the A11 have now reopened after this morning's excitement. Two bikes were blown off a vehicle's roof rack, causing a southbound lane between Elveden and Mildenhall Fiveways to be closed.

The Norfolk & Suffolk Roads and Armed Policing Team urged people to be cautious if travelling during the 90mph storm.

Right, time to reload that Heathrow live stream...

18 February 2022, 15:01
Meme of the day...
18 February 2022, 14:45
Thought of the day...
18 February 2022, 14:35
Egan Bernal "making great progress" but no definitive timeline yet for return to training

A post shared by Egan Bernal (@eganbernal)

Ineos Grenadiers have updated the cycling world on the condition of their star rider Egan Bernal, three weeks on from his training horror crash which left the 25-year-old in intensive care facing multiple rounds of surgery.

> Egan Bernal in intensive care following successful surgery on training crash injuries

The team reported Bernal is "making great progress at home and working with a local rehab clinic where his recovery is going well."

"At present our medical staff have not set a definitive timeline for when we should expect to see him back on his bike," read a new medical update from Ineos Grenadiers. 

"For the time being he will remain in Colombia until his progression has reached a satisfactory level for him to return to his European base."

18 February 2022, 14:22
Founder of MyWindsock in hospital after training incident

 All the fair-weather wind enthusiasts (strange phrase) have come out the woodwork today, but for us cycling wind nerds (another strange phrase), how blustery it is, and more importantly where we're going to get a tailwind, is an everyday obsession.

MyWindsock is always my go-to weather tool for working out where I need to save my legs and where I can expect to's a fantastic online tool for taking your ride analysis to the next level.

> Cycling App of the Week: MyWindsock

Unfortunately, today we learned the news that the app's founder Ben Norbury has suffered a serious incident while training, sustaining injuries including a broken back, neck and facial injuries.

Ben is stable, but hopefully we'll have better news to report soon...

18 February 2022, 14:01
Michael Mørkøv really is the best leadout man in the peloton

Even when it comes to Instagram, Michael Mørkøv helps Mark Cavendish...

The duo are in the UAE for the start of the WorldTour calendar this Sunday as the UAE Tour kicks off proceedings. Seven stages: four sprints, two summit finishes and one pan-flat TT. 

The sprints should be pretty interesting, though, Cav, Sam Bennett, Elia Viviani, Arnaud Démare, Cees Bol, Pascal Ackermann, Dylan Groenewegen, Jasper Philipsen, David Dekker and Mads Pedersen are all down to start Sunday's opener...

On the GC front, all eyes will be on defending champion and 'home' rider Tadej Pogačar. 

18 February 2022, 12:09
KOM hunting...

Don't try this at home, and all that...but if ever there was a day to strip James Pett of his Needles KOM, it's today...if you don't end up in hospital first...

Alternatively, you could stay indoors and watch the Heathrow planespotter's live stream on YouTube like us...terrific entertainment.

Needles KOM (Strava)


18 February 2022, 11:49
Pas Normal Studio expands Essentials collection to include women's offerings


PNS Essentials women

Pas Normal Studio (PNS) has expanded its spring/summer Essentials collection to include women’s offerings for the first time as part of its bigger drive to provide more female-specific styles across the whole PNS range. 

"We don’t want to just shrink the sizes and change the colours," says PNS. "We’ve always been driven by constructing and offering fit and functionality that goes above and beyond what you would normally expect from your cycling kit." 

PNS Essentials women

An all-day relaxed fit is provided in the Essential line and the fabrics used are said to be easy to care for, with durability and quick-drying properties in mind. "Essential is our encouragement to get out there and ride," PNS sums up. 

The Essentials line consists of a short sleeve jersey (£155), bib shorts (£220), shield gilet (£200) and shield jacket (£310). 

You can find the women’s range here, and the men’s over here.

