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Cabbie asks Jeremy Vine to condemn 'speeding cyclists'... doesn't get the response he wanted; Daftest idea of the year awards, featuring proposed Cambridge 'Tesla Lanes'; Cycle lane with built-in kitchen; National Pothole Day + more on the live blog

It's Friday and Dan Alexander is here live blogging you through to another fun-filled lockdown weekend...
15 January 2021, 16:54
A day in the life in Gran Canaria with Tao Geoghegan Hart and Ineos Grenadiers
15 January 2021, 16:10
Velo Wales' new film: Bikepacking 450 miles around Wales

15 January 2021, 13:51
Cabbie tweets Jeremy Vine...doesn't get the response he wanted

Tom the cabbie pops up on Twitter quite often, usually with a video of an empty cycle lane...Tweeting Jeremy Vine one of his videos probably didn't go the way he was expecting... The broadcaster and cycling advocate threw the question right back at him saying: "Your priorities are utterly bizarre. Get campaigning on this
and then come back to me. People on bicycles kill roughly two people per year."

Vine knows more than most about the Royal Parks' speed limits. In 2014, he was stopped by police for riding at 16mph in Hyde Park where the speed limit was 5mph. However, Royal Parks said that he didn't break the speed limit as they do not legally apply to cyclists, although they did ask that bike riders comply.

15 January 2021, 16:01
Motorists to be charged to enter Bristol clean air zone
bristol city centre.jpg

Bristol's mayor Marvin Rees has announced a new charging scheme that will affect drivers entering a clean air zone (CAZ) in the centre of the city. The move comes after the government told Bristol City Council it needed to reduce air pollution levels to within legal limits. It has not yet been decided how much drivers will have to pay but the hope is that the scheme will encourage active travel and bring pollution levels within the limits in the quickest possible time.

15 January 2021, 15:06
Egan Bernal says Giro d'Italia is 'number one goal' in 2021
Egan Bernal at the 2020 Tour de France (picture credit Alex Whitehead,

Ineos Grenadiers' first non-British rider to win the Tour de France, Egan Bernal, wants to race the Giro d'Italia in 2021 as he recovers from the back pain that scuppered his 2020 defence of the Yellow Jersey. In an interview with Gazzetta Dello Sport, Bernal said the Italian Grand Tour would be his number one goal for the upcoming season.

"I would like to compete in the Giro in 2021," he said. "That would be the number one goal for me, even if I had said before that I would prepare for the Tour. However, we still have to get together with the team, I don’t know if I could go there as a leader, it will depend on my recovery.

"I feel good and I am very motivated. I have not raced for four months, so I will be at my peak when I restart in February. I had all kinds of exams, with different results. It was difficult, but the problem was solved, I feel like a new cyclist."

15 January 2021, 14:38
UK's second CYCLOPS junction opens in Bolton

The UK's second CYCLOPS (Cycle Optimised Protected Signals) has opened following the successful launch of the first one in Manchetser in July. The junctions seperate people on foot or bike from traffic, giving them priority. Four more junctions of this type are to be built in the UK in 2021 with three more in Manchetser and one in Cambridge.

Greater Manchester’s Walking and Cycling Commissioner, Chris Boardman, said: "The CYCLOPS design is going to fundamentally change the way we do junctions. The experience for people travelling on foot and by bike is so vastly improved. Junctions are traditionally the most intimidating place for people not travelling in a car but this design turns that on its head, making once-scary local trips now an absolute joy." 

15 January 2021, 12:24
National Pothole Day
15 January 2021, 11:54
Santander Cycles hire prices frozen

The Evening Standard reports that Transport for London (TfL) is drawing up radical plans to restore its finances, with Santander Cycles one of the few transport options that will not currently see price rises. The £2 daily access charge for a Santander bike is to be frozen as other modes of transport's fares increase today in line with national rail's 2.6% rise. Bus fares will go up by 5p to £1.55 and a trip on the cable car is up 50p to £5. Some Tube fares are also increasing.

