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Video: jet-powered Raleigh shopper

Do NOT try this at home. Or anywhere else.

We've seen some interesting and scary bikes of late. There's the French rocket bike, for example. And the Los Angeles tall bike too. But we're not we've ever seen anything as pant-smearingly terrifying as this for a good long while.

Colin Furze has some form when it comes to mad building projects. He's built himself a wall of death out of old pallets and plywood, for example, and has plenty of other dangerous projects under his belt. This project is based around two things: a pulse jet, which is a simple but frightening method of propulsion in this instance powered by a propane cylinder; and a Raleigh Shopper, which is a simple but entirely unsuitable bicycle. Put them together and you have a chariot capable of shooting massive jets of flame, and also reaching 50mph or more.

50mph isn't world record pace, but neither is it a speed we'd like to pilot a Raleigh Shopper at on even the very finest tarmac, let alone a bumpy disused airfield (although later on that looks suspiciously like an open road... wonder what tax band a pulse jet bicycle would fall into?) but Colin's not a big one for safety equipment. Although he does like a tie.


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