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Video: mesmerising time lapse of Copenhagen's bicycle rush hour

Clip shows a tightly packed peloton of commuters in the Danish capital

A mesmerising video showing a time lapse of Copenhagen's morning rush hour gives a visual indication of just how many people commute by bike in the Danish capital.

The 24-second clip, titled Morning Ebb and Flow, shows a tightly-packed shoal of hundreds of cyclists edging forward with each traffic light phase.

- Robert Goodwill and Chris Boardman head to Copenhagen to discuss Danish cycling infrastructure (+ video)

In a week where British Cycling's policy advisor, Chris Boardman, is taking our cycling minister to Copenhagen to show him what a cycling city looks like, this footage gives a unique perspective of how many people commute by bike there, and an indication of how many cyclists the UK could have, given the infrastructure.

Morning Ebb And Flow from jim slade on Vimeo.

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