Bonanza Budget for cycling … sorry, just kidding, nothing as usual; Cargo bikes FTW; Paris-Nice TT highlights; Paris-Roubaix Challenge 'not responding' to coronavirus concerns; ‘Road zombie’ close pass + more on the live blog

Wednesday's live blog is served to you by Jack Sexty this morning and through the afternoon, with Simon MacMichael rustling up your evening course later on...
11 March 2020, 20:54
And talking of cargo bikes ... take a look at what Pedal Me are shifting
11 March 2020, 20:51
Logistics firms are seeing the light .... terrific video
11 March 2020, 20:47
Paris-Nice video highlights

Tak a look back at today's time trial stage of the Race to the Sun ...

11 March 2020, 20:47
11 March 2020, 16:51
British Cycling join in with bashing the Budget

With no cash directly earmarked for cycling and walking projects in England outside of London, most of the biggest authorities on cycling in the country have expressed their concerns at the Budget announced today. 

11 March 2020, 16:36
First pics of Stockport's new rooftop park and cycling bridge emerge

The bridge has been described as a ‘once in a generation’ development, and will provide a vital cycling and walking route between the Podium Park and Stockport train station on top of the new transport interchange in the city. 

The proposal for the new park and bridge has been put to a consultation with residents, which closes on 29th March. Councillor David Meller said: “I am committed to improving the town’s walking and cycling links – indeed, I want us to lead on this within Greater Manchester – and this proposal, linking the two transport hubs is a vital part of our overall plans for Stockport.

“In addition, we would like to hear residents’ views of what they would like to see in the park: the first new park in our town centre for generations.

“This is your (the residents') chance to shape an incredibly exciting project for the town centre as it realises its immense potential and becomes fit not just for the present, but for the future.”

11 March 2020, 16:33
Sustrans respond to lack of cycle funding in the Budget

Sustrans' CEO Xavier Brice said: “Today’s Budget clarified further allocated funding for the Transforming Cities Fund which will help some local authorities invest in walking and cycling.

"However, the Chancellor has not committed to any new funding for active travel. Making it easy for people to choose healthier ways to travel will fight climate change, rising levels of congestion, toxic air, inactivity and social isolation and needs to be a priority for the long term health of our society and economy.

"The Government has signalled in the past that it understands the role walking and cycling has to play in tackling these crises. Research shows that at least £6bn is needed to meet the Government’s targets of doubling cycling and increasing walking by 2025.

"Many local authorities have comprehensive plans for walking and cycling that are ready to be delivered. But clarification and certainty on dedicated long-term funding is needed as soon as possible for them to deliver these plans, fulfil their potential and meet the Government’s own targets.

"The National Infrastructure Strategy and Spending Review will be the opportunity to make this happen. We will continue to make the case for the significant and long-term funding needed in walking and cycling to transform our communities and create happier lives and healthier places for everyone.”

11 March 2020, 15:46
DB Schenker claim e-cargo bikes are 40% more efficient than vans

The transport giants show us how e-cargo bikes are transforming last mile deliveries in Hamburg, saying they're making delivery times up to 40% faster. Check it out in the video above... 

11 March 2020, 16:45
New 2020 route for Bike Oxford (assuming it goes ahead)

Like any other sporting event or mass gathering, it's subject to what happens with that bug that's going around of course... but all being well, Bike Oxford entrants can look forward to a new route on Sunday 31st May. 

Cyclists have the choice to start and finish at either Oxford University Rugby Club or Chipping Norton Rugby Club, with thousands of riders set to take part. Places are still available, and you can sign up here.  


11 March 2020, 15:29
Marcel Kittel partners with Endura

The German sprinter - who retired in summer - has teamed up with Endura to assist with product development... we think, as the info we've received is rather vague: "We are really looking forward to harnessing that enthusiasm for exploring novel areas and concept together as a fascinating rider with a wealth of insight and incredibly interesting projects ahead", say Endura. 

Kittel commented: "I didn’t want to leave pro cycling behind and just do something completely different, to not have any relationship with the sport at all. You need to know that I´m proud of my career and still love riding my bike.

"I was looking to stay involved to reignite my passion for the sport and to also refocus on what I love about riding my bike. That´s being outside in nature, having fun with friends and forgetting about what else is going on in the world for a few hours. No pressure, just fun. I wasn´t pushing to be involved with any cycling company because it was important that the choice of brand should be a ‘natural fit’ and based on shared values and ideas. So, when I met Pam and Jim and got a good look at the company, I realised that this possible partnership felt very good and authentic. It´s great to be part of Endura now and I´m looking forward to being with them to focus on good, innovative products while having fun on the bike.” 

Work it out for yourself, but good for you anyway Mr Kittel! 

11 March 2020, 14:27
Cycling UK say today's Budget announcement has earmarked NOTHING for cycling and walking

It appears Boris Johnson's 'getting it done' mantra does not apply to cycling in the latest Budget announced today, according to Cycling UK, who say Chancellor Rishi Sunak didn't commit a penny to cycling and walking projects for English councils outside of London. The full statement from Cycling UK's CEO Paul Tuohy reads:

“It’s beyond belief that the Chancellor has announced £1bn will be spent on ‘green transport solutions’ without a single penny committed to cycling or walking in today’s Budget, leaving English councils outside London with no earmarked money whatsoever to spend on their local cycling and walking network plans from the start of next month.

