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Council has "no intention to enforce" parking restrictions in segregated cycle lane where cars are parked bumper to bumper

Chorley New Road in Bolton was recently altered using emergency active travel funding

Bolton Council says it will not take action against motorists parking bumper to bumper in a newly segregated cycle lane. A spokesperson said only that the council “would encourage all motorists to consider cyclists and their safety and ensure they park appropriately."

An image posted to social media last week shows dozens of cars blocking the lane on Chorley New Road, despite wands intended to segregate it from motor traffic.

The road runs past Clevelands Nursery and Preparatory School, and it seems that most parking there are parents dropping off their children.

President of Horwich Cycling Club, Dave Headon, told the Bolton News that Chorley New Road was “very dangerous” for those on two wheels.

"The lanes have been put there to make it safer for cyclists. The drivers might be parking there because everybody else is. There needs to be education and enforcement comes after that I think.”

However, commenting on the situation, a council spokesperson said: “The existing cycle lanes running along Chorley New Road have been improved as part of a Government-funded initiative to encourage active travel during the current pandemic.

“This is a trial and will be assessed to see its effectiveness. There is no intention to enforce at this time.

“However, cars parked on cycle lanes pose problems for cyclists and it forces them onto the flow of traffic. We would encourage all motorists to consider cyclists and their safety and ensure they park appropriately.”

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