Bimbling home on the Africabike last night and a road bike buzzed past me on the steep bit of the railway bridge. So I did the sums. Running shorts, trainers, rucksack. It was a Claud Butler, the rear tyre looked a bit flat. But it was a road bike, for sure. And I was on a 42lb steel shopper, in civvies, trying not to get too sweaty. My thoughts:

You'd better hope you can make that stick.

Put on a spurt to get to his back wheel and sat there. Sure enough, his pace began to slow on the long drag to the turn. The Africabike is a great bike to suck a wheel on, with the basket rattling and the three speed clicking there's never any doubt you're there.

The pace slows some more, he has a shifty look over his shoulder. It's in the bag. I spot a friend riding up the Wellsway and dart out and round, across the road and away.


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