Great cycling deals on Boardman, Maloja, & Altura

The DealCatcher's closing off the week with some exceptional cycling bargains from a Boardman bike right through to Altura mitts...

Closing off this week's round of DealCatchers we've got three great deals for those of you out there looking to throw down some quick times while the weather's still half decent.

We kick things off with two limited edition TTE bikes from Boardman. The British brand only has the two bikes we're featuring today for a short amount of time, so grab them while you can!

Second up we've got a great offer on Maloja's handsome Kienberg Jersey. The invisible zipper adds to the attractive design of the jesrsey that's also well built to manage heat, sunshine, and odour.

Our final deal of the day are Altura's Airstream Gloves. With low-profile features giving an aerodynamic element to the sleek and stylish gloves, these are the perfect pair of mitts for all you racers out there.



​Boardman TTE Limited Edition Time Trial Bikes
Dura Ace Di2 - £4499.99 | Ultegra Di2 - £3499.99

As you'd expect, Boardman's time trial-specific TTE range offers "outstanding aerodynamic performance."

That's the obvious bit. These bikes not only have sleek, low profiles, they behave like fighter jets in the wind tunnel - and look like fighter jets on the road.

The limited edition colour scheme for both the Dura Ace Di2 and Ultegra Di2-carrying bikes make these two of the most attractive bikes we've offered here on the DealCatcher.

Whichever bike takes your fancy, know that Boardman make a top quality high-end road bike, as we saw when we gave the Elite Air 9.2 a 9/10 when it came our way for review

- Read more:'s Boardman Elite Air 9.2 review


Cycle Surgery

25% off Maloja's Kienberg Jersey
WAS £73.91 | NOW £55.00

When you're on the look-out for a new jersey these days, what are you looking for?

If you've filled your wardrobe with the classic high-end offerings that'll keep you comfortable in the dry and the wet, the hot and the cold, what more could you be looking for?

Style, obviously.

Style is something Maloja offers in spades. And while this striped pattern might not be to everyone's taste, the brand make a great jersey, and we quite like this one.


Hargroves Cycles

20% off Altura's Airstream Black Gloves
WAS £16.99 | NOW £13.59

Our final deal of the day are Altura's Airstream Gloves.

It might seem counter-intuative to tuck your hands into insulating material on warm days, but if you come off you'll be thankful for the protection.

As with all protective gear, gloves have got to be comfortable and usable if you're going to make the sacrifice for safety.

These Airstreams feautre three seperate oads, a reclusive velcro strap, and breathable material.

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