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Video: Canadian driver gives cyclist 40-second blast of horn – even though he's doing nothing wrong

Police ask drivers to treat cyclists the same as other road users

Calgary police have reminded drivers to treat cyclists the same as other road users after a video emerged of a driver blasting their horn at one for at least 40 seconds. The cyclist’s crime? Waiting at a red light.

In Calgary, a driver is allowed to turn right at a red light. It seems in this instance the cyclist was going straight on and this frustrated the driver behind who was waiting to turn.

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The video uploader, Leigh McDonald, said that the horn had already been going for around 20 seconds by the time he started recording.

Acting staff sergeant Katrina O'Reilly told CBC that the cyclist had been doing nothing wrong.

"Clearly the driver is being fairly disrespectful to that cyclist. The cyclist himself is in the right lane and looking like he is indicating to go forward and the honking of the horn and the impatience by the driver is a little bit disturbing."

O’Reilly said that cyclists don't have to get out of the way of a vehicle turning from behind them and pointed out that drivers can be charged under city noise bylaws for excessive honking.

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