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Driver tells road safety meeting kids cycling should take more responsibility for crashes; Meanwhile... Dutch children cycle to school without controversy; TDF confirms 2024 Nice TT finale (+ your thoughts); Rebellin tributes + more on the live blog

Pinch, punch first day of the month. The countdown is on... just 17 live blogs 'til Christmas. Dan Alexander is opening the first door on the live blog advent calendar as we speak, taking you through Thursday with the usual mish-mash of cycling content...
01 December 2022, 11:42
Driver tells road safety meeting kids cycling should take more responsibility for crashes

As if by magic, to perfectly demonstrate the difference in attitudes towards cycling in the UK vs the Netherlands, the Shropshire Star comes in hot with coverage of a road safety meeting that heard how 85 per cent of drivers exceed the speed limit at one site...

The Radbrook Road Safety Group was set up after two mothers' sons were involved in collisions, Angela Warren showing the local press the mangled wreck of her son's bike after he was hit by a driver. The group is calling for wider road safety measures, such as 20mph speed limits BUT, shocked by the outrageous calls for kids to be kept safe while getting from A to B, one resident isn't so sure...

The man, who did not want to be named, told the Star: "Kids on bikes do not stop. Some responsibility should be put on cyclists and parents, not everything on car drivers." I'm starting to see why these words were given anonymously...

He also branded 20mph speed limits "unnecessary", something a member of the council rubbished in reply... "If a mistake is made it should not cost serious injury or loss of life," Ffion Horton responded. "We are talking about children who are under the age of 18 after all. There are seven schools in a small area with a total of 5,000 children. There are a crazy number of kids. We are making it safer to walk and cycle."

Ms Horton stressed that the Highway Code emphasises pedestrians and cyclists should be treated with priority due to their vulnerability on the road, something the council must design road safety measures to promote.

01 December 2022, 16:47
"Cyclists are returning to the capital – now is the time to invest in infrastructure"

Here's an opinion piece published in yesterday's Evening Standard calling for further investment into London's cycling infa...

> The Standard View: Cyclists are returning to the capital – now is the time to invest in infrastructure

Before whoever made the point on yesterday's blog about funding being needed for the rest of the country has to dig out their comment, I'll say it for you – it would be ideal if infra didn't just pop up in London...

Anyway, that wasn't the point of this post, as usual I've been the Standard said:

Cycling or walking isn't for every journey, but a city in which locals and tourists alike can get around under their own steam, or on public transport, is within our grasp if we make the investments now.

01 December 2022, 15:20
If the World Cup was pro cycling...

Robert Kišerlovski, your time has come. Croatia vs Belgium for a place in the last 16, payback for the final stage of the 2018 Tour de Yorkshire...

World Cup pro cycling (procyclingstats)

If revenge is a dish best served cold, German Sergej Fuchs' dinner for Andrey Amador is still defrosting. The Germans need to beat Costa Rica tonight, a match 14 years in the making for the now-retired Fuchs, ever since a young Amador beat him to the Tour de l'Avenir prologue back in '08...

World Cup pro cycling (procyclingstats)

Amador went on to ride for Movistar and Ineos, winning a Grand Tour stage and twice finishing in the top 10 of the Giro d'Italia. Fuchs never bettered his l'Avenir effort, retiring in 2013 after a short career at Continental level...

There you have it — today's World Cup action in pro cycling (yes, that sound you might have just heard was us scraping the bottom of  the Procyclingstats barrel...)

01 December 2022, 14:58
Comment of the day
01 December 2022, 14:43
Woke bike hangars: How it started vs how it's going...

How it started...

The Sun bike hangar coverage

> Bike hangars are "woke" (apparently) as car parking row rumbles on

How it's going...

01 December 2022, 12:45
Lamborghini goes gravel... and it's as skin-crawlingly cringeworthy as you'd expect

So far my favourite take on this one is: "Someone got paid a f***load of money for that"... Yep, that's the Lambo Sterrato, presumably named after the famous sterrato of Strade Bianche...

01 December 2022, 12:20
Past investor in Rapha and Evans Cycles leads $23 million investment in Classified Cycling
2022 Classified Powershift hub only - 1

Classified Cycling, the brains behind the innovative Powershift drivetrain, has raised $23 million (£19 million) in investment, led by a former backer of Rapha and Evans Cycles — Active Partners.

> REVIEW: Classified Powershift Kit & Wheelset

Existing investor Bridford Investments Limited was also involved in the funding round, Bicycle Retailer and Industry News reports, while retired pros Tom Boonen, Anna van der Breggen, Marcel Kittel and André Greipel have also invested in the brand.

