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Calls to ban motor traffic from Richmond Park after shocking crash; Litter pocket; Tour of Cambridgeshire postponed; The Killers' Brandon Flowers needs surgery on cycling injury; Pro back after heart scare; Extreme winter commuter + more on the live blog

It's Thursday and Dan Alexander is in the hot seat for all your live blog needs...
18 February 2021, 16:36
Caja Rural's litter pockets

With the UCI clamping down on littering, Caja Rural have a solution for their riders in the form of eco pockets. Presumably they don't want their sticky gel wrappers clogging up their back pockets so have an easy access side option. Sir Dave Brailsford will probably want to check the aerodynamics before jumping on board... 

The post said: "One of the commitments of Caja Rural-Seguros RGA this season is to take better care of the environment that surrounds us, with actions such as the #EcoPocket. It will not be the only one. Very soon we will announce more news related to sustainability and respect for the environment."

18 February 2021, 16:11
Your comments on Ever Ready Lights

I'm probably showing my age if I say I'd never heard of Ever Ready Lights before today, let alone used them. Didn't we always have LEDs? Anyway, you lot have been sharing some of your favourite, or more often less happy memories of using them...Take a trip down memory lane with our story.

18 February 2021, 11:58
Calls to ban motor traffic from Richmond Park after shocking crash

This was the aftermath of a shocking crash in Richmond Park this morning. Royal Parks Police says the crash involved a cyclist who suffered facial injuries and has been taken to hospital. The driver involved had minor hand injuries. Questions have been asked about how this happened on a stretch of road where the speed limit is 20mph.

The incident has also led to calls from the London Cycling Campaign and many others on social media for through traffic to be banned from the park, which is a notorious route for rat running drivers.  

Others were critical of Royal Parks Police's reaction to the crash, comparing it to another tweet where they warned cyclists to be careful when riding in the park after a cyclist hit a goose. By contrast, this morning their tweet said: "When driving, you must be able to stop in the distance you can see to be clear[...] Wishing all a speedy recovery." The initial tweet also reported it was a crash between a car and a cyclist, rather than a driver and a cyclist. Royal Parks Police addressed this in the tweet below.

18 February 2021, 15:43
Prime puppy content for your Thursday afternoon

If this doesn't brighten up your Thursday afternoon I'm not sure what will...For more prime pedalling puppy content, take a trip back to November when we shared this clip of MotorbikeMilly having a pop at a close passing bus driver in Glasgow...   

18 February 2021, 15:26
Marc Hirschi left Team DSM because team management saw him as a risk to their reputation, according to reports
Marc Hirschi wins Tour de France 2020 Stage 12 (picture credit Alex Whitehead

AD.NL reports Marc Hirschi's surprising early departure from Team DSM was down to a breach of trust and that the Swiss rider was viewed as a risk for the reputation of the team and its sponsors. The story cryptically claims Hirschi wouldn't have been transparent, nor would he have answered questions asked by the team about certain things. The topic of these questions and the information the team wanted remains a mystery but suggests that his departure wasn't down to the strength of the team or Hirschi's undervalued contract, as has been suggested previously by other reports.

Hirschi is managed by Fabian Cancellara and the story claims that as part of the termination of the contract Team DSM are unable to share what their concerns were. The Swiss pair declined to comment to AD.NL.

18 February 2021, 14:54
Decent CV...
18 February 2021, 14:10
Tour of Cambridgeshire postponed until September

The Tour of Cambridgeshire has been moved to September 24-26 because of the pandemic. The sportives, road races and Gran Fondo will now be staged on Sunday 26th Spetember. All entries will be automatically transferred to the new date. The organisers say that the pandemic and restrictions likely to be in place on the original date in June would make it impossible to responsibly host as mass-participation event.

The Gran Fondo was supposed to act as a qualification route for riders hoping to participate at the Gran Fondo World Championships in Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina, from September 1st to 5th. With the new date for the Tour of Cambridgeshire coming after the World Championships the UCI has said they are considering their options and will communicate their decision as soon as possible.

18 February 2021, 13:42
Milan-San Remo to follow slightly altered route this year due to landslide
Milan-San Remo 2021 (via Shift Media/RCS Sport)

The first Monument of the season, Milan-San Remo, will follow a slightly altered route with the Turchino Pass swapped out for Colle di Giovo because of damage caused by a landslide on the former. The traditional finale of Cipressa and Poggio before the hurtle home to Via Roma remains unchanged. At 299km the race remains by far the longest race of the year.

Paolo Bellino, the CEO and General Manager of the race's organisors RCS Sport explained the change: "The previous edition of the Milano-Sanremo was held on an unusual date and took place over an unprecedented route. The results were very positive for the sport, for the media and from the audience’s point of view too.

"This year, for the 112th edition of the race, we have decided to bring the Milano-Sanremo back onto its 'classic' route in the Liguria region. So most of the route will remain as it has traditionally been; with the Aurelia, the Tre Capi, Cipressa and Poggio before the arrival on Via Roma, but we will not be able to visit the Turchino."

Last year Wout van Aert won his first Monument, beating Julian Alaphilippe in a two-up sprint as Michael Matthews rounded out the podium, winning the reduced sprint for third.

18 February 2021, 10:34
How did it end up like this? The Killers' Brandon Flowers needs surgery after cycling crash

The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers is to undergo surgery on a shoulder injury sustained in a cycling crash. He told fans during an Instagram Live that he tore his labrum when he went over the handlebars in 2017 and the injury has never healed. At the time, The Killers tweeted a picture of Flowers bashed up after the crash with the caption "When mtn biking down hill, don't squeeze the left brake." Guess he should have used the Brightside instead...I'll see myself out...No Bones were broken, Everything Will Be Alright and he should be back On Top again soon...

"I went over the handlebars on my bike and an injury from that has manifested itself. I have a torn labrum on that shoulder so I am going under the knife in a couple of weeks to get that taken care of. Maybe one day I will play golf again. I will be in a sling for six weeks," he explained.

18 February 2021, 10:02
Pro rider given the all clear after heart scare

Diego Ulissi has been given the all clear to return to training following an enforced break due to cardiac abnormalities. The Italian hasn't raced or trained since completing the Giro d'Italia in October after doctors found the issue at a routine medical check up. In a statement, UAE Team Emirates confirmed that he underwent a cardiac biopsy in January and that no risky arrhythmias were found. Consequently, Ulissi is able to resume training. The initial diagnosis from the team's doctor was that it was a form of myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle. 

The statement explained: "The biopsy found the absence of risky arrhythmias for the athlete during the electrophysiological study, which will allow for the progressive resumption of training.In any case, a periodic monitoring period will follow before confirming any definitive return to racing."

18 February 2021, 09:52
Extreme winter commuting

For anyone like me who didn't brave the outdoors during the cold snap last week, here's a video to make you feel bad. Cycle commuting in Chicago during winter isn't for the faint-hearted...This cyclist's top tip for riding in all conditions: "28mm Gatorskin back and 28mm 4 seasons on front. Don't try this at home." 

At least that's more conventional than The Q's sawmill blade bike used to ride over frozen lakes...

18 February 2021, 08:49
The joy of winning a bike race experienced through a four year old

Here's a nice start to your Thursday morning...Just a kid delighted to be riding their bike and winning a race. After a week inside avoiding the cold and the snow, I might just sound this excited by the weekend...

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