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6 highlights from the 2016 Cannondale range

New Touring, Synapse Adventure, CAAD12, SuperSix Evo and new carbon fibre wheels and a new helmet in Cannondale's 2016 product range

Cannondale UK presented its 2016 range of bikes to dealers this week, providing the first chance for many to see some of the company's newest bikes - and there are quite a few of them - such as the SuperSix Evo, which debuted at the Tour de France, and the update to the iconic CAAD10, the all-new CAAD12. Here are six highlights from the 2016 range.

1. Cannondale SuperSix Evo 2016 range revealed

The big Cannondale news for 2016 is the introduction of the all-new SuperSix Evo. The previous Evo was a critically acclaimed bike, and has been in service since 2011, and was always going to be a tough act to follow.

It’s had a complete overhaul with every part of the frameset finessed to extract more performance, while managing to retain the look of the original. Cannondale tells the aim with the new bike was to make it better in every aspect, so stiffer, more comfortable, lighter and more aero, making it the best at everything. 

- Cannondale unveils all-new SuperSix Evo road bike + video

The new SuperSix Evo Hi-Mod range starts at £2,999 with Shimano Ultegra, and rises to the Black Inc version which features a stealthy black paint job, with the gold stripe from last year’s frame replaced with some chrome panels. It’s decked out with Shimano Dura-Ace mechanical and rolls on Chris King hubs with Enve 4.5 rims and Schwalbe One tubular tyres to reduce the complete bike weight. Naturally, the price tag is pretty eye-watering, a hefty £6,999. As you can tell from that specification, it's clearly been built to be light, and light it is: it weights just 5.8kg (12.79lb).

It’s not the most expensive bike in the 2016 Evo lineup though, that accolade is reserved for the Team edition, pictured here. It wears the same paint job as the bikes raced by the Cannondale pro team, with a Dura-Ace Di2 drivetrain with SiSL2 chainset and Mavic Cosmic wheels. It costs £7,499.

With the new SuperSix Evo launched, the previous frame lives on at the lower end of the range, and you can now get a Shimano Tiagra specced Evo for £1,299, which is astonishing given the performance level and race heritage of this frame.

- Tour de France Bikes 2015: Dan Martin's Cannondale SuperSix Evo

Cannondale has a new Si chainset that it is using on more bikes this year, either with FSA chainrings or with the company’s new 8-arm Spidering, which is available with 50/34 and 52/36 chainring options.

2. Cannondale goes touring

Cannondale has two Touring models for 2016. This is the cheapest Touring 2 model. Not a first for Cannondale of course, it’s done touring bikes in the past.

And it’s using the same font and head badge that Cannondale used to use on its bikes back in the day, a nice reminder of how old you are if you can remember this font first time around. Sigh. The frame is thoroughly modern though, all SmartFormed 6061 aluminium with SAVE features.

The bike comes with two wheel sizes, 700c wheels for the 54-61cm sizes, and 650b wheels on the 48-51 size bikes. Both come with 40mm tyres, but the bike pictured has 38mm tyres. This model costs £999.99 and for that you get a Shimano Sora drivetrain with 32-hole wheels and Schwalbe Marathon Plus 38mm tyres.

The sparkly paint job has a reflective decals added to the rear stays and frame. Nice touch Cannondale.

3. CAAD12 Disc

The CAAD12 is a brand new bike for 2016, a complete update of the iconic CAAD10, and is available with or without disc brakes. True Flow Modelling computer software helped Cannondale to assess every tube profile and wall thickness and as a result, Cannondale says the frame is lighter than the previous version.

How much? Well, the disc version is 206g lighter than before, and the non-disc frame is 52g lighter. Cannondale told that the disc frame is actually lighter, albeit only about 4g, than the non-disc version, but still, helping to reduce the weight penalty of disc brakes.

Weight isn’t the only improvement, the frame is claimed to be more comfortable and stiffer in the head tube and bottom bracket than the CAAD10. The BB30a bottom bracket is wider (73mm) and the head tube borrows the hour glass shape from the new SuperSix Evo, and the fork has the same shape and profile as the Evo fork too.

The CAAD12 range starts at £1,299 for Shimano 105 with regular brakes, and £1,499 with 105 and disc brakes. An Ultegra model costs £1,699 or £1,999 with discs, and the range-topping Dura-Ace model (pictured here in bumblebee yellow) costs £2,499 with hydraulic disc brakes. 

It’s good to see the CAAD12 offered at a good spread of prices with a choice of braking systems. We’ve got the 105 disc bike coming in for review soon and we’re looking forward to seeing how it rides.

4. Cannondale C-Zero carbon fibre wheels

Cannondale has started make its own carbon fibre wheelsets, this new C-Zero carbon rim was spotted on one of the Synapse endurance bikes.

The rims are laced to hubs have centerlock disc rotor mounts using straight pull spokes. We don’t have any more details yet, but there was a suggestion Cannondale might be selling these aftermarket

They’re pictured here with a 28mm Schwalbe One tyre.

5. Synapse Adventure ready to go with mudguards

The Synapse goes mostly unchanged for 2016, but grabbing our attention was this Synapse Adventure. With a subdued paint job and mudguards, and a change of wheels and tyres, the bike has been equipped in such a way to appeal to those cyclists wanting a year-round commuting option or touring option. It has an aluminium frame with a carbon fork, disc brakes and costs £1,299.

You want to see a photos of a £4,499 Synapse? Okay, you twisted my arm. Here's the Hi-Mod Disc Red, with a SRAM Red 22 HRD groupset and Cannondale’s own CZero Carbon Disc wheels.

One nifty new feature we spotted on this bike was Cannondale’s own Garmin out-front computer mount, which is fixed to the stem faceplate. No word on aftermarket availability with this product yet.

6. Cannondale launches new travel track pump and helmet with aero shell

It’s not just bikes that Cannondale is busy with for 2016, it’s also expanding its accessory range.

This new Airport Carry-On track pump (£39.99) is designed for those cyclists that do a lot of travelling and want a track pump that folds flat.

Lastly, Cannondale’s Cypher race helmet is now offered with a detachable aero shell. It costs £110.

And of course there is the new Slate which we had a look at yesterday, which will be offered at three pricepoints when it is eventually available.

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