With the investment Classified Cycling hopes to expand to e-bike drivetrains and develop business in the US and European markets.

When Liam got his hands on one of Classified's Powershift hubs for review he was impressed, calling it a "really interesting bit of tech that has the power to change road bike design for good".

"It's a front derailleur-killing design that I think is going to really shake things up, particularly in the aero bike world, by allowing you to run what is effectively a 2x setup while reaping the benefits of 1x. And with more wheel brands on board, things are going to get even better"...

01 December 2022, 11:07
Nice final stage TT CONFIRMED

It seems A.S.O has listened to the readers of this live blog (and the rest of the cycling world)...

And what's more...

01 December 2022, 08:52
No controversy, no Twitter row... just Dutch kids cycling to school

Compare this...

 To how this went down...

Viral video debated on Jeremy Vine show (screenshot Twitter video/ @azb2019)

> Viral video of driver refusing to stop for five-year-old cyclist debated on Jeremy Vine's Channel 5 show

> Sajid Javid blames father of five-year-old cyclist for letting child ride on road

> "Should not be on the public highway riding a bike": Conservative politician weighs in on viral clip of driver refusing to stop for child

Dutch kids cycling to school (Twitter/ @BicycleDutch)

All we're seeing here is a group of human beings travelling to school... no cycling kit, no hi-vis, basic lights, no helmets even, just a country with a safe culture and infrastructure for cycling...

It reminds me of the reader email we shared on yesterday's live blog:

I was born and raised in Holland. Road division is as follows: Main carriageway, grass verge, cycle path and then footpath. I have cycled to school, gone shopping all on my bike. Not once was I involved in an accident or disagreement with a car driver. There it is. Dutch common sense.

Where do we buy this 'common sense' thing you talk of? 

01 December 2022, 09:37
"Could make a finish for the ages": Your thoughts on Tour de France ditching Paris for Nice finale
Tour de France 2022 stage 21 Champs-Élysées (A.S.O/Charly Lopez)

[📷: A.S.O/Charly Lopez]

As we shared on yesterday's blog, the Tour de France is likely to swap out the final stage in Paris for a seaside finale in 2024 because of the Olympic Games being held in the French capital just days later. So what do you make of the rumoured finish in Nice?

Rendel Harris hopes the procession will be dropped in favour of "full-on racing"...

"It would be really great if in finishing in Nice in 2024 the organisers could, for once, eschew the usual processionary stage and have full-on racing, there are such wonderful mountains all around the area that it could make a finish for the ages. Knowing ASO I'm 99 per cent sure they'll just go for a dull pootle along the coast with a sprint finish on the Anglais, but hope springs eternal.

Miller replied: "I suspect the riders enjoy the last stage being relatively low stress. One last sprint and they can have a big party and then take their family for a beach holiday."

But Rendel's got an idea... "I'm sure they do and by God they earn it, but just every now and again it might be nice to have a last day that actually meant something? Two thirds of the Giro last days since 2008 have been individual time trials and produced some amazing finales...imagine Pog, Rog, Bernal, Vingegaard — maybe even Pidcock! — all within two minutes of each other and an out and back 40k TT over the Col de Braus on the final day. A man can dream… but as I said, almost certainly won't happen."

I'm sold.


Jonas Vingegaard Tour de France 2022 stage 21 Paris Arc de Triomphe (A.S.O/Aurélien Vialatte)

[📷: A.S.O/Aurélien Vialatte]

AlsoSomniloquism: "After my volunteering stint with the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, I was looking at Paris Olympics for an encore and wondering if I could go early and catch the finale. (I was aware it was probably being moved but no decision had fully been made).

"However I do hope, as you mentioned, that they decide a good full race now rather then a GC procession."

Fredy: "Very seldom watch the final stage of Tour de France as such an anticlimax. Hopefully Nice will be nice 👍"

HarrogateSpa agreed: "With you on that one. Ok, there's the sprint, but all the divving about and sipping champagne's not sport."

01 December 2022, 09:16
Davide Rebellin tributes

The tributes to Davide Rebellin from across the cycling world continued last night...

Dan joined in 2020, and spent most of his first year (hopefully) keeping you entertained on the live blog. At the start of 2022 he took on the role of news editor. Before joining, Dan wrote about various sports, including football and boxing for the Daily Express, and covered the weird and wonderful world of non-league football for The Non-League Paper. Part of the generation inspired by the 2012 Olympics, Dan has been 'enjoying' life on two wheels ever since and spends his weekends making bonk-induced trips to the petrol stations of the south of England.

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