18 February 2022, 11:23
No Mall finish: RideLondon reveals full details of new-look format for 2022
Prudential ride london

With 100 days to go until the 2022 RideLondon on Sunday 29 May, full details of the event have been announced, including three mass-participation challenges and an eight-mile closed road FreeCycle.

As part of the new partnership with Essex County Council, RideLondon 2022 will include three mass-participation routes starting on Victoria Embankment. The 100-mile option enters Essex via Epping Forest where it will follow a section of stage three of the 2014 Tour de France before returning to the capital for a finish at Tower Bridge.

The 60-mile option follows the 100 for the first 32 miles before heading back to Tower Bridge. Entries cost £50 and will open this afternoon. The 30-mile option costs £25 and also opens this afternoon.

FreeCycle is the other part of the day, and will allow cyclists eight miles of traffic-free roads in central London. It is billed as the "perfect way for a family to see some of London's most famous landmarks on two wheels. FreeCycle registration will open in March, when the event start times will be revealed.

Hugh Brasher, Event Director of RideLondon, said: "We’re incredibly excited to be bringing RideLondon back in 2022 after the last two editions were cancelled due to the pandemic. We return with exciting new routes into Essex thanks to a new partnership with Essex County Council and an increased ambition for RideLondon to be genuinely for all."

18 February 2022, 10:58
Virtually explore gravel trails across the world in FulGaz’s free six-stage event

A post shared by Gravel Epic (@gravelepic)

Gravel Epic has launched an Off-Road series on the FulGaz virtual training platform, featuring six stages which cover a total distance of 143.67km with 3276m of elevation gain. 

The free virtual gravel event starts tomorrow and runs until 6 March, and allows riders to virtually explore gravel trails across the world through the FulGaz app, from the mountainous Austrian Alpenvereinshütte to the Gloucester Spring ride in Maine countryside.

Open to riders of all levels, you can complete the stages at your own pace and at any time - it’s a personal challenge and so there’s no prize for coming first. 

In one stage riders can join World Champion mountain biker Paul van der Ploeg on a ride through some of the remote Australian gravel roads hidden out the back of Falls Creek.

Participants also have the chance to win a one-year subscription to FulGaz, as well as entry to Gravel Epic Switzerland, a three-day staged race among the giant snowy peaks of Valais.

You can sign up for free here and also find out more information about each of the stages.

18 February 2022, 10:42
Pro cycling's back...

Good to see some downright bizarre bike racing back on our TV screens after the long winter away...

Plenty of British interest too...Ethan Hayter was third on the stage and will be taking his GC challenge to Remco Evenepoel in the TT stage, Classics man Connor Swift was an impressive 14th on the big mountain stage, while Tom Pidcock was 17th. G and Ineos Grenadiers' new signing Ben Tullett did their work early doors, setting the pace on the lower slopes.

18 February 2022, 09:53
Tom Pidcock's in demand as contract talks continue
Tom Pidcock in U23 TT at UEC Championships in Plouay 2020 (copyright Alex Whitehead,

I mean is this really a surprise to anyone? One of the best cyclists in the world is wanted by some of the best cycling teams in the world, hardly a plot twist, is it? Anyway, Tom Pidcock's contract with Ineos Grenadiers is slowly ticking down. It doesn't expire until the end of 2023, but when you're as big a talent as Pidcock, talks start early...

VeloNews is reporting Pidcock confirmed to them that there are other teams interested in his signature, and claim at least two other WorldTour teams have their sights set on the 22-year-old. It is believed the number €3-4 million per season is being talked about as some of the bike industry's biggest names fight to have the multi-disciplinarian representing their brands.

"Of course, I’m going to stay in the sport longer than this year, so there are contract negotiations going on. There is interest but that’s all I’ll say," he told VeloNews.

18 February 2022, 09:49
Storm Eunice: KOM hunting or indoor training?

It's a bit blustery out there...

> Cycling in the wind? Get these 11 secrets to beating the gusts 

Secret number one? Stay at home and hit the indoor trainer...

Unless you're training for the Dutch Headwind Champs, of course...

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