DJ was riding at 16mph, told by radar-toting cop the limit is 5mph

Radio Two DJ and commuting cyclist Jeremy Vine has been busted for speeding in Hyde Park - for doing a mighty 16 miles per hour.

Vine announced his new-found outlaw status on Twitter this morning, with this video clip:

As one of the Royal Parks, Hyde Park is something of a law unto itself when it comes to setting speed limits on cyclists and even skateboarders and roller bladers, but this limit seems to be poorly posted at best. Google StreetView doesn't show any limit signs that we've been able to find in a few minutes' exploring and when he was asked if there were signs, Vine said: "Not ... really ...."

As Vine himself observes, the problem with a strategy of cracking down on 'speeding' on a very safe route away from motor vehicles is that cyclists will be forced on to the far more dangerous roads around Hyde Park instead. Asked by the London Cycling Campaign if he needed any help or advice, he replied:



But the last word has to go to Vine's producer at Radio Two:

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