“Instead, he has announced a staggering £27bn road building programme which will only serve to increase the climate, air pollution, congestion, and inactivity related public health crises threatening this country.

“By its own research, the Government needs to spend at least £6bn to meet its target of doubling cycling and increasing walking by 2025, but sadly it’s become clear its commitment to active travel has been parked in this budget and that’s a huge disappointment.”

We'll have more on this and our full reaction to the budget in a full article later today. 

11 March 2020, 14:07
Canyon's second 'Speedmax clinic' demo event taking place at York Sport this Sunday

If you've got your eye on one of Canyon's flagship TT/triathlon bikes and couldn't make it to Cyclopark last month, Canyon are hosting again on Sunday 15th March at York Sport. 

Experts will be on hand to advise on sizes and cockpit configurations, so you'll be well informed on exactly what you need to order if you decide to buy one. Registration costs £10, which entitles you to the set-up and advice, an hour of riding and a goodie bag to go home with. If you fancy it, you'll find all the registration info with remaining time slots available here

11 March 2020, 13:20
Paris-Roubaix Challenge organisers reportedly ignoring entrants over coronavirus concerns

With France issuing a ban on all sporting events and gatherings of more than 1,000 people until 15th April, you'd expect that the Paris-Roubaix Challenge sportive on the 11th in the build-up to the pro race on the 14th is bound to be affected; however a reader has been in touch to say that organisers are ignoring questions from the public regarding the possibility of the event's cancellation, and reportedly deleted a Facebook post with comments asking for an update. Some of the comments underneath previous posts still remain on the main event page on Facebook: 

The reader told "Obviously nobody knows what is going on with respect to coronavirus, but the organisers of this event seem to be acting quite dishonestly.

"They continue to post ‘course recon’ and calls to sign up on their Facebook (presumably scheduled posts), but refuse to answer any of the many, many comments about whether the event is going ahead. Even a quickie to say “we don’t know yet” would be nice. Then last night, they actually deleted their most recent post, which last I saw had about 50 posts from participants all worried about cancellation.

"I attended in 2016 and it was a fantastic event. I am signed up again this year and although my gut tells me it’s probably not going to go ahead, the organiser being evasive and dishonest is not helpful." have contacted the organisers for comment. 

11 March 2020, 12:41
The Budget: good or bad news for the state of Britain's roads?

The new Chancellor has announced that an extra £2.5 billion will be spent on repairing potholes in the next five years; although Mr Pothole (who recently gave us an exclusive interview) is not enthused, claiming that won't even be enough to fill the backlog of holes that need filling in Kent. More to follow in our cycle-friendly budget round-up later... 

11 March 2020, 10:43
Victor Campenaerts shaves his beard for extra Paris-Nice aero gains

The Hour Record-holding Belgian is taking no chances when it comes to today's TT at Paris-Nice: "In my first individual time trial for NTT I need to perform, I want to perform, so I will shave the beard", says Victor before lopping off the lot save for a striking party 'tache. He reckons the close shave will save him around 5 watts... 

11 March 2020, 11:16
Paris-Nice riders are 'self-isolating' today

Everyone's favourite cycling expert has made his latest wholly accurate observation, noting that riders have placed themselves into isolation today by riding one minute apart! Guess shaving the beard isn't the only precaution Mr Campenaerts is taking... 

11 March 2020, 10:24
Extinction Rebellion staging Pedal for the Planet 'critical mass' ride in Bath next month

The ride in our hometown takes place on Saturday 25th April, will all welcome to join in to raise awareness of the climate emergency. Extinction Rebellion claim the ride is to "reclaim public street space from its typical domination by private cars that pollute the air and endanger people." 

The route is four miles long and participants are encouraged to decorate themselves and their bikes in pink, and bright green. 

11 March 2020, 09:35
Nigel Farage, expert on all of the things

Coronavirus? Check. Leaving the EU when he's worked there for a two decades? Check. Legendary Tour de France-winning bikes from yesteryear? Check. (For context, BBC Newsnight were slammed for inviting the Brexit Party leader on Newsnight to talk about Coronavirus on Monday night, despite his apparent lack of credentials on the subject) .

11 March 2020, 08:55
'Road Zombie': driver totally unaware of cyclist who has to use their car to steady himself

As the man behind Brum Bike Cam explains, the driver was wholly unaware they were breaking the law when they passed him with precisely no inches to spare, first using the car for leverage to avoid falling over and then attempting to say 'good morning' to draw attention to himself. The driver was apparently completely oblivious, and the hashtag says all you need to know... 

11 March 2020, 08:57
Cars don't set you free

...says this modified billboard ad in Bristol. Ford might want to check out the latest Inrix Global Traffic Scorecard, which calculated that last mile speed in Bristol is just 13mph in a car; considerably slower than travelling by bike for many of us. 

11 March 2020, 09:06
Thought your crashed carbon frame was a write-off? Think again, say Target Composites

We're never not impressed by the work of Cheshire-based carbon repair specialists Target Composites, who have saved this once-handsome Colnago Concept from the skip and restored it to its former pre-crash glory. Check out more of their work on the Target Composites website

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