It comes as the Standard reports a 112-page document submitted to ministers earlier in the week shows that drivers could be charged £5.50 a day to enter Greater London and Canary Wharf could be moved into zone one of the Tube map. TfL commissioner Andy Byford said that they would need a further £3bn bailout before savings and new income could make the body responsible for the capital's public transport self-sufficient by 2023.

15 January 2021, 11:31
Why don't you use the cycle path, is it because it's dark and a bit slushy? No mate someone left a kitchen on it...
15 January 2021, 10:39
Cycling UK calls for clarity on exercise rules
female cyclist - flickr creative commons

Cycling UK has called for greater clarity on English exercise rules in a joint letter with British Cycling and British Triathlon to Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Secretary Oliver Dowden. The letter says: "Our strong belief, which is backed up by evidence from the scientific community, is that exercise which begins and ends at an individual’s front door, and where appropriate social distancing protocols are observed throughout, presents an incredibly small risk of transmission, and the government should consider making this the basis of its guidance for outdoor exercise.

"There will of course be a need to allow people to travel short distances to access safe places such as parks and green spaces to exercise – such as families and those living around busy and fast-moving roads – and additional clarity on this would be welcomed also."

On Wednesday, former Home Secretary Lord Blunkett dismissed a Sky News question asking whether police should be stopping cyclists.

15 January 2021, 10:19
Consultation to improve cycling and walking routes in Windsor, Maidenhead and Ascot
oxon travel cycle lane picture - via twitter.PNG

A four week consultation is being conducted to decide which of the five schemes drawn up by the council to improve active travel routes should be implemented. The scheme will be paid for by a grant of £335,000 from the government's active travel fund and the Windsor Observer reports the council is particularly keen for responses to plans for a segregated cycle route linking north-east and south Maidenhead.

LTNs and school streets are also being considered in parts of the three towns. Councillor Gerry Clark said: "This new funding from central Government is very welcome, and we’re keen to give residents a voice on how it’s spent through the consultation.The funding isn’t enough to deliver all five of the originally proposed schemes, so feedback from residents is particularly important.”

15 January 2021, 09:42
Tom Pidcock to ride Vuelta a España in debut WorldTour season
Tom Pidcock wins Superprestige Gavere 2020 (via Twitter).PNG

Tom Pidcock's debut season with Ineos Grenadiers in the WorldTour is starting to take shape. The 21-year-old is currently training with the team out in Gran Canaria and has posted some impressive rides on Strava in the past week. Speaking on the Lanterne Rouge Cycling Podcast, Pidcock explained that once he finishes his cyclo-cross season at the end of January he will be fully focused on the road calendar.

Strade Bianche, the UCI Road World Championships in Belgium and a first Grand Tour at the Vuelta a España are the main goals for 2021. Pidcock also plans to spend June competing in mountain bike races before the Olympics in August.

15 January 2021, 08:53
'Just two weeks into 2021 and the award for the daftest idea of the year has already been decided': Your thoughts on 'Tesla lanes' trial

Cambridgeshire County Council may be getting a lot of feedback on their 'Tesla lanes' trial based off the response to our story yesterday... Many of you pointed out the dangers of allowing cars into bus lanes and argued that electric cars still have the same ability to harm vulnerable road users as non-electric vehicles. Other concerns included that electric vehicles are quieter than normal cars, which makes it harder for cyclists to hear them, and that allowing vehicles into bus lanes sets a dangerous precedent for future policy...  

Dan joined in 2020, and spent most of his first year (hopefully) keeping you entertained on the live blog. At the start of 2022 he took on the role of news editor. Before joining, Dan wrote about various sports, including football and boxing for the Daily Express, and covered the weird and wonderful world of non-league football for The Non-League Paper. Part of the generation inspired by the 2012 Olympics, Dan has been 'enjoying' life on two wheels ever since and spends his weekends making bonk-induced trips to the petrol stations of the south of England.

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