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Pushing cyclists off their bikes is 'tantamount to attempted murder' says MP

Mike Hill believes there is a pattern and says he will raise the issue with police

The MP for Hartlepool says he will speak to Cleveland and Durham Police about what he says is a pattern of attacks where cyclists are being pushed off their bikes by people travelling in passing cars.

One Hartlepool cyclist suffered a dislocated shoulder and fractured collarbone after being pushed off in July and three such incidents in as many months have now led Mike Hill to raise the issue with police.

Speaking to the Hartlepool Mail, Hill said: “There are plenty of people out there like me who grew up with the Cycling Proficiency Test at school and, like me, are angry and annoyed by irresponsible cyclists using our pavements as cycleways and running red lights with impunity. But such irresponsible people represent the minority, whereas normal cyclists stick to and respect the Highway Code.

“For them to be targeted by people in fast moving vehicles and literally shoved off their bicycles is not only unacceptable, but is tantamount to attempted murder.

“Three incidents in as many months shows a pattern developing and as such I will be bringing it to the attention of both Cleveland and Durham Police.

“Decent law abiding citizens need to know our roads are safe. This is an example of that not being so.”

We’ve reported on a number of cyclists being pushed off by passengers in passing vehicles in recent times. In several cases, those responsible have subsequently posted footage of the incident to social media. Last week, Instagram was urged to remove videos showing moped riders pushing London cyclists off their bikes.

Earlier this week, we reported on a Birmingham club cyclist who was deliberately pushed off by a masked motorbike passenger and there have also been a number of similar incidents in Kent.

Earlier this month we reported that Kent Police were appealing for information after a cyclist was pushed off the road by a car passenger on Bank Holiday Monday. A series of similar incidents earlier in the year had previously led the local newspaper to brand it a “warped trend